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What I most liked about Absegami was the extracurricular activities. Being a part of two sports team and managing another not only brought me closer to the students, but also the teachers and that truly made my high school experience the best it could be.
The school has a demonstrable caring culture and some superior teachers. The sports programs suffer from local school competition and are seemingly not valued by current administration.
I’ve had a lot of great teachers at the school. I’ve been involved into sports here and both had lots of parent involvement. My only complaint about this school is the cafeteria food. It could be a lot better.
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The teachers at Absegami are very helpful and have given me a good boost to help me in college. The school is ordered well and the block schedule are more helpful to me.
I went to a small private school during K-8 and I was very nervous about transferring to a large public school. The teachers cared about me and wanted me to thrive. The diversity of students made it easy to make friends and find people who had similar interests. I also became heavily active in outside school activities. Absegami prided themselves in academics but also in sports. I felt like I had another family when I ran cross country and when I was Vice President of my senior class. Absegami had so much to offer me. I entered as a shy 14 year old who had struggled with talking in front of others and putting myself out there, and then I left Absegami as a confident 18 year old who had made a lasting impression on my school and myself. Absegami helped give me the confidence and strength I needed for college. The community, students and teachers truly make Absegami what it is, and it is Amazing.
The teachers make it their priority to see their students succeed. There is a sense of unification among the student body.
You should join a sport or club if you really want to get involved with the students and have better relationships with most of the teachers. ALWAYS do your homework especially if you're not a good test takers. The food isn't really good, so pack your own lunch. The best part of this school is graduating.
I liked how the teachers genuinely care about each and every student and are always ready to help them when needed.
Absegami is a good school. It was a small school and it felt like family. Everyone knew some things about each other even if they didn't speak.
Absegami High School provides its students many opportunities to get involved and challenge themselves. The school offers a myriad challenging courses and has numerous clubs and sports. Overall, it is diverse and prepares its students for college and/or careeer paths.
I enjoyed that the school tried many different methods to make our high school experience enjoyable. It pushed us to get involved field trips, pep rallies, facilities etc. I would change the fact that we do not have the budget needed to improve the activities that we do have.
My experience at Absegami was amazing. I was able to meet my closest friends and meet a lot of great teachers. I played soccer all four years and for three of those years I was varsity. Playing on the soccer team helped me so much, it increased my confidence which helped me on and off the field. I was also apart of my school’s FBLA club and Spanish Honor Society. If I could change anything about Absegami, it would be the food, though the food was terrible, it’s just that it could’ve been so much better.
I have met a lot of great people and have been given the opportunity to grow and prepare for collage.
I made a lot of friends, They should change some of the food, less strict , some teachers should be a little more nicer.
The school itself is very nice. It's the administrators we the students are not very fond of. Their injustice ruling and over empowerment has gone too far and I do not favor them. The school overall though, has some of the most amazing teachers and sports teams.
I really liked many of my math teachers and the sports available. They should change the block schedule or change the lunch schedule so everyone eats at the same time for an hour. No rushing to eat and get to next class. Possibly have school start later. The traffic is awful due to the High School and Middle School starting around the same time. There have been more accidents this year which I believe is attributed to the increase in cars at the same time.
They need to focus more on everyone's mental health and take it into consideration. Some kids may have something going on at home and are getting scolded at for not doing their homework. Nor is a there a certified psychologist to help those in need.
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High School would not be the same If I went to another High School. As a freshman I was still unsure of what exactly I wanted to do when I graduated. But even so my teachers held my head up high and told me to keep moving forward because one day I will eventually know what I wanted to do with my life. When I became a Sophomore and started Culinary I knew it was meant for me. Even though I was still in a bit of a struggling state with grades. My teachers and especially my guidance told me to continue.

Junior Year came and I met Mrs. LaRocca. A High School and a college chef. She taught me almost everything I know about Culinary. If It wasn't for her. I really would of never wanted to go to College for Culinary Arts to begin with. Senior Year is upon me and it is coming to an end. Because of the staff never giving up on me. High School really became a more than just a school but home.
The food needs to be improved. The choices are limited and the quality is only fair. More attention needs to be placed on allergies and options for those students with allergies.
Absegami High School could improve in various ways; however, compared to many other schools in the area it is considered relatively decent.
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