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Academia Avance Charter School is a college ready school. My six year experience has been amazing! It helps many students look forward and continue there education to benefit themselves. You get help from teachers,staff, even students. The only disclaimer I'd have to say would be the air conditioner situation. Since we are in a basement it gets ridiculously hot. We have no air conditioner in any class which makes it a lot harder to stay on task and focus. Overall, the staff and teachers are very welcoming and caring.
I like the fact that seniors get to go out of state for 2 weeks which is something really fun and the classes are easy.
The school provides a lot of help. Teachers interact with the students a lot. The a-g course they provide is great.
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I learned a lot at this school. Their academic programs have come such a long way sine I've started. The school focuses a lot on college readiness as they provide career planning assistance, SAT prep and other programs to help students get into and stay in a university. I do wish that more resources were available for students but it taught me to take advantage of what little we had. Overall, I had a good experience with the teachers who know eveyone's names due to the small size. they helped me get into my dream school and I appreciate all their effort to get their students where they want to be.
My experience with attending Academia Avance have been great ! I've been attending since 6th grade and I am in my sophomore year , it's been a pleasure great teachers , sports program , and activities . Most recommended !!
The athletics in his school are highly dedicated and competitive however we are limited to sports. The senior international learning lab is the best thing in the school, which is only for seniors.
The thing about this school is that it's very small but it makes it easy for them all to be a family. Parents are very involved in events and help tremedously with donations.
Some teachers are great, some are not so great. However, all teachers go above and beyond to make sure their students pass by staying after school for hours and help tutor their students. They also give extra time to do homework and extra credit.
We don't have much security, however, I still feel safe at school. It's a very small school, I don't ever see it as being targeted by anyone as opposed to a big school such as Franklin High School. Also, although there is some bullying here and there, its pretty rare. In my opinion, bullying is bound to happen at pretty much any school because that's just the way many kids are.
There are extracurricular activities at this school, just not many. We definitely don't have as many opportunities as an LAUSD school does. However, there are ways to be involved if you truly want to be. You can be apart of ASB, Newspaper, or Yearbook.
All teachers are very respectful and Approachable.
The bathroom never had toilet paper. The kids were horrific, disrespectful animals. The teachers were either cool, bitter, or so done with the kids that they quit. I had three mental breakdowns my freshman and sophomore years. I was bullied throughout the majority of my time there. Some teachers were good, others couldn't care less about you. I had heard the word "college" so much that I not only didn't want to go to college anymore but I wanted to kill myself when someone would bring up college. But it all could have been worse.
There are some teachers who actually taught, and did it well. They helped students understand the material and actually worked with kids so that they could leave the classroom with an understanding of the material. However, there were also just as many teachers who were rude, disrespectful, and unable to lead and control a classroom. I didn't learn anything from those teachers.
Academia Avance Charter School does have a few of extracurricular activities students can choose from. There aren't the most variety, but we have a Soccer team, Cross Country, Ragnar, SRLA, Solar Cup, Engineering Club, Dance Club, and and after school APEX course which helps kids with remedial courses. I personally feel that the staff and administration members really try to make the most out of these programs due to how well they interact with the alumni. You can always have a one on one conversation if you need on a certain subject.
If I could do my highschool years again this school wouldn't be my top choice, perhaps not on my list. But overall. this school may be limited financially but it does make sure its kids do well.
There are no lockers for students here. It is a charter school and most of its money come from fundraisers. It's quite difficult to say we have a wide range of open space but its a very small school.
Teachers at Academia Avance Charter School are very knowledgeable. They are all approachable and show their sincerity and honesty with exceeding and struggling students and are always willing to help. They will offer after school tutoring and one on one help is available.
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Many high schools carry an average amount of school spirit, but the Soccer Team and Track team in this school is quite impressive. Every sports team there are students performing beyond their abilities and always improving mentally and physically.
Everyone who attends this school are very energetic and social students. There has never been a case of violent or extreme bullying and everyone can feel welcomed. The cultural ambience and diversity is wide and noticeable. Surrounded in a Latino community can carry many struggles for students here due to how many traditional mindsets many of these student's families come from. But Academia Avance Charter School teaches students to expose themselves to reality and to ignore the fear that may hold them back from accomplishing personal goals.
Academia Avance Charter School and provides education for their students attending here. Financially, it's quite difficult to consider having security cameras or an unarmed security. I'm not familiar with having a nurse in this school, but if you aren't feeling well you will receive medical attention if you need it.
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