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I am grateful to the Academe of the Oaks High School for many things, like my friends, some lasting memories, and for preparing me for the work load that I would later face while at College, but there are a good bit of things that are wrong with their system. First, teachers who were clearly biased. No, this isn't just I got a bad grade and now I am angry. In the classes I'm talking about I actually had pretty good grades, but when I needed help I was met with anger and attitude as well as a complete lack of patience, and when I saw this same teacher with her favorite students she was nothing but patient as well as nice and understanding. There was also a case where a different teacher graded two of the exact same paper and gave one student who he had never like a lower grade. Then there are cases where the teacher lose your work and give you an F in the class for it.
The sense of community has been unparalleled, such that it is almost impossible to remake elsewhere. The sense of freedom of thought that the school encourages is something I had not felt previously in an education system. while there are areas that aren’t spectacular, however that is largely attributable to the small size of the student population and therefore lack of funding
What I like about Academe is that I was able to express myself, in any fashion that I wanted to, and not be ashamed to be able too. The school is very diverse and it has prepared for the real world because the real world doesn't look like me or think like me. I have to be able to adapt to new environments.
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In the beginning of every year, there will be a form that doctor needs to fill in and hand in to the school. Also, more than half of the students join our athletic clubs and are very fitted. We have our own school bus and usually, the teachers that can drive the bus have to sign a form for safety as well as the students most of the time.
The school is full of events and different types of extracurriculars. For example, there will be art classes for every grade every week, as well as PE or dancing class. Twice in a week, there will be music class for everyone and each of us can choose what music class he/she wants to attend. There are Jazz band, orchestra, guitar, drumming and choir. Everyone enjoys the class.
Although the school environment is small, many people are friendly and helpful towards each other. The school is a cage for us, since we are still not fully developed in our mind, but it allows us to go out and beyond the world to think about everything as well as the reasons of our own unique existence to the world.
The teachers give us space to think in the real situation that will happen when we step out of the school. They allow us to give out our own opinions towards the world and help us go through troubles as well as hardship when we need them.
Academe of the Oaks is a Waldorf school. When I came to the school for a visitation day, I was very nervous. Based off of their website, I didn't think that I had what it took to "survive" at the school. The students were nice and weird at the same time, and some of the work was very new to me. Now that I have been attending Academe of the Oaks I have a completely different view about the school. I am the first Muslim to attend this school, and hopefully the first one to graduate. When I first came to the school, I felt like I had to set the best example, because I felt like I had to "represent Muslims". Luckily, I found out that I could be myself, while still giving them a positive image of Muslims/Islam. The teachers expect a lot from the students, but they really want us to succeed and be prepared for college, and for the rest of our lives. At first, the work and teaching methods were hard to adjust to, but now I know that as long as I do my best, I should be fine. This school has really pushed be to be more socially active, as well as helped develop my speech skills. One of the best things that I like about this school is how art is incorporated in almost every subject. My drawing skills have improved so much since I joined this school, and for that I am extremely grateful. I know look at pictures in a completely different way. And not only art as in drawings or paintings, but art expressed in poetry, and monologues, plays, the list goes on and on. I am so grateful and blessed to be at this school and I can't imagine myself being anywhere else.
This is where Academe shines. It's academics are top notch. Students are well prepared for college and for life.
Academe does not have any sports facilities onsite. The facilities they do use are good, Agnes Scott's pool and track, St. Phillip's gym, etc are all a short bus ride away.
I love Academe of the Oaks High School. They are true to their mission of educating clear, flexible, resourceful thinkers. The teachers are adults with boundaries who do what is promised. I would not want my child to go anywhere else.
You will not find a more committed director anywhere!
My child has the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, the Literary Magazine is award winning, Model UN, Amnesty International, Art club, international club, green club, etc. are all well attended.
The arts and sciences facilities are stellar. The classrooms are ample. Students may check out computers whenever the need arises. The college counselor is detailed, thorough and knowledgeable. The guidance counselor is wonderful. The parents are engaged and happy.
The teachers are experts in their fields. They are authentic, compassionate and dedicated. The students are interested in the course materials due to the teaching. Outstanding.
For a school with 80 students, the variety of sports offered at Academe and the percentage of students who participate in them (around 80%) is terrific: ultimate Frisbee, tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, track and field...many of these teams winning awards every year...I'm sure I'm leaving something out...for both boys and girls, with excellent coaches and support from teachers, students, and parents. Another important and different highlight is that Academe believes, still, in recess! The students get a mid-morning break as well as an extended lunch break. While there's plenty of eating and socializing, there's also plenty of Frisbee throwing, basketball playing, and more. It makes for more awake, engaged students.
Academe of the Oaks is an outstanding, academically competitive high school in Atlanta. All private schools offer some mission version incorporating educating "the whole child." Academe comes the closest of any high school I've encountered that actually does it, with all-school social events (including a two-night getaway at the start of school, coffee nights in which students perform, prom, etc.), sports throughout the year that approximately 80% of students participate in, an emphasis on volunteering both in and out of school (graduates are required to have accumulated 160 hours), internships, senior projects, amazing week-long field trips for each grade yearly, and a wonderful system of eight or nine main-lesson block classes throughout the year (everything from blacksmithing to Revolution and Reform to both organic and inorganic chemistry), in which original materials only are used, no textbooks, and students are required to compile their own "textbook" with drawings, essays, and more for each block. Track classes for foreign languages, math, sciences, etc., are rigorous and engaging. The school is small, 80 students currently in four grades, and graduates have been accepted at schools throughout the country, including Princeton, Stanford, Duke, Northwestern, and dozens more. No, I'm not a teacher, just a parent who has seen her son happy and nurtured for going on four years.
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Academe of the Oaks is an incredibly open-minded school, and takes great efforts to stamp out any bullying or intolerance.
This school is like no other! The teachers care for the students like they are their children, and the atmosphere on campus is very friendly between the students. Also, the classes are taught in such a way that students do not just memorize facts, but they are taught to truly understand each subject and be able to put it into context with other experiences.
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