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Most of the teachers care about their students. The student body is small enough that people know each other. The IB program is amazing and helps boost the overall academics of the school. The arts programs are also really good and every year the musicals are amazing productions.
What I like about A.C. Flora is that it introduces you to many different cultures and offers a wide variety of experiences.
At AC Flora the students got a chance to express themselves. It was a place of freedom, diversity and acceptance. There was something for everyone there like clubs, sports and academic opportunities. If you wanted to speak your mind on race issues you could join the YBE club, if you had strong conservative feelings you could join the republican club or if you felt like your relationship with the lord helped you succeed on the field you could join the fellowship of Christian athletes club.
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Amazing high school. Everyone is kind to each other. We're big on sports. Even if you don't play a sport, you'll still want to go support a team, it's that fun. As far as academics, the school pushes you to be more than you even thought you could be. The teachers are greatttt !!! Highly recommended :)
A C Flora is a very nice high school where the teachers and school is very geard towards the students' education and passing college classes. It has one of the best I.B. programs in the state and has a very high passing rate. I have enjoyed my years at Flora and do think they have helped me prepare for college.
My experience at ac Flora was great , I loved all four of my years there .. they definitely helped me one on one there .. I loved how it was just a no child left behind environment but the only thing I would change there is definitely more guild lines and structure when us comes to the student, but. Other then that I would recommend it to every student that there is and I think they would have a great time there!
A.C. Flora was a really good school! It gave you your freedom to become a young adult! They let you go on your own pace and help is also provided! I Wish Flora was more involved in the community
AC Flora did not offer as many AP or Dual enrollment classes as other schools in South Carolina. They gave IB students an unfair advantage over AP/Honors students. Also, Dual enrollment with Tech would help students to see what taking actual college classes would be like and receive actual college credit, instead of taking a gamble with AP test.
My overall experience at A. C. Flora was great. As a Freshmen, I joined the band and that changed my life. Under Band Director Mr. Shank I begin my love of marching band. This was a wonderful experience in that I was able to learn from my director allowing me to be rewarded as an honor band student and go on to become section leader. Being section leader afforded me the opportunity to guide new band members.

If possible, I would like to see the school and community give more support financially and physically to other extra circular actives the same as they do with sports. As with most schools the athletes receive more support than those students who work just as hard attending practices and learning their crafts. In the band, we are not only challenged intellectually (having to learn music) but physically as well in the fact that we must coordinate steps, music and movement to allow the band to work as a team.
My experience at the school A. C. Flora so far has been pretty great. I hope other people have a fantastic experience like i did. I am a rising senior and have spent the last three years growing and learning at this school.
Flora was overall a nice school to attend. Nice spread out, open campus with plenty of friendly teachers. The only problem I had was that the school focused more on the sports departments than it did with the art and computer departments.
I am a 2016 graduate from Ac flora high school. I enjoyed every year I attended ac flora. The teachers and staff members are wonderful they help me throughout my years by keeping me on track and out of trouble. The classes were small so teachers got one on one with every student
i loved the sports . Coach Kurtz was a great teacher and mentor. the track team was great and had some excellent coaches
A.C. Flora is an overall great school. The teachers are wonderful, the students typically get along and the curriculum is always the right amount of challenging.
I think the attendance system needs a lot of work, however. Parents can receive phone calls about absences even though the student never missed class in the first place. The food can make students sick and needs to be drastically improved.
The school puts too much focus on sports, specifically, boys' sports. More money and attention goes into sports at our school than academics and fine arts. Boys are more often recognized for their athletic achievement, whereas girls' sports is ignored. Money is funneled into a new football field when desktop computers are sorely outdated, textbooks are falling apart, and the fine arts department is pushed into a tiny corner of the school never to be seen again. Our student athletes are taught that it's worse to miss one day of practice than to miss a study session after school.
A.C. Flora High School is listed as one of the most challenging and intelligent schools in South Carolina. Throughout my 4 years of being there all my teachers were very helpful and understanding when I had struggles with my anxiety as well as when I had my concussion freshmen year. A.C. Flora is filled with many intelligent athletes who excelled both in class and on the field. I played lacrosse and golf and kept up a high GPA. Everyone at A.C. Flora pushes us to succeed.
Some changes I would love to see happen at A.C. Flora would be that the administration would be a lot more organized. They are very slack and do not notify teachers and students about anything until the last minute usually, which is very frustrating.
pretty good school like all my teachers all are willing to help you be able to succed. some teacher are cool to talk to so their more than just teachers in the end. The staff care about you no matter who you are
I like my school a lot . It has a very diverse student body . I'm only in the 9th grade, so I don't know everything about the whole high school experience.
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My experience at Floa was ok. There are some teachers who genuinely care about students and teaching, while others couldn't care less. Guidance is very slack, schedules are constantly messed up. It takes days to talk to your guidance counselor. A.C. Flora is very diverse school which is nice, but the students are so respectful when it comes to diversity. I would like the communication between teachers, guidance counselors and students improves.
As a third year student at A.C Flora, I would have to say that my overall experiences has been quite pleasant. I feel like Flora provides classes that prepare you for college as well as the tal world. Our athletic department is amazing eapecially our basketball team. With that being said I can't wait to take on my senior year and make new and more enjoyable experiences.
A C Flora is one of the top schools in the Columbia area and the IB and AP programs at Flora are recognized for their challenging coursework in the Southeast.
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