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After losing my mom during my junior year in high school, I thought my academics were going to suffer. But, thanks to Absegami, the teachers, my guidance counselor, the administrators, my fellow students, and everyone in between, I was able to graduate with honors. Everyone in the school worked with me, supported me, and helped me feel loved during the toughest time of my life. I will never forget that :)
I had an amazing high school experience. Though I moved there as a freshmen, I managed to make many friends. The teachers were also extremely welcoming, and I consider them close friends as well. I was the junior and senior class president, which helped me to appreciate the school in terms of advising and leadership. Also, having wrestled and played football, I loved seeing the school spirit grow across my four years. Absegami also had great classes. Most of my classes were AP, offering me great challenges, while giving me many outlets to learn from and express myself. I hope to see the school improve financially in the future. We were in a sharp decline upon my graduation, and that really took a toll on my senior year.
My experience at Absegami was very good. What I loved about our school is that it is very diverse, there are people from all races. I hope to see the school board take more of an intrest in what the students and staff want for the school. For example, we recently adopted a new bell schedule and it has done more harm than good, due to the fact that you don't meet with the same classes everyday. This has been bad for students in AP classes, like myself, because we has less time to prepare for our test in May.
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My experience at absegami has been good. The teachers are very good and very helping when it comes to work. They help students understand very well
Absegami high school gave me many opportunities to meet new people and choose from the variety of class selections that were provided. The class selections helped me decide if I want to pursue a career with anything related to what I was studying. There’s great teachers who are ready to help you when you need it and most importantly absegami high school welcomed you with open arms and didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.
Absegami offers a variety of sports and clubs to students; therefore, it's easy to find something to get involved in. We are a highly diverse school and for the most part, sport teams are average. The majority of teachers I've had throughout my four years have been very helpful and obviously knowledgeable of their field. Counselors are also very helpful, especially when it comes to applying for colleges.
I️ love the people that attend this school. There are so many different diverse students that helped me learn about different things and made me into who i️ am today.
Absegami has many dedicated teachers who have helped me through many other things besides my academic problems. This school is a respectful community that cares for each and every person in it, which makes me proud to call myself a Brave.
My experience for 2-3 and half years at Absegami is that the academics is understandable. Getting help in smaller classes is right fit for me as to moving in bigger classes as there are some distracting students in bigger classes. The Teachers are available to help on some days, but asking in class is not a problem. Diversity is totally an A with this school as all cultures and fundraising, activities, clubs have many different cultures to know about. The administration I have not go a 100% review for them but I can say so far they are serious, but some changes to school policy would be upon request to change in my opinion. The food is average since meal portions ( little large scoop of ice cream) probably not fill up a student is different sizes, but added snacks with it is good. College prep classes for my junior English could have more help practicing on writing and time management assignment work then reading a lot on school days in the week. Sports is perfect.
Absegami is challenging when it comes to academics, the school does a great job of preparing students for college. The overall experience there is great, the only lacking part about the school would be the lack of involvement form the student body.
It is an ethnically diverse school. It would have been better without the occasional fight. There was once a bomb threat from a student, who ended up getting arrested. Near the end of the year of 2016, some kids took a picture of a gun sticking out of their backpack and there was a lockdown for almost 2 hours. People almost had panic attacks and teachers had no idea when it would be over. The principal just stated everything was fine. That day we also had a security guard lead people to the bathroom. Despite all of the problems, Absegami still has great staff and students, excluding a few bad eggs in the mix.
I am an alumni from Absegami (2 years graduated). My high school experience was fair. I had a good amount of ups and downs. Some of the policies were ridiculous and some of the teachers seemed like they were there for a paycheck. The food was mediocre and the students were very arrogant and rude. The positives were the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities.
During my 4 years at absegami high school i learned to be more independent. I was on the football team all 4 years.
Things I would change would be the the transportation to and from school. Most of us had to walk to school even in bad weather because we lived about 1 mile away. No transportation was provided for us, some missed school during bad weather.
Another thing would be the entrance there is only one way in and out and traffic was a mess.
Absegami is a great school to get involved in. There many sports and clubs to get involved. There's a lot of school spirit which I love. Make the most of it. There, great classes, you can take the cater to what you want to major in. There's even a garden where you can help plant and harvest fruits and vegetables!
Overall this highschool is what made me the man I am today. This school is full of caring teachers that want to help excel and prepare you for the world of tomorrow. You cannot go wrong for choosing this school as your childs high school
Absegami High School is mostly known for their good academics, but
they have some down sides. Because of budget cuts they have fired the younger teachers who actually want to have a career in teacher versus the older teachers who are absent a lot and do not care as much. The other downside is the students who attend the school. The cause unnecessary violence and need to be disciplined better. Overall, it is a good school.
Since this is my first and last year in this school, it has been a pleasure to spend a year around new people, new friends and teachers. Absegami, I would say is a lineant school and allows kids to excel in thier own comfort zones. If I had to change something about this chool, then it could be a slightly more focus on students as individuals.
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The majority of my teachers were not only well-versed in their subjects but were actually really good at teaching them. It's because of one of my highschool teachers that I chose to major in biology. It can be clique-y when it comes to clubs and sports, but overall people were generally nice. I learned a lot at that school.
Absegami is the best high school around for education. There are plenty of opportunities for success and there is so much diversity.
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