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Abundant Life Academy is a very well-balanced Christian academy that stands strongly on the belief of Jesus Christ. All of the teachers, aides, facuilty, staff, and students are all very thoughtful, kind, and considerate to all those who are new to the Academy, and are welcomed with open arms!!
Abundant Life Academy was excellent preparation for college. The teachers are there for you and want to see you succeed, as long as you want it for yourself. If you put in the work, and show that you are willing, they will help and work with you. Fantastic school.
I have been coming to this school since first grade and now i'm a senior still attending this school. I have felt nothing but love in this school. All the teachers do is care about their students and they want them to succeed in all they do. I highly recommend this school for children of all ages.
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I love how the small school family environment reaches the students. It is easy to know everyone and because of pep rallies, sports games, and other school activities. The environment is very friendly and welcoming.
I highly recommend this school. It is small and diverse with God at the center of instruction. School safety is paramount, the teachers and administration are awesome and students are friendly. Lifelong parent friendships are made, as well. No complaints.
Students often cause drama. Students can be extremely stuck up and annoying.
Everything about this school is very safe. In order to get inside the school, one must use the telecom and announce why they are coming in. Heigine is excellent as well. Extra measures are taken so that students are kept healthy.
They offer various opportunites for students to get involved and active in school.
My favorite experience at this school is being able to belong to 3 sports team and still be able to balance academics and religious activities with the help of the teachers.
The quality of the teachers in this school is one of the best I have seen. They are very knowledgable and have their best interest for the students.
There aren't too many opportunities. The few clubs the school offers do go to some competitions, but the school prides itself in its sports teams.
This school has helped me mature and become a better person. It has helped me create friendships that will last a life time. This school is unique because it is a small, Christian school. All the teachers genuinely care about their students and are very approachable. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because there's no other school I would rather attend. The student body and staff truly make you feel welcome and integrate you as part of their school family. It also equips you well for your future endeavors.
The teachers are always concerned about the students' life outside the classroom and are always there to help them succeed. They do their best to help each struggling student whether it be academically, socially, or spiritually.
I love Abundant Life Academy High School because it really prepares you to college. I have the opportunity to take college courses. I would chose this school but do better academic wise.
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