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I feel that, as a college student, this high school has failed to provide me the fundamental knowledge for college preparation. As I venture on into my four years of college, one thing that I deeply regret is the amount of experience that I have built up for myself. Many have assured me that I am just fine, but to me I want to go above and beyond. I am very proud of the accomplishments that I have achieved by myself. However, I feel that if I was able to go on and pursue things at such a young age, I have no limits. I want to be able to be the best that I can and this school has not taught me to do so. I have been influenced by many individuals from this school to be okay with average. I realize that I must work harder for things that many individuals have spoon fed to them. This school was not a place of encouragement and motivation, rather a place of assimilation. A stricter and more influential place of learning is what I would think to be the best place of college preparation.
My experience at Abraham Lincoln high school was pretty good. Many of the teachers were very friendly and supportive in order to make sure that their students succeeded. I felt very safe at school because the school was basically its own community where we were free to share our thoughts and ideas without being judged. Though I felt comfortable at the school, I do think that some things could be changed. In my opinion, some teachers are nice, but they do not teach very well. For example, I had a calculus teacher who did not teach a lot, and when he did he only went over the easy problems so it made it hard to apply to harder problems of the same sort.
A lot of Lincoln kids attend city college after high school. There are many complaints regarding to math teachers at Lincoln High, especially Calculus and Algebra 2. Beware of Ms. Fong
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I really did enjoy my 4 years here at this high school! The student body was really fun, energetic and nice; everyone got along. The student events were very unique and engaging. The sports programs were great! Most of the staff members are nice and helpful. Lastly, the campus itself was in pretty good shape.
This school is very diverse with many different people. There many clubs and class choices but the teachers aren't he best. Some are super great some just come for the money.
It is pretty fun to study in Abraham Lincoln HS, and I made lot of friends in school. Lincoln has many excellent teachers, and they teach me such of tremendous knowledge.
The school has alot of spirit when it comes to school-wide events. Administration and teachers are great.
In my opinion, Abraham Lincoln High School would be considered one of the better public high schools in San Francisco. The campus is huge and the community is great. Teachers and staffs are great at what they do, but there's a handful that just lacks. Overall the school is very nice and clean, but the BIGGEST problem would be the bathroom situations.
I like the environment of the school but some things in the school can be improved. For example the bathrooms need to be kept up with toilet paper and locks on each door. The teachers for the most part are nice except for a few. The school is also very diverse.
It's a good school with caring teachers ans interesting extracurriculars. I just don't think there are enough opportunities for students to challenge themselves in that there are only 6 periods a day and you are only allowed to take 3 AP classes a year.
I like how all of the teachers and faculty are so welcoming and supportive to all of the students at ALHS. There are also a wide variety of classes and different clubs to join.
My high school experience at Abraham Lincoln High School, was one that was full of opportunities. Anyone who goes to this school will understand a variety of choices one can make even before they graduate high school, in order to be best fit for their career path that they might want to choose after graduation. The variety of AP classes, Academies, and sports our opportunity someone would not want to give up if they had the chance.
This school is good to kids and provides opportunities to grow and learn. It's facilities are nice and the people encourage students.
I attended Abraham Lincoln high school my second year of freshmen year to senior year which is currently now. I enjoyed the diversity in the schools as well as how connected a lot of people are. The academics in the school is also a very big thing because the teachers are willing to stick around and really help you out. While getting ready for college, there are a lot of counselors and appointments to really help you out. I learned a lot when it came to what I needed to do when I needed to do it because it was a part of learning how to be independent. Overall I enjoyed my time at Lincoln and hope that others will feel the same way.
ALHS was a great place for me! As an English learner, I can say that it is the best place for newcomers. All the teachers are willing to help you, and they are really good at what they do. No one gets bullied at ALHS, and there is vast diversity of students attending to ALHS. There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about the school I attend to; therefore, I would say that ALHS is perfect as it is, and I would not like anything to change.
School really focuses on the sports culture, how it is encouraged for students to join a sport, and also great coach support.
At Lincoln, we have a lot of school spirit and everyone is close with everyone. There are a lot of fun events such as our annual BSA and Pink Tsunami as well. We are very diverse and there are rarely any bullying or violence that breaks out on our campus. We have a wonderful student store that offers us cheap snacks and we have a lot of clubs as well as a lot of plays.
Review Abraham Lincoln High
I love Lincoln. Most of the teachers here are really helpful and teach very well. The architecture program at this school is amazing. The teacher in charge of the program will actually go out of her way to help a student. Lincoln also offers a lot of different courses and AP courses to accommodate every students' interests. Moreover, there are close to 50 different clubs and sports that are open to new members. Overall, Lincoln is a school where everyone is in a huge community and I love that.
I like how I have peers around me who are really supportive and will encourage me to try my best, even if I'm really down. I wish to see students cleaning up some trash after themselves because sometimes I see people just litter out of nowhere. However, sometimes, others pick up after them so I feel happy there are people who care.
There's a variety of AP classes offered to students so you have options when it comes to challenging yourself.
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