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This school is extremely spirited and is always beaming with pride. The number of extracurricular activities is insanely high and there are academic counselors that are readily accessible almost every day. The school’s population are incredibly diverse in ethnicity, sexuality, and people. They have a huge range of courses to pick from; they’ve also got many ap classes. There isn’t much to change other than the fact that there aren’t enough book lockers in the hallways and like many other schools the foods isn't the best.
I just really like how the school gives us a spot to express ourselves from issues to electives.
I also really like how our school is diverse in ethnicities because it helps you learn about other people's backgrounds.
Great school! Many AP classes are offered and many great teachers are always available to help. Academics are not as challenging as other schools but if you try you will graduate with a good GPA and many passed AP classes.
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I've loved most of the teachers I've had. I really enjoy the performing arts classes and atmosphere of the school.
Abraham Lincoln high isn’t like other schools, usually you can’t just walk up to anyone and have a conversation but it’s different at lincoln high. There is such passion and friendlyness all around the school it’s almost as if you were meant to be there. Now I am a really good student with a GPA of 3.91 as a senior and I’ve come to learn that grades at lincoln aren’t want push people to do good in school, no it’s the intuition that many develop at lincoln that allow them to thrive in such a cultural and diverse school. Which is why I enjoy being part of such and amazing place.
My experience at Lincoln has been good so far. Most of the teachers are really helpful and care for their students, all kinds of sports are offered to us and cubs too
ALHS is a very diverse school and is very easy to get involved in! Because it is a preforming arts school there is an unlimited amount of activities to choose from, and they are always looking for ideas for new clubs or classes.
I loved the strong sense of community, especially in the performing and visual arts. Although because so much focus is put on the arts, I did not feel challenged by the academics.
Lincoln is a very open and accepting school. It is one of the first schools in the area to have gender-neutral bathrooms, and has tons of clubs for all kinds of students. It has a great choice of classes, especially it's performing arts with a great theatre and dance program. My experience there has been great
Lincoln is an amazing performing arts school and there is no where else I wish I would've gone. It has outstanding diversity and an amazing performing arts program with staff that is dedicated to seeing you succeed no matter what. The school suffers from an average selection of sports and an overall meh higher level science department.
I attended Lincoln High School for four years, I had a pretty good experience at the school. I never saw any bullying or abuse of any type. The students there are all friendly and if you are an upcoming freshmen they are all willing to help you and answer questions that you say have. The teachers at the school are great, well at least the one that I had they were all kind and if you need help with anything they were there to help you. But the counselors don't really help you, if you ask them a question most of the time they don't have an answer to the question.
Lincoln is a great school because of the diversity and opportunities it offers! It is also a good school if you are interested in performing and/or visual arts since there is a variety of classes to take like from orchestra to multimedia.
This school has so many things. It has diversity, sports . And performing arts. It’s amazing. When I first stated my high school career, I thought it was gonna be super hard and confusing but it ended up being just a matter of you asking for help if you ever needed it. At my school , teachers are very supportive and it has a beautiful campus. Students help each other and are always so positive about creating new friends.
I liked how safe and comfortable every student could feel surrounded by great teachers and administrators.
Abraham Lincoln High School has a strong Performing Arts department and sports activities. Many of the teachers at this school are kind and teach well. Everyone faculty/staff members are kind as well, including the students. The school has many clubs and surprisingly full of school spirit.
Abraham Lincoln High School is a very welcoming school with a vast array of opportunities. Fortunately, bullying is not a problem at our school; in fact an aura of safety can be sensed around the whole school. This is because our school aims for that exact sense of safety for their student. The teachers at Lincoln are very caring but not to the point where they'll automatically pass you. The teachers have found a median between caring for their students and teaching the lessons. The only thing I'd like to see change is the food/facilities our school has. The food available is definitely edible, but it lacks taste and appearance. Also, we don't have a cafeteria to eat. This is a huge problem because it occasionally rains in California, so we are often forced to eat inside classrooms or cluster up under a roof.
It is an amazing school. You are surrounded by creative and talented students as well as teachers who really care about the students trying their best.
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Just like any other high school. Has a very diverse and rich student body. All races and ethnic backgrounds can be found here. Kids are nice and respectful of one another and there are many things around the school to do. Lots of places to hang out and group who you can assimilate into.
I loved that it had a vast historical culture, and that it was a performing arts magnet. The food like every other pubic school was terrible
I love the diversity of Lincoln one could be who they are without fear of being picked on. I believe Lincoln is a great performance art school were students learn how to pursue their talents and learn to preform. My experience at Lincoln has been great so far although their are things that I think could change. To start of I believe that some teachers don't fulfill their job and could do better to communicate with students as well as favoritism shouldn't exist. The principal tries to remove students who have learning problems or problematic students from the school in order to have a high graduation rate/ attendance rate. I believe that their are better ways one could do with dealing with it.
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