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Reynolds offers a diverse and challenging academic and athletic course. The arts are fabulous- either band or chorus is State recognized every year. The academics are challenging but not impossible to deal with; AP classes are extremely challenging but again, not impossible and honors classes for the most part are very easy, save for English and some maths. School spirit can be cheesy at times but when it comes to sports like soccer and football (both of which went to state or will go to state this year) the fans are amazing. Overall love it here.
A.C. Reynolds is the best high school in Asheville. Despite the normal few, the kids that attend this school are usually very nice and respectable. Most people truly dislike the principle and the way she treats both the parents and the students, but other than that the entire staff at Reynolds goes over and beyond every time. The teachers truly respect and care for all of the students and do their best to make sure we all graduate. However, the best part of the school is their music program. I was deeply envolved in their band program, and the music director was one of the best in North Carolina. Overall, this was a great high school program!
AC reynolds high school was not a school for anyone who was different. It is a typical southern school in the sense that, if you don't play sports, you don't matter.
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Some of the teachers rush the curriculum. They make us memorize, not learn. I think the campus is nice overall though.
As a senior, all I can say about this school is that I've been to college summer programs and that gave me more reassurance about my career/life than this school has ever done. The highlight of my time here is listening to my father rant about the useless, obtuse rules we are given, and we're treated like elementary school students while expected to perform in AP/Honors classes.

But, on the positive, this school helped me find a very good therapist. She's great. Also the baked Cheetos in the cafeteria help me get through sleepless nights when spite won't.
Great school with lots of learning options for the students. Years back, the principal was not as strong as the one who is there today (Mrs. Sellers). I didn't realize the depth, knowledge, and compassion of Mrs. Sellers until I worked with her helping one of my daughters to turn around her grades. Mrs. Sellers was the one who made things happen.
Being at ACRHS has been a great high school experience. There are a ton of nice people and the teachers and administration are always willing to help out.
I loved Reynolds. The classes and teachers are amazing. I have attended all four years at ACR. The teachers and academics helped me become successful to be able to attend a 4 year institution.
Reynolds students are their first priority. This school is so well rounded. They also have wonderful staff beginning with the front desk to the principal MS. SELLERS!
AC Reynolds is a great place to be involved in the academics, athletics, and the arts, and the arts and athletics programs in particular are very strong. However, I do wish there were more opportunities available for academics. There aren't really any clubs or activities other than AP classes that offer enrichment in a academic areas.
fairly nice school with respectful teachers and variety of classes to take, the students are no that great
The English, History, Career-Technical Education, Science, and Arts departments are outstanding. Some of the best teachers in the state, in my opinion, work at A.C. Reynolds High School. That being said, however, I would like to see more of a drive in the math wing of the school. ***Some*** of the teachers seem to have a problem with working there, and seem as though they do not want to teach. The school, overall, is very safe. Fights and any other violence is stopped abruptly. The atmosphere is very positive for the most part, and, minus the outliers, most teachers are happy to help. On the teachers section of my review I would've given five stars, if not for a bad experience with a teacher in past years that I feel could have been avoided.
Leaving the halls of AC Reynolds has never been a more prominent hope than in my final year as a senior. Although when I look back and think on my experience here at this high school I would say I'm very lucky. I'm lucky that AC Reynolds offers all the programs that is does. There is always something to get involved with. I'm glad to be loving on to bigger and better institutions, but for a high school, Reynolds has satisfied me in a way I think no other high school could.
There are not enough AP or Honors classes. There is not enough college preparation. If you take AP classes there is no time to fill out college applications much less scholarship applications.The school is geared toward athletics.
AC Reynolds High School is a really good school. From attending this school for 4 years straight, I can attest to this personally. Of the 15 plus teachers I have had here, only 2-3 have been really bad. The teachers are truly concerned about your wellbeing and preparedness for the class and future. The only thing I do not like is the administration and dress code. It is very restrictive and being pulled out of class for a minor dress code violation is wrong in my opinion. Not as many boys are dress coded as girls.
I've attended Reynolds since the beginning of Freshman year to my last year as a senior, anticipating graduation in 2017. Reynolds was a very interesting school. Being a minority I noticed there was not much diversty at that school, but people are nice. The teacher are nice as well, but you can sense they are always busy. Something I have also noticed was that minorites at Reynolds don't get the same opportunity as the mass of white students. They also don't prepare you for college at all or inform you abour how to apply for college and scholarships unless you are an Ap student. I would definitely like to see that change, because it is extremely unfair.
The sports teams are all pretty good and so is the band and chorale.
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From academics to sports, I feel like this school exceeds all expectations for what a high school should be.
I loved almost every teacher I had at this school all four years I was there!
Our children are involved heavily in the sports program so we are not familiar with other extracurriculars
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