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i had the chance and enjoyed to study in this high school, each teacher is carefully for every child, i mean the community worries for their students and want to us do everything as we can. i am proud to be included in this town. the only thing need this school is add college classes to their system for some students.
Their was nothing special about this school. The choir and theatre department were where I gained the most experience. In other departments the school just felt like a daycare for older children.
Their was a good blend of teachers who care and teachers who don't. The history teacher imposed her personal views on the students and anyone who had a different opinion had a hard time discussing issues in class. One of the math teachers did not finish the school year with actual instruction instead he taught the students how to play risk and how to gamble.
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I felt as if this was an adult daycare. The teachers did not enforce homework policies and let a lot of the students turn in anything when ever they wanted. A lot of the coaches are teachers so that is their focus not education.
There was no security and no health care that i knew of. this is a small town school so it takes advantage of that.
For such a rural school, the teachers there are exemplary. Many of them have children who have either graduated or are on track to graduate from the high school itself, and so most of the teachers make a genuine effort to make a connection with their students.
This school is pretty rural. Unfortunately, that means that although it is a close-knit community of students, there isn't a large variety of them. For every real high school stereotype, there are probably one or two people who fit the bill in this school, leaving many feeling unappreciated and incredibly lonely. A bonus to the class size is the student-teacher ratio, but it also means that many teachers, unless ten-yeared, can be let go in times of economic distress.
The teachers at this school are good. Some are so much fun to be around and they make coming to school worth something. Other teachers make me want to skip school and give up. Yet at the same time those teachers are the most fun to be around. The good majority of the teachers teach their subjects very well with the resources that are provided, but you can only do so much with textbooks from the 1980s
The rules here are strict but they are in place and makes everyone feel safe. Also they make everyone strive for excellence. Some of the rules seem old fashion but they also make everyone focus on school work. I really appreciate the rules here. The administration also talks with students so they are a part of the students life so they are not just some image of people in an office not caring about their students.
The resources here are very good. I was shocked at how well they have it here out in the middle of no where. Everyone there helps students with grades and applications for college. At my previous school everyone felt lost just because no one was there to help because there were simply too much kids. here it is like one big family there to help and support you.
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