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A.C. Flora High School Reviews

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My experience at A.C Flora high school has been great, sad to say it is coming to a end. What i like about A.C Flora is they have a very diverse population. Another thing i like is how they made the school a very safe place now for students. The only thing i would change about the school our the buliding some should be rebulit.
I have had a great experience with the teachers and students. I have enjoyed playing sports and being involved in clubs.
I had an unforgettable 4 years at A. C. Flora High School. The key was getting involved and getting to know people. I built lifelong friendships with other students and great bonds with staff and faculty, which have both led me to great success beyond the classroom.
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I can't complain too much about the school. I met a surplus of different people and learned a lot from the teachers, but every school has its flaws and this one focuses way too much on atheticism than academics and only provides the bare minimum for art classes(not including dance and theater) and the computers at the school.
The faculty and staff at A C Flora are wonderful and very helpful. The classes are challanging but fun. They should improve their guidance department and getting students ready for college.
A.C. Flora is an excellent school regarding academics, resources, courses available and college readiness however the school itself is very worn because of its age. Most buildings are very old and are falling apart and need a lot of attention also the campus is completely open to anyone who wanted to walk in which can lead to all sorts of safety problems (This issue is currently being addressed by the school building gates and walls to section the school off from everyday peopple who shouldn't be on the campus.).
I have enjoyed being at Flora for the past three years, and hoping my last year will be just as good. The one thing I would like to see change is the parking arrangement.
Teachers are very involved with their students, and sports coaches are mostly volunteers that take it very seriously. Administration and guidance do not do much to prepare students for college. The clubs are usually generic ones run by teachers because running one as a student is difficult to do. Overall good education, but mediocre administration.
A C Flora is filled with two kinds of people; those who want to see you succeed and those who don't even care about your success. I was lucky enough to experience those who pushed me to my full potential and helped me get this far in my journey to success.
My school gave students plenty of chances to succeed in their education. The school also had given a varies selections of course that students could take depending on what they wanted to pursue a career in. There are some things I would like to change, if it were possible, at the school. Firstly, I would want them to promote all their course they offer so students would be aware of what could be taken.this would lead to less confusion and frustration from students who want to take a certain class. Second, the school needs to be more lenient with upperclassman going off campus during lunch.
AC Flora is a great school with emphasis on learning, activities/clubs and athletics. The school was recently renovated which makes me proud of my AC Flora.
A good school, but at times can be a little disorganized about events. We currently have an open campu, which they are working to fix, but this could be seen as a safety hazard. The year of 2018-2019 will be there first year enforcing the ID policy. Over all its not a bad school just as anything it has room for improvment.
I liked the education it gave me and how well it helped me succeed in college. The high school has the IB program, which many high schools do not, and I had many friends in it who were accepted to many vigorous and competitive colleges and universities. Programs like this, and AP classes, are a very good way for students to excel in college and the real world.
I had a great experience at AC Flora! The teachers were always ready to help which was really helpful. They also offer a variety of AP classes, which is good if you want to get credit hours in college. In addition to AP classes Flora offers an IB academic option, which is good if you want experience a college level work load early.
I liked the different opportunities for me to be involved. There are choices for all types of students to be involved.
A.C. Flora High School is a great school. I enjoy the dance program and the opprotunites given to me, Although the Facilities of the campus could be better, overall A.C. Flora cares about you and gets you where you need to be.
Overall, I do enjoy my high school experience at AC Flora, they offer quite a few advanced academic programs, like the International Baccalaureate program, which I recommend be taken in proper preparation for college. Although this school has many clubs and activities that students can get involved in, the safety of campus grounds plays a huge role in students being able to enjoy their high school experience, carefree.
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I like that some teachers care about their students and that we have diversity. AC Flora does need changes such as better lunch, evaluating teachers fairly and make sure their more involved & patient with students. As me being a student there going on 4 years; overall i really would like for teachers to be more engaged with students and give great motivation to us all. Classes should also be shortened some and lunch extended. AC Flora has great potential but change needs to be made so that it can grow and not be so violent and dysfunctional. Thank You! I really hope you can change some things at this Highschool
I like how diverse AC Flora is. There’s many different backgrounds of students walking the campus. They could improve the cleanliness of the campus though.
A.C. Flora High School is an academic and sports oriented school with many extracurricular activities and clubs available to any and all students. The academic side is top notch and one of the only schools that offer the International Baccalaureate program in my district as well as helping those with lower GPAs with the Falcons in Flight program. The sports programs are improving, as they are now actually giving more funding to the female sports like softball where as before they barely gave the programs enough to keep them afloat. The school itself as in the facilities, are mediocre as the restrooms are not well ventilated especially in the oldest building and therefore the smell of feces and urine does at times permeate the halls near those restrooms. The campus is open with very questionable security as only some of the cameras work which leaves the security mainly to the untrained monitors and the two police officers that patrol our school.
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