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The faculty and staff at ALCS were and remain like a family to me. The teachers do their best to give individual time and attention to each student, and the education I received there was priceless.
There isn't a lot of extracurricular activities or a lot of opportunity to be apart of clubs and things that look good and help on college applications. Also I feel like the courses offered and taken there didn't prepare me at all for college.
Abundant Life Christian School provides a safe learning environment in a Christian setting. I have experienced small classes that allow for extra attention from every teacher who knows all their students by name. my teachers and administrators care about me not only academically but on a personal level as well. The staff goes above and beyond for their students.
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We have two computer labs and smart boards in a lot of our rooms. We do not have a designated guidance counselor or college counselor. One of the administrative helps out with that when needed.
All of the teachers care about us in the classroom and outside of the classroom. They put in extra work to make our learning experience better. They are pretty fair in their grading and try to teach so that we learn, not so they get paid. They teach at our school because they want to be there, they make half of what a normal public school teacher does, but they say they do not mind because they want to be here for us students.
We do not really have any bullies therefore no need of punishment. We are all pretty good kids. Plus we are so small you could not get away with anything. We have a dress-code of fingertip length skirts and dresses. Tank tops have to be three fingers in width. Leggings are not allowed. It is pretty reasonable for a private school.
We are all like a family so almost everyone is included. They would have to try very hard not to feel welcome. We are a mostly white school however with a few Asians and one black kid who does not seem to mind. We are all friends and there is not a lot of pressure. We are pretty accepting of one another.
We do not have enough students or interest to have more clubs. Honestly I do not even know of any clubs in our school..
We have six sports at our school. Volleyball and football in the fall. Boys and girls basketball in the winter. Track and golf in the spring. But we combine with another school for all of these sports. We just do not have enough kids to do any other sports or enough room or money to fit other sports. That is one reason why enrollment is so low. Our equipment is decent, but other than that it is nothing special.
Our school is very small, 60 kids in the entire high school. That makes us all very close, like we are all family. But it has its down sides, that everyone knows everyone's business and there is a lot of drama. However if you went to a bigger school you would not have those close relationships knowing that someone is always there for you. But then again we do not have as many sports or clubs or classes or school spirit. It's just so small half the school is on the sports team so no one is there to cheer. It can get depressing. But if you like being a big fish in a little pond then this is the place for you.
I go to a small private school. So we do not have a lot of space or teachers to have extra classes. We hardly have any AP or other electives besides the general music and art. The work load can be overbearing at some times and other times we do not have any homework. It just gets annoying when you hear of all the cool classes at public schools and there is no way that we can have those. However the teachers are nice and try to make it as enjoyable as possible while making sure you are still learning.
We have no a la carte, so food options are pretty low. You get two options a day plus a "salad bar" which is some droopy lettuce and some random vegetables. There is one lunch time of 30 minutes so there is no off-campus option. Sometimes we even run out of food, and even if we did not most kids do not want to eat what is offered. It is not very healthy or filling. Bring your own lunch to get a good spot at the cafeteria table and have enough time to eat it.
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