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Sophomore year at Abraham Lincoln High School, my friends and I from the Queer Student Union proposed a plan to introduce all gender restrooms to create a better climate for trans and non binary students on campus. We got pushback from some administrators and the district, but when we made a movie and had meetings with teachers and staff, people were in support of us. After a few months, we were able to introduce these restrooms on the main building. Lincoln has a lot of capacity for students to change it if they are unhappy with the circumstances. The school is really open to criticism and feedback. The teachers try their very hardest given the lack of money and resources this public school has, and is really excited when students show an interest in academics. The teachers have made me feel very welcome.
As alumni, I can say Lincoln High School was a great school. I loved the environment and the diversity in the school. We are known for our Friday night lights. The enthusiasm each Friday with our pep band and cheerleaders. San Jose High are our biggest rivals, but I'm still not sure why we share homecoming with our rivals. It's tradition so I guess that's why it continues to be a thing. Teachers and advisors were very close to students and academics. I have very good relationships with my senior year teachers. You really leave having a very strong network for the journey that is college. I spent four years here not all where easy, but not all were hard. It was just right. Abraham Lincoln is a great school!
This is my fourth year at Lincoln so I can speak from utter wisdom when it comes to every aspect of our school. We are blessed to have the music and dance directors we have now. Like many schools, we have good teachers and we have bad ones, what's more to say. Furthermore, if you're someone who is passionate about something or strongly believe in something, then you will most likely find a club for it. Some of our clubs include the Math club, Latinos United, the Harry Potter club, the Hack club, even an anime club (if you're into that). We also have some very impressive sports teams and a variety of sports to get involved with. We have held our football championship against our rival school for almost 2 decades without having been defeated. BONE STAYS HOME. We also have some of the most dedicated counselors in the district. In summary, you're here to learn and looking to get involved you're going to have a good time.
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I like that there are a lot of resources when you need help. The teachers are available at lunch, and offer a period to come in and get help if you are struggling. i would like to see a change when it comes to food. There is no where to get healthy snacks on campus. There are only junk food.
The staff at Abraham Lincoln High are very focused on my academics and they truly care about me. They are very accommodating and tend to help with projects after school or during breaks. Many of the teachers that I've had seem to have a deep interest in what they are teaching and because of this, their classes are often engaging and fun. The campus setting allows for social and educational interaction with a wide variety of clubs and organizations to join. I especially am so thankful for the diversity of the school. They have a great Art Program, which I enjoyed so much. The advisory period has helped me so much with my homework. To make the school even better than what it already is, I would probably suggest a classroom talking more about colleges and what to expect or maybe even more SAT practice tests.
Abraham Lincoln has some very friendly teachers and other students. However, there are some of their student population that aren't so friendly to newcomers. Furthermore, bathrooms are extremely filthy and rarely have any toilet paper in them.
I'm a sophomore and a dancer here its a really awesome school. There is so many programs like dance, art, drama, and many more. There are also many sport programs. And you can also be a cheerleader and many other things. Academics are great there are many academic programs that can help you raise you're grades and or move on to college.
Lincoln's diverse student body creates an accepting environment where any person of color, race, sexual orientation, and skill level can feel welcome and achieve greatness. Students can get involved with a plethora of performing groups, clubs, sports, and specialty classes like computer science and film class; there is something for everyone at Lincoln. The visual/performing arts is top notch where students learn advanced techniques in dance, drama, choir, art, and computer art. Students express themselves through the art craft they are passionate about freely.
Lincoln is an amazing magnet school!!! There's a reason the waiting list is so long. The theater department is beyond everything you could imagine! There are guests who attend the shows who have no ties to the school-they simply go to enjoy the experience. The Leadership program is directed by Miss Eileen Zamora and she is the most hardworking and generous woman on campus.
This is an awesome school. It is very diverse with wonderful teachers. The school offer a variety of levels of academic classes including AP classes in all areas. Students can start taking AP classes in their freshman year starting next year. There are over 20 sections of dance offered each day. They have a program that is very inclusive with over 500 students. The school also has a huge Performing arts department. They offer 6 sections, in Drama, Music and Band. We also offer 5 sections of Orchestra. Students are also very involved with our leadership class as well as athletics. You would be hard pressed to find a school with this much diversity in students as well as class offerings! The teachers are very caring to their student beyond there are of expertise.
The school has a high percentage of diversity within the student body with most students having a close relationship with the teachers, but a big change I hope for in the future is better food for the students since the present food is barely edible.
I absolutely loved the teachers and how supportive they were. They would also go out of their way to help you with college applications. My volleyball team help me overcome obstacles and gain confidence.
This school is probably the most accepting school in the Bay Area. They have all-gender restrooms and a staff of faculty who truly listen to their students. They teach them to use their voices in an appropriate manner to make change. This high school also has an amazing performing arts program. From dancing to singing, they have it all. They have a advanced dance team and a folklorico dance team. They have an advanced jazz choir and a chamber choir. For students who are just starting out, every section in the performing arts has different levels starting at beginning and going up to advanced groups. Lincoln's athletics are also great and their college and career center is open to all and they encourage every student to continue on to college. Even if you don't go in to the college and career center, they call you in to make sure you're on track. Overall, I am proud to be a Lincoln Lion. My school has such a supportive staff and all of its amazing aspects make it a great school.
Performing arts are one of the qualities that drew me to Lincoln. Unfortunately, there is not enough funding for this department and families struggle to provide their child to participate in these well-produced productions. Lincoln, however, did facilitate my growth as a performing artist and their college prep helped me narrow down my decisions and provided scholarship opportunities. The homecoming football game on Thanksgiving morning is a tradition for Lincoln families, teachers, and alum that I will always cherish. Bone Stays Home!
It's been super helpful in giving me many choices for scholarships! I've just started 20 minutes ago and I've already applied to many scholarships. It's a very useful website.
Lincoln High school in San Jose, CA is one of the most accepting schools I have ever had the pleasure of attending. This school is known for its great student community resulting in zero fights per year, no bullying, and a decent level of judgment free environment. No matter your ethnicity, religion, skin color, gender, or interest, Lincoln will still give you a great high school experience. We even recently were the first school in San Jose Unified to place all-gender bathrooms on campus. We have many spirit weeks and very interesting events during school hours, such as motivational speakers and plays from our well-known performing arts section. The only downside to Lincoln on an opinionated preference would be the spirit of the whole school isn't always what we want it to be. But with involved students coming in, I feel that may change with the upcoming years. This High school has welcomed me and many others and I will be so proud to graduate as a 2017 Lincoln Lion.
The school is amazingly inclusive and is working to take steps to be even more welcoming and open! It has tons of amazing programs others schools don't, bullying is very rare, rigorous academid options, and the staff is generally pretty friendly.
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As someone who attented this school for my 4 years of highschool. It's wasn an okay experience. Although I did made many friends and they seems nice. But that is all there is. It's hard to make friends when you already don't know them. The environment is not diverse but it is endurable. The academic courses here are very good and so is the performance aspects. Overall, this school is a good school if you are interested in dancing, sports, and taking AP classes and other performance course.
My initial intention was to apply to a private high school within my area, assuming that spending more money on tuition was directly correlated to a better education. After four years of attending the public school of Abraham Lincoln High, I have found that I am very wrong on that assumption. The addition of new classes and programs such as AP Capstone, as well as making resources more accessible to poor families, has allowed many of the students at my school, my friends and myself included, to achieve things that may have initially been barred from them due to financial difficulties. I believe that any of the drawbacks faced during my four years are all insignificant to my overall amazing experience at Lincoln. I would not trade my educational experience for anything else.
Some teachers just taught by the book instead of creating thier own teaching style.
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