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I liked Reynolds for the classes and the football. But other than that, some teachers were not very nice and the facilities were kinda messy due to other kids. The food wasn't the best and one thing that made me upset was you had to pay for food but I apparently didn't get the free lunch due to my parents money but I couldn't exactly get money to pay for lunches. So many days I went without eating. But other than that, Reynolds wasn't the worst school I went to.
The fine arts program at Reynolds is amazing and most of the teachers are very passionate about what they do. They get to know all their students and are there for them if they need anything at all. Administration though is not as good. Most of the administrators have a slightly racist feel. You can see the difference in how different races and classes get different treatment.
A.C Reynolds high school has provided me a top notch high school education and adequately worked to prepare me for life outside of highschool. I would like to, however, see an increase in counseling department's activity in the school overall, and an increase in administrators hearing out the students. So often student's opinions and criticism are overlooked as they're seen to be children rather than young adults.
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It was a pretty good experience to go to school here. Decent teachers with overall good safety along with good facilities and wide interest in extracurricular activities among the students.
I loved the acceptance of others and diversity that was present at A.C. Reynolds high school. The academics and learning experience at my high school was amazing. My favorite class was Anatomy with Mr. Abro. I got to dissect a cat and a dog. Reynolds gave me such a good learning experience and helped me get ready for college. One other thing I loved was the studying labs my high school offers. You could go before class started or after school to get all the help you needed. I feel that the cafeteria food should be adjusted at our school. They don't have very many healthy options for students.
Some of the teachers here are amazing at what they do and really care about us kids. They really know how to love us and teach us, but some of them are lazy and don’t even know what their teaching sometimes. Since my freashman year this school has went down hill. Our principal ( Doris Sellers) is more concerned about the schools apperence rather than the students themselves. She’s a very very poor leader and the teacher when asked about her feel she is very rude and uncaring to them. She likes to play favorites to the students who are doing well for the school such as football players or student council members and let’s them get by wit things such as dress code but when it comes to other students in the school she is quick to call them out. Reynolds use to be a pretty good school, but now it needs some serious management adjustments. We might be winning awards for principal of the year, but please come visit our school for about a week and you’ll see otherwise!
I have been attending Reynolds for all four years and I had a good experience overall. The only problem I have had was with counselors mine was not a good counselor. I LOVE the CTE hall because it has so many varieties of career path to go down. I wish that they would change the curriculum to have student more college ready and not take it easy on us. I do not feel college ready at all. They are more worried about our dress code than our grades. The school needs improvement in a lot of areas. Sports are amazing but some of the grades the athletes have are not.
A.C. Reynolds is hands-down one of the best schools in Buncombe County. First off, their academics are wonderful. From the top-notch math department to the large number of AP classes available to students, this school does not slack academic-wise. These factors ultimately play into the role of preparing their students for college-readiness. With being a recent graduate of the school, I came to Baylor University and was astounded at how similar the work was. While there are so many other great things to be said about this school, I would like to suggest an idea to help improve the school food. Currently, I am a nutrition science major and I know how important healthy-food choices are. Along with most public schools in America, I feel like the food choices are very poor nutritional quality. I would like to see a change in healthier options for students. All in all, I think A.C. Reynolds deserves 4/5 stars for meeting most of the important factors in regards to a high-quality education.
Reynolds is a fairly good school. The facilities are average with some negative exceptions and the teachers vary from excellent to poor. The college prep seems somewhat inadequate but I don’t have much to compare it to. The administration are not the most polite to students and reynolds seems to have some of their priorities mixed up. I wish there was more student involvement with the school, but it offers very good academics and a broad range of subjects at different difficulty levels. The student body is very diverse and it is a very safe school. The athletics are phenomenal and the sports facilities are excellent, but not all sports receive the same recognition as others. Overall Reynolds is a good/average school, one of the best in the area.
Although the campus is beautiful and a handful of teachers excel in granting student success, the only issue with the school is the lack of student control. The sports teams and fine arts programs are amazing, but I had trouble finding my way through rotten daily schedules and routines such as the loss of a study hall period one quarter of the way through the year. Reynolds is an example of a good school that has the potential to become even greater.
Reynolds thrives with their sports teams and has received many honors for the arts as well. The majority of the teachers are great people and educators. I've had a great experience academically and there are tons of extracurriculars to be part of. That being said, the lunches are typical not so appetizing school food, so if you can bring your lunch absolutely do that. We do get a chance to get free breakfast not only before school but between first and second period which is awesome. The rules here are super strict (cell phones are confiscated before each class by teachers, dress code is strict and sexist, several members of administration don't have their own kids so the strictness makes sense I guess) and there are only basic privileges like not having a uniform and driving to school yourself with a $45 parking pass for a hike to the lot. All in all, if you only focus on academics and extracurriculars it's an amazing place but there's a lot more to a great school than that.
AC Reynolds is a great public school. They have a great visual arts program and they offer a wide variety of AP classes. It is a really great public school.
A.C. Reynolds High School is an amazing place. The faculty is extremely committed to helping students achieve success. Similar to most things in life, you get what you put into the experience. If you utilize all the tools and extra curricular activities this school offers, you will be more than satisfied with your high school experience.
I would like to see the administration change. I would like to see more of a focus on AP students as well as AP offerings and the quality of AP teachers.
I've had 3 children go through ACR and we have had a wonderful experience there. So many excellent teachers and opportunities for students.
Great teachers and a great environment. The only reason for a 4 would be typical things about a school. Lunches are not perfect. Some teachers aren’t on par with others. We also lost Rocketfuel which was a much needed study period but other than small things, Reynolds is great. It has an amazing support system in terms of teachers that are available to help you.
Good, but some teachers are very monotone and also aren't very engaging when it comes to classwork. Nice facility, although bathrooms usually are dirty. If you take anything below an honors class, expect it to be rowdy. But honors and above are usually much better behaved.
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I love how much the school values the arts, athletics, and education on an even playing field and how much the teachers and administrators support these programs. I would like to see more opportunities for study time, such as a smart period. We have had that in the past but recently gotten rid of it and I found the time very useful and nice break from class.
Reynolds rates well academically, with sports, and with their performing arts programs. They are among the top schools in the county but could improve in many ways.
Reynolds offers a diverse and challenging academic and athletic course. The arts are fabulous- either band or chorus is State recognized every year. The academics are challenging but not impossible to deal with; AP classes are extremely challenging but again, not impossible and honors classes for the most part are very easy, save for English and some maths. School spirit can be cheesy at times but when it comes to sports like soccer and football (both of which went to state or will go to state this year) the fans are amazing. Overall love it here.
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