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The school is very small. I have had fun the past couple of years but there is a lot of drama. There are maybe two or three good teachers in the high school building. One good thing is that the teachers are very involved in our lives and helping us grow. One thing I would change is the dress code.
I am currently a senior at Abundant Life School and feel that ALS needs to improve. During my time at ALS I have been bullied and nothing was done about it. The teachers there are great, except their math teacher who acts as if the students are the scourge of the earth and she does not make for a pleasant teaching environment.
My experience at Abundant Life school has been well. I have been going there for almost 5 years now, which is saying something since this is the longest I have stayed at a school. Abundant life has a decent education system just like any other school would. The only factor that is really different there is that we are a private Christian school, so we can learn and talk about God openly there. It is a great aspect to have in my life so I will be able to teach others about Christ in my years to come. The only thing I would change about the school would be to get college prepatory classes, which would be beneficial to us students.
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The school is small and never has any safety problems. All of the doors require you to be let in by the office. The office requires everyone to check there first before coming to the school. If you are not a parent, you can not be in the school.
The school is overall not the best school. It teaches very poorly with very few options. Overall, the rules are not very strict on many students and they do what they want.
At Abundant Life School, the teachers are great showing interest in the students they teach. They often give students extra time outside of school. It means alot to a student to have a teacher that supports them.
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