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Abraham Lincoln High School Reviews

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I would only change not to wear uniforms but other than that I like it. Teachers are great they help you a lot . The securities are cool with students they are not mean they are there to help you . Classrooms are not full so you have time to learn and not be distracted by students who don’t pay attention.
It was a good school that taught me a lot of important things about the real world. There was a high amount of Latino students at that school and we all understood each other and we also understood why our school was always looked as the bad school with bad kids. When really we were a school with good students that was never given the opportunities or resources to truly show our potential.
Abraham Lincoln High School had awesome programs that allowed students to fully prepare themselves before attending college. They had really beneficial resources for students and the best help when it came time to apply for colleges and scholarships.
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I like that there are a lot of resources when it comes to college help, we have a future center where there are people who help you with all the college stuff you have to get done and that has helped me a lot, because every time I have questions about something college related they're always there to answer my questions or if they don't know they find a way to answer your question.
What I like about Abraham Lincoln high school is that since theirs a lot of diversity it gives us a change to experience each and every one of them. And also because I’ve been in the rotc program for 4 years and I’m very ell rounded in school and because of rotc I’ve learned so many things and I learned leadership skills that will stick with me for ever
Let tell you about my experience in Abraham Lincoln, I have been attending this high school all four years and overall it has its ups and downs and schedule changes every year but in my opinion it has been good.The teachers are very nice and helpful and our school has very good resources.
My experience in Abraham Liicoln High school was great. What I liked about this school was the positive area it provided.
What i liked about Lincoln was that they have a good amount of AP classes that you can take. The most notifiable one being Calculus AB which if you pass with a 3 or higher will count towards college credit.
Offers great education but lacks supplies The high school offers concurrent enrollment classes to get you prepare for college but lacks the supplies or resources to have the student engage more in school activities.
Lincoln is not a bad school the teachers are great the staff are awesome and well it's awesome being there but it still has it's problems. The bathrooms at Lincoln are a mess students have no respect for other's property and they lack motivation for success in the class room. My experience there was a good one although it's not a perfect school it's not not that bad either and thanks to Lincoln I can Now graduate with a GPA worth Looking at.
Because of Lincoln's dark past, many view it as a very low-class school, calling it ghetto and filled with trouble making kids, or not even hearing of it at all. From my own experiences I would never go back in time and pick a different school than Lincoln. Lincoln is its own diverse community with students and faculty from all walks of life that get along like a family. This school allows you to create your own clubs, sports, community service activities, volunteer programs, and so much more. This school provides many Advanced Placement classes, and concurrent enrollment, so students can work at a chance to save money when attending college. Our Future Center is a hot spot for Seniors applying to colleges, scholarships, and financial aid with the help of our two college advisers that work with us to create our clear path to success. All teachers serve as personal counselors to help us when we need them, and they wouldn't hesitate to do so.
I love this school. Not only did I attend to it my younger sister and brother also did too. My brother I currently a senior and my sister graduated in 2014. There was a professor that I loved his name is Mr. Marini. He was awsome but sadly he is not teaching there anymore. Good vives, great people, awsome atmosphere. I was in a class named Colorado Uplift and every Friday professors that teach that class, class mates and my self would go to give lessons to elementary 5th greaders. I also had a clash called AVID (with Mr. Marini as the professor) and it was really helpful for me because in my senior year the class focused on helping students apply to colleges, universities, fafsa, and scholarships. Also this class heloed us writte essays for scholarships. The only thing I would change is to bring back AVID class I told my brother about it and when he wanted to go choose that class they didn't have it anymore.
It was a good experience, from going to a regular school that was not diverse at all not to seeing all type of students from all around coming together for one thing. To get an education.
In this school their is school board. Also have a organization where students can speak out for social problems in our community.
I wouldn't choose this school again because it does not have enough involvement by the teachers and parents.
Teacher often don't engage with their students. Teachers need to be interested in their students to do good in school.
School tries to help out and get you engaged also to stay out of trouble.
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Fun, easy to make friends and to learn stuff pretty quick
The teachers are fun and get engaged with school sports
in the school they look a lot that everybody safety and health
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