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I love the atmosphere and support in not only my high school, but the entire district. After the death of my dad, the support I received from all teachers, past and present, was tremendous. One thing I would love to see change is the involvement of students. Being a student athlete who also was involved in band, NHS, and mock trial, seeing more students supporting clubs and programs that are not as popular would be amazing.
Abraham Lincoln High school gives student the resources and tools to excel in the classroom, in the arts and athletically all at the same time. The teachers, staff and administration are willing to go above and beyond to create a safe and welcoming environment. I am thankful for my time at ALHS.
I have been a part of many clubs and programs while in high school, and the school has always been supportive of all of them. I feel that my academic success is a direct result of the education I have received here.
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My experience at Abraham Lincoln is one to remember. I like the administrators and students there. The schools have its ups and down like every school. Being a minority African American student I have to deal with some racism by other students. The staff makes sure that they handle any racism issue I and the other minority students have. I like the fact that the staff does whatever they can do for everyone to feel equal to each other. There are excellent teachers and counselors that are willing to help each student with school and home life and will go the extra mile to make sure a student feels safe. That reason is why i like my school a lot
I like that Abraham Lincoln High school because it's a very diverse school. There are different people from many cultures who have points of view about all topics. One example is our respect for one another, at Abraham Lincoln we don't care if you're a different race or have a different sexual orientation, we are all here to learn and that is all that matters, and nothing else. The one thing that I would change about Abraham Lincoln is hours that we go to school, I believe if we started school at 10 AM instead of 8:10 AM, us kids will be more awake and focused to learn, other than ignoring 1st hour and trying to catch up on sleep.
Abraham Lincoln High school gives you many opportunities to succeed. They have college readiness classes available to most students and offer a wide range of AP and CE classes. The staff seem to care about the well being of the students. Something I would like to see change however, is the clubs and activities available. There is a small category of the more popular clubs nation wide but nothing outside of the box or anything that interests me.
Abraham Lincoln is a very nice high school where teachers are very dedicated and thoughtful. The administrators are always engaged in and present during school activities as well as making sure the school and students have every opportunity to reach their full capabilities. There are many diverse choices when it comes to academics and students have the ability to freely choose what they want to study. Abraham Lincoln is also very supportive because Students who wish to earn college credits or take courses that aren't offered at AL have the opportunity to travel to the Tucker Center or Thomas Jefferson to accomplish their goals.
Abraham Lincoln high schools teachers care about the students even if you have not had them as a teacher, the teachers are all friendly and want to see the students continue on to college and make good life choices.
Abraham Lincoln offers students college classes which I have enjoyed while being here so that I can earn college credits and see what college classes could be like and experience the differently sized classrooms.
I personally love my high school because of the people I've meet and the activities I'm involved in. The teachers are amazing and really want everyone to succeed. Those who care about school do great academically. There are so many things to be involved with, I wish I was in more clubs, but I don't have the time and I don't even have a job. Something that I wish would change is the attitude. Not many try hard in school and those who do are the one's that are involved and nice people. I also wish that certain aspects (like sports) didn't get the high praise that they do, but very little will be done for the smart activity filled students.
Attending Abraham Lincoln High School, I learned many useful skills I will need in life. Collaborating with teachers and classmates has been strongly influencing. The amount of clubs and activities offered helps you explore your talents. Along with the College Readiness Program, I am currently enrolled in, which helps prepare students for college and the adult world.
Students are able to be very involved in extra curricular activities and have several academic opportunities.
Overall, pretty good experience at Abraham Lincoln High School. No struggles in academics but if I needed help, it was provided. The staff are easy to get a long with. The teachers are easy to understand and were willing to help. No problems with Abraham Lincoln High School.
I enjoy Abraham Lincoln High School very much. We have longer class periods much like how they will be in college and the teachers lecture then give us time to work on the homework they assign leaving us with little to no homework for the evening. The teachers are also very supportive towards the students, many are also coaches.
I enjoy how many curricular activities they offer to us including sports, engineering, DECA, chess, art, etc. They make a very strong attempt at trying to involve every student and/or parents based on opinions and interests. They also try their hardest to increase attendance and lower tardys by setting up gates to prevent skipping. I also like how they offer so much help and personal views on college, scholarships, and give us recommendations on how to go down the right path which has led me to apply for more scholarships and offer me a class to prepare for the ACT and some tips on how to score better with the John Baylor program.
College class options are excellent. Opportunities for clubs and involvement. Career planning options. Senior counselor spread too thin. School lunches, are uninteresting.
I love my school. We are a great big community and while there are cliques you never feel nervous saying hi to people you see in the hallways. They offer really great courses and the teachers are always willing to help you when you have questions. We have tutoring sessions after school to a lot of the time. I've also been involved in sport with my school since I was a freshmen and everyone is always so dedicated and passionate about what they're doing. We're always able to work together and get the job done. Our coaches are always looking for our best interests. All around I love my school and everyone that is apart of it.
Abraham Lincoln High School is a great school. I am now a Senior in High School and im so glad that I had my teachers push/support me to do my homework and staying focused. Im very Thankful
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It has a great campus, and a great variety of ethnic groups, to which you can be a part of. They have many clubs to join and room for you to start your own. The school has a way to make your experience personalized to make your future bright. The faculty has a way that they make you feel like your future matters to them and they are willing to help you when needed, and if they can't help you, they have a good list of resources for you to go to quality help. I know as a junior in the school that this school has prepared me for my education after this, and for me to be at my own stead to take charge and make my future bright for me and the ones around me.
Abraham Lincoln High School offers a lot of opportunity for college credit. At the end of my senior year I will have about 30 college credits.
Overall the students at this school are very welcoming. When I transferred to this school my freshman year I was surprised at how kind everyone was.
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