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Nothing, I wanted to just die a majority of the time. The student's are discriminatory, and only some of the staff is nice and encouraging
This is the school where nobody cares about you, most of teachers are poor in knowledge. People there are not even trying to be friendly.
I like the fact that Abraham Lincoln has offered many opportunities both academically and in athletics to many students, as well as myself. If there was anything I would want to see different is to have more of a variety of after school programs or workshops that could keep students involved in school.
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Personally, I had an amazing time at Abraham Lincoln. Mainly it was because of the people I surrounded myself with. I definitely have to say that the school really does TRY a lot to give the students many opportunities. The amount of read20's I did over the school year was insane and overall enjoyed my time in the clubs I joined. I feel that the students in the school should have some responsibility into getting things done to have the best experience. Lincoln is also well known for their sports. Our football team is extraordinary and making it to the finals is an easy task. those who are interested in sports will find a variety of teams to join from lacrosse to swimming both for girls and boys. I am deeply grateful for the college courses offered to me throughout the semesters. I graduated from Lincon highschool with 9 college credits! I was also able to do the things I loved to do as a hobby. in my senior year, I joined set design which I absolutely loved!
My experience at Lincoln is that the teahcers are great for freshmen and that the difficulty of tasks increases as time goes on.
At Abraham Lincoln High School, there are many programs you are able to participate in to help students. They assist you when you're in need of help with things like college readiness, summer jobs, and personal problems. Although, the school is not very diverse, they provide facilities for students just like any other school. Occasionally, they’d have events for students to enjoy themselves for the work they’ve done. The school is a very sports oriented school, so those who are good with sports will find it enjoyable.
In addition, for students who’re falling behind in their classes, the school provides teachers that are willing to stay behind in their free time to tutor them.
Alhs is a pretty average school. It’s not amazing in all honesty but it’s not bad and the teachers + students are typically nice.
Abraham Lincoln High school gives a lot of opportunities if you are read to accept them. Teachers and other stuff are here to help anyone with getting education and developing their personalities
It's a really great school with excellent programs! The animal science program is amazing and will give those whom in which are looking into a future involving Biology (Environmental and Molecular ) a great head start. There are also other programs, but the Photography program is one that is also well known in the school. The school also provides students who wish to achieve at a higher level the opportunities to do so through programs and classes at levels that can be considered equal to or greater than an AP (Advanced Placement ) class. Some well noted programs even include college courses, such as College Now, SUPA, and more. Overall, Abraham Lincoln High School is a highschool that is well known for a great diversity within not only their students, but their programs as well.
Its my 3rd year in school and I've seen a lot.
Some teachers are very good, they inspire you to learn and be cool at the same time. However other hand some teachers try to teach with lack of English themselves which means that learning will not be succesful there.
Food is sometimes , sometimes not.
Discipline couldnt be worse, nobody listens teaches and etc.
Some deans help you and really care about you.
Fights happening.
Overall I like this school and would recommend.
This school is pretty mediocre. It depends on how you would get involved both academically speaking and when it comes to getting involved in the community. At first it may seem terrible, or at least that was how I felt. But I've met and made several friends who are just as motivated and get high grades, just like me, making me feel more at home and comfortable. Again, whether this school is good or not depends on the decisions and the actions you make.
i like how they have different club activities, variety of sports that you can join. after schools for subjects you need help with. good teachers that help you out whenever you need help. provide you with breakfast and lunch. prepare you for your exams and test you o your abilities. safety securities and teachers around to maintain equilibrium.
I loved Abraham Lincoln high school. The teachers are very helpful and all want you to succeed. Especially the sports teams and the clubs that went on in the school.
Since I started at Abraham Lincoln high school I have totally become a better person I have learned so much from my teachers and have just progress as a person a lot, in Abraham Lincoln I have a learn all about what I have to do in the future to succeed and learned about my major in college and all the stuff that I will need in life and Abraham Lincoln high school is really good school overall our sports teams and our clubs and activities and we just have so many extracurricular activities in programs in it’s just endless and beautiful
What I like about my school is my football team. We became brothers on and off the field. I also liked some of my classes and teachers. What I would like to see change is the early classes that are scheduled.
The school is big and beautiful . Lots of students and activities . They offer lots of programs for kids . the teachers are very kind . Has big class rooms gym and pool
I like about Abraham Lincoln is different people, different cultures and different language speaker lived happily and helped each other under one place. Even if you don't know English better so they'll help with everything like gives you more opportunities to do well. I wanted to suggest them choose a guidance counselor wisely who treated good with kids.
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I love Abraham Lincoln High School! The teachers there are great. They help you stay focused and they will help you if needed. What I like about the school the most is that they provide you with so much classes so you can get a lot of credits and they provide you with extracurricular activities. Also, in the school, there is a college office and I love it. You get to know a lot about college and it will get you ready for college.
When I had first enrolled into Abraham Lincoln High School I was nervous. I had heard rumours that it had a large amount of students who acted up often. But I was floored when I finally entered my classes. Some rumours were true, ones where students occasionally acted up, but it was only ever the freshman who did. I did like the way the teachers taught their lessons. It was easy for me to understand and I learned pretty quick. The school as a whole wasn't as bad as I expected, and I'm relieved. Of course there are some minor set backs like the immature students or large crowds during lunch, but it doesn't effect my learning process.
First of all, I didn't wanted to go Abraham Lincoln High School because I heard some terrible things about the school not being so good in terms of safety and academic. However, it turned out to be a really good school. I met some great teachers who are willing to help you succeed in Academic and social life.
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