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Great science department and math department. A lot of work, which is good preparation for college. Many students claim to be extremely well prepared for their colleges.
Very good academic record rated top 10 in the US Magnet schools nearly every year. Great preparation for college with only honors and AP classes offered. Good social diversity. Not for everyone because the classwork is demanding.
I had a great time at this school. I didn't have too much trouble making friends, and people were usually very approachable and close knit with each other. I played two varsity sports (softball and cheer) but they weren't as competitive as I may have liked. I would recommend this school to people who are willing to work their butt off in academics and like a small school environment (everyone knows everything about everyone.. haha...) It did me bother, though, that in comparison to some friends who went to Wando (Mt. Pleasant)and had comparable classes and test scores, my class rank and GPA were lower due to the very difficult nature of the school, making the Palmetto Fellows scholarship hard to attain.
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I loved my experience at Academic Magnet. It is very academically oriented and I believe it will prepare me well for college. Most teachers are always happy to help and school spirit is high which makes the atmosphere great. However, while thesis is a beneficial process, some of it is repetitive and needs to be streamlined. Overall, it is a difficult school but time management it key.
Very rigorous academic schedules and most of the teachers seem to genuinely care about the students.
AMHS is a fantastic school, and is widely regarded as academically one of the best in the Charleston area. Most of the students are devoted, compassionate individuals who engage in the community academically and in extracurriculars, including a wide range of sports and clubs. I cannot praise the teachers enough, as they are academically and personally invested in the school.

Some diversity problems have arisen as of late, as the testing process to get into AMHS is not equitable. Although the school itself is not at fault, some fortunate county middle schools and private schools have the resources to teach students how to ace the entry exams, whereas low-income schools cannot afford this luxury.
The people here are super competitive but really great. School spirit is through the roof but we have different traditions. Such as there's not normally homecoming dances but we celebrate Pi day on April 14th. The teachers are hit or miss and you're going to have to work extremely hard.
Academic Magnet is a school for people who constantly want to learn more and are focused on working hard for success later in in life already at the high school level. While the academics are rigorous, most teachers assist students enough so it doesn't feel impossible. The only problem with the academics is the rigid structure in the classes required. Students have very limited choice in the classes they can take especially with the extracurricular classes offered. Additionally, the requirement of four years of the same foreign language at Academic Magnet is absurd. Personally, I believe once students have completed the necessary course credits for foreign language to graduate from a South Carolina high school, then they should be allowed to switch languages if they desire.Overall, Magnet is a good place for people who are solely focused on academics.
I like the rigorous academics at my high school. It is quite challenging: having to handle senior thesis, multiple AP classes, standardized testing, and a heavy course-load but I feel like it prepares you very well for college.
Academic Magnet is a highly involved community. The students become a unified class during their four years attending the school. The teachers have high expectations of the students which help to prepare them for college. The students and teachers also have strong relationships and communicate with ease.
This school is the best school I have ever attended. It's public, yet small, so everyone in the area should apply. The teachers are amazing, the classes are fun and useful, and it has a 100% graduation rate. Awful diversity but the way to change that is if YOU apply :)
I liked the caliber of students at the school. I felt like I was with a group of like minded peers and that was a good feeling. However, the school tended to cater to certain students; it seemed that they liked to spend more time making sure everyone succeeded rather than keeping strict systems of measurement between students. Additionally, the sports programs, while good, faced a similar problem with favoritism. I tried to play soccer there and kids from certain club programs always had priority over others. The school faces some problems with diversity, but this is something they're currently working to deal with, and is a symptom of a larger problem in the Charleston community rather than something internal.
With it being a small school, there are not as many diverse class options as some students would like. The teachers teach very well, but there are very different ways for grading, and it can be hard to keep up with. It is always recommended that you do outside work for ever class every day, which may put stress on a student that does not have good time management. However, the classes offered more than ensure that a student with competitive grades can easily get into the college of their choice.
There is a club fair held at lunch in the beginning of the year for three days, and there are a wide variety of clubs available. If you want to create your own, that is easily accomplishable.
There is a lot of pressure, which students should understand when they go through the application process. However, there are still many fun activities the school holds, like a picnic after finishing the AP exams, for example.
Teachers are almost always available to help, and know a lot about what they teach. There are intense expectations.
We're all stressed out but if you just do your work, you'll do well.
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We had that Watermellongate thing a couple years ago but the student body came together during that time. Theres definitely an abundance of middle class white people here but there are definitely people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses here to get different perspectives from. There's no fighting and everyone generally likes everyone else.
Most of the people here are student-athletes and if you're a boy the games are well attended.
This school is great because all the kids have a desire to learn and succeed. You are not going to make better friends at any other school. However, the way the world is set up many people would probably benefit more by attending a lower achieving school because their transcript will look better to colleges and palmetto fellows scholarship will be more attainable.
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