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Academia de La Porta Christian Day School Reviews

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MY experience at Academia De La Recta Porta ICDS is great. I really like the fact we learn the work of GOD every day in every aspect and how the teachers are always supportive. one thing I want to change about ADLRP is that clubs and organizations and extracurricular activities in the school.
we don't have any extracurricular opportunities because the students are small so we don't have that many people to be team
they are very helpful good etc
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Overall, my experiences at this school has been fun, and full of wonderful new people to add to my life. My teacher here still help me now that I'm in college, so you know they are still there for you.
I have little to no complaints concerning the safety and health aspect of the school.
I personally am in love with the general school's support system. The teachers are very engaging and are always available if assistance is needed. The academic perplexity is amazing and i feel I've experienced overall growth in character when attending this school.
My high school is a college preparatory institution with a solid foundation in christian beliefs. Specializing in post high school academics, ADLRP is learning center that challenges every aspect of your being promoting personal, academic, and intellectual growth in the process. The work load for classes may vary upon the intensity of the given lesson. All subjects have a profound level of academic challenge and have the ability to inevitably prepare you for your post high school ventures.
Although my school's academic capabilities are laudable, the athletic department could use more attention in the sense of facilities, and general sporting extracurriculars. The team and student involvement efforts are indeed satisfactory and altogether promote personal growth.
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