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Academia del Perpetuo Socorro Reviews

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I have been a student since kindergarten therefore I am familiar with the school. My overall experience has been a positive one even though there are some aspects that it could improve overall it is a good school
I have been since kindergarten in this school, meaning I have a deep connection to it. I have had some problems with different members of the faculty, but you can't expect to not have problems in any school. What is currently happening with the Church is very unfortunate; however, "Perpetuo," as it is commonly called, is being very firm and serious about this situation, trying to solve it as quick as possible. Currently, I'm in my senior year and I have just received my Senior Ring. I am looking forward to enjoying this challenging year and graduating with flying colors.
What I love about Perpetuo Socorro are the students and administration. They are the ones that make the school feel like a second home. I feel very grateful and lucky to be part of this amazing community.
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Its a great school. Great teachers that support and help every step of the way. Sometimes money can have a little way to push people aside but at the finally we learn to cope with it. Sports has been the greatest thing of all. Every year a new challenge and always looking for unity. Ive met a lot of people who are so happy with how the staff in charge of our college orientation is always there for us guiding us and showing us our best options
I loved how involved you become with everyone in the school. Perpetuo should evaluate a bit more the teachers but either than that its a fantastic school for all kinds of people.
Academia del Perpetuo Socorro is one of the best high schools on the island, since its diverse extracurricular activities, challenging academic curriculum, and comfortable environment allow for its students to fully enjoy its many benefits as I have. It has prepared me very well for college, though I wish it continues to break new ground and innovate in the future. I enrolled in Perpetuo in tenth grade, while the school was going through huge administrative and academic changes. As I adapted to an environment that was simultaneously adapting to its own changes, the people I met and experiences I had helped shape me as a student for what will probably be years to come. I was in a welcoming environment, although I faced many of the institution's challenges without much help or empathy from the administration. For better or worse, Perpetuo help me become more independent in my studies and has prepared me very well for the college experience.
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