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A.C. Jones High School Reviews

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3 years at A.C Jones High School has been a memorable experience to say the least. It has been a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs.But even with the good I would like to change a few things about the school. I would like to change dress code standards to be more modern and change the school to be more technology based
A.C. Jones High School has given me an amazing high school experience along with great memories. My fellow classmates of A.C. Jones have made my high school experience so much better. The BISD employees self less, caring, and supportive faculty. The faculty doesn't just teach their lesson plan they listen to the students and all the problems whether it be school related or at home. All staff members try their best to accompany any special needs of each student. A.C.J offers many opportunities that not all schools have the privilege to such as dual enrollment and the Barnhart Foundation Program. Both of these programs have aided me and my peers in furthering and advancing our education. The AP classes offered are held to a rigors standard and high expectations challenging each student to reach their full potential.
At my school something I like is that some teachers are ready to go above and beyond to help you. A lot of the teachers had put effort into getting to know me and to build that relationship of trust and ensure me that it’s okay to not understand and ask questions. Something I’d like to change about my school is How the higher authority teachers (counselors, office workers, and assistant principals) feel like they can belitttle you and have favoritism.
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I think AC Jones High School has some great teachers, always willing to help you. Our athletic program is pretty good. I think most emphasis is placed on good coaches for football snd baseball. I do wish they would give the soccer program more attention. Cafeteria food needs improvement as well.
The faculty and staff are really trying to prepare you for college. Of course, some teachers are just there for money but for the most part they all want us to succeed. I’ve never loved a school more than I love Jones.
I really like some of the teachers especially all of my math teachers they really helped me out I didn't like the regular classes when everyone was being loud and not helping for nothing.
I liked the school some teachers really care and want to help you pass. I love all the extra things we could do and clubs that made school fun. I loved how I could sign up for college classes so I could get started early. They need to have more practice for the eco exams. Make sure the kids learn that will be on the tests
My experience at A.C. Jones High School has been a really excellent one. Even though A.C. Jones is in a very small town they really do push their students to be the best within themselves and academically. The extracurricular activities have advanced within the four years that I have gone to this school. The example I have is that I participated in the band at this school for all four years of my high school career and out of those four we have gotten sweepstakes the last three years. Some minor changes could be made, but in the end the scholarship program within the school, and the things that some teachers do make up for those minor things.
Well my experience here at A.c jones have been wonderful, as soon as I got here they accepted me and just made me feel like family not just any other student I'm proud to say that I received my high school diploma from here.
I'm sure about clubs and organizations but sports wise really great. many people attend sport related activities.
overall experience was decent but there are alot of distractions in class. ex: disruption of education
Most of the teachers are willing to help students in need but many give up if they see the student doesn't understand.
This school does have a lot of security.
I would rather go to a private school.
They don't seem to teach as much, just make sure that you are passing.
I put my rate as okay because i don't really have anything to compare the academics to.
I put bad as my rate because although there are many anti bullying precautions the students just get sneakier. They whisper names and insults and shove you in the hallway. Teachers and staff can't fully remove bullying without changing the mindset of the students which in this school is nearly impossible.
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my rating is okay because although there are many extracurricular opportunities not many students participate. There are many types of clubs from math club to many different type of art programs. The marching band for example is full of good students who are fully committed to what they do and enjoy what they do. They may not be a very popular organization but they are one of the biggest and still growing. The athletics department is the most popular and supported organization especially the football team, but it is sadly the most unsuccessful.
I put my rating as okay because although most students are judgmental and closed minded, being part of an extra curricular activity helps me get through most problems. Some of my favorite experiences in these activities is simply talking with the members of these groups. We encourage each other to be ourselves and help each other through tough times.
my rating is okay because I do not agree with some teaching styles, but most teachers are engaged with students and genuinely care.
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