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Even though I was first skeptical about Abraham Lincoln Senior High School at first, I've come to love the school and all the teachers within only a few months after entering. The teachers and staff always had the patience to hear me out, and I felt safe and welcome everywhere I went on campus. Especially in the Math, Science and Technology Magnet. The teachers there were really caring and would always try their uttermost best to help me out. I really appreciate this school and how much they care for our education.
This is currently my second year attending Abraham Lincoln High School, and, so far, it has been one amazing journey. In an outsider's point of view, living in the Lincoln Heights community would mean violence and danger in places even within the school. However, ironically, it's quite the opposite. As a sophomore of Lincoln High School, I am a clear example of how Lincoln has influenced me. Though on the surface, Lincoln may seem slightly ghetto, it has in fact provided me with something more than just an education. Being a part of Lincoln High School has given me the sense of community, a sense of family. Teachers here care; teachers here respect; and teachers here want to see you succeed. Despite my graduation coming closer to an end, I know that Abraham Lincoln high school will continue being the hearth of love to many people living around this neighborhood.
What I like about Lincoln High School is the fact that the magnet program within the school really pushes their students to excel in all their classes, especially by making students take many AP classes. I would just like for the Computer Science classes there to be taken seriously.
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well to start off i decided to attend lincoln highschool because of an after school dance program called urban movement. but overall this school is okay. i like it somewhat i just wish there was more school spirit, school activities, and fieldtrips. i like some teachers here because they actually teach well and make you understand the subject well. they also offer alot of help if needed. they are are some teachers that just give us work and do not teach i think that is a big problem because how do expect someone to learn like that. i like lincoln because it isnt that far from my house so thatss something good. lincoln does offer alot of programs that will benifit you in the long run.
What I love about Abraham Lincoln high school is that there are many activities that you can get involved in. They also offer many forms of tutoring that you can attend after school to stay on top of your grades. I would love for the school spirit to increase overall.
The school is predominately Latinos and a few Asians, I'd say a 3:1 ratio. All my teachers were very involved with the students and dedicated their time and effort to make sure we were excelling, excluding maybe one or two. There are a lot of different clubs, varying from Robotics to Aztec dance.
I was in the magnet program, so most of my classes were great but not as rigorous as compared to other magnet schools. I think they should push us more in doing independent studies so we can be more college ready because college classes are totally different than what we had.
Abraham Lincoln Senior High School is commonly believed to be a school full of misfits and misbehaving delinquents. I can personally say that my experience in this school has been one involving hours of studying and hard work, taking tests every other day, and learning to discipline myself to be successful. This school is very involved with students and does a great job of getting them to graduate.
I am currently a student at this school ad it has been great so far. i love that they have a variety of aps and honors classes to join and many other things.Most teachers expect the best from you and motivate you to do better.
Abraham Lincoln High School is a very diverse school all around. Ranging from students to teachers to resources. The biggest things i would like to see change is student involvement/school spirit. Not very many kids attend dances, sporting events, lunch time activities, etc. As well as the food, no one likes it. I understand the importance of healthy eating. But food can be healthy and still taste good. I also wish Lincoln would offer more electives and language classes.
I like how Abraham Lincoln High School is very diversified and it has an amazing magnet program where the teachers truly care about the student's success.
Abraham Lincoln Senior High School has improved significantly over the years and we hope to continue that for future generations. My experience has been very pleasing, thanks to the Lincoln teachers and staff, who are very helpful.
So Lincoln high school has some incredible ap teachers and to sum it all up, it's a good school if you have the determination to work hard. My slc is magnet which is primarily focused on math and science and I'm satisfied with what I've been offered at this school. There are downsides when you go to other parts of the school where people tend not to work as hard as others, but I believe that's typical of a normal high school, but i dissociate being around people like that to pursue doing good in my classes.
I really enjoy the support that is provided within my school environment. I especially appreciate being a part of the Magnet SLC (smaller learning community). I'm surrounded by like-minded people who have same goals or same work ethic as I do. My teachers of nearly all subjects guide me to push to my fullest potential and to always challenge myself. I especially treasure my AP Calculus AB Teacher, Mr. Yom, and my AP Microeconomics teacher, Mr. Zapata. They have their unique querks in teaching which I find very helpful. I used to dread going to this high school, only because of the negative word around the street that students get killed everyday, which is completely false! I've never felt safer anywhere else outside of school. Attending my school actually changed my whole perspective about it, and I've grown to love my school dearly. I absolutely wouldn't change my high school experience in any way. Most definitely, I'm going to miss my four years of high school when I graduate.
I like that the teachers are really supportive and helpful. They want students to go to college and do well. Most teachers go out of their way to help students. I would like to see a change in the efforts of the students.
Students are receiving the education they need and deserve, most teachers are doing as much as they can to educate their students. There are different varieties of classes students could take such as ballet, AP Calulus, physiology, banking classes, filmmaking classes, etc.
Most students here are of Hispanic/Latino descents and coming in second are Asians. Asians and Hispanics/Latinos are very diverse in cultures and for the cultures to be exposed to each other is a beautiful thing.
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There are many clubs and activities after school for students to choose from: dance, performing arts, sports, broadcasting, cheer, drill team, etc.
Many of the students at Abraham Lincoln High School are busy working and sometimes don't have time to attend to their children's games or performances. Even so, many of the parents are often very supportive and that's something all students need.
Teachers are often busy with the students as most have large classes. Of course, the teachers I've had tried their best to make sure all the students are receiving the necessary education and the required ones as well. Many teachers are amazing at what they do and give it their all to each lessons and plans whereas some teachers can seem "out of it" and not very dedicated; not doing the best they can. Students are teenagers, they are often in high energies and many classroom settings are inside and students must sit at their desks/tables and do their work. Writing and sitting all day gets boring very quickly and students tend to lose their focus and get bored. The teachers at Abraham Lincoln Senior High School generally are at least on the "okay" side.
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