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People have good school spirit. The clubs continuously have events which makes them worth-while. The AP classes are limited to 3 per student, although you may bypass that. The sports is very good at this school.
ALHS is an extremely diverse High School with more than 50 Clubs and 5 pathways. The campus is big and clean, and most of the teachers and facility members are very friendly and helpful.
It’s honestly just a typical high school, both our academics and athletics are super good but it does the job.
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It provided a good, structured education. Teachers got their jobs done. I received a strong education while being involved with school clubs.
The school overall is not bad. There are many nice people. Somethings I wish it could be better might be a better feeling of a home (second home) or provide time or more program/classes that can help students with applications and scholarships.
I enjoy the atmosphere of the school. People get along fairly well and the school is quite welcoming. There are good and bad teachers. I do wish that the district improve some of our school facilities because they're a bit outdated.
Abraham Lincoln High School is situated at the top of a hill in the sunset district of San Francisco. Although the facilities such as the restrooms could use a revamp, the environment, students, and most of the teachers are inviting and caring. The courses offered are diverse and rigorous. However, school spirit and events are often not high priorities for the students.
The staff are open to help students and the environment is comfortable and easy to adapt to. Student are very much involved in the sports as well as the variety of clubs offered. Not only does the school offer clubs, they also provide a platform for all students with tenacity to start their own clubs.
The Principal is firm and kind. The teachers are helpful. It is a large school so you can find your own group.
Even though I started Abraham Lincoln High School in my final year as a senior, I found that the school offered everything that I needed to equip me for my start in college. Our teachers and guidance counselor were very helpful and really wanted to see us succeed.
Lincoln was the school that got me ready for college and I appreciate all that the faculty and other students did to help me prepare for my future. I learned how to deal with real world problems thanks to Honors Econ and how to prepare my finances for the future by creating a ten year plan. This showed how much money I need to spend and make to live comfortably the next ten years of my life. Also, an ethnic studies class helped me learn about the social disadvantages I face as a minority and what steps I could do to over come them. I thank Lincoln for this and the experiences that they granted me.
Abraham Lincoln is a very diverse school. This school is big so you get the chance to meet a lot of people. Their sports are one of the best sports in the city and their football team just recently won state championships. It is a very friendly community and all the staff treat you with respect. Everyone there always has a great attitude so you will never feel down. There are many activities you can do so you won’t feel left out or lonely.
Most of the teachers were nice, caring, and able to effectively teach the material. School spirit was present but not heavily emphasized; although, this didn't detract from the fact that most people got along with their fellow peers. There is a good amount of diversity, but the school has a majority of Asian and Latino students. The administrators are rather kind and open but stern when needed; however, it is rather easy to get along with them.

Abraham Lincoln High is a decent place for a high school experience, depending on the teachers, club/sport participation, and one's peers.
It seems like a very great school and I hope I have a great freshman year! And most students are going there this year and they seem excited so I’m happy
Overall, I had great experience in this high school. I think Lincoln should have more internship opportunities and pathways for students who are interested in certain major. Plus, Lincoln may keep students who REALLY don’t want to study away from students who are having classes because they might disturb them.
I’m experiencing a good education and Abraham Lincoln may be the high school I’m going to apply for I’m still thinking.
Abraham Lincoln High School is an excellent school. Students in this schools got well prepared because here it offered excellent classes in all kinds of fields. Students are being advised and cared by the staff for students' success. The divesity of this schools allows students to meet different kinds of people from different cultures and shapes our ideas toward the society. And also, this school is safe that very students are protected.
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Lincoln has amazing programs, and sports teams. They are number one in the city in a number of sports, and the JROTC program. The club culture is very prominent. The college and career readiness pathways are very well set up. They are number one in the world in their dragon boat club team. The students are very much prepared for college and life after high school.
My Experience with Abraham Lincoln high school was more like a love-hate relationship I had many wonderful memories and made many great friends and connections I could later use growing up to gain experience for college. Something I would love to see change is the administration and the schools' knowledge of mental health.
I liked some of the people at Abraham Lincoln. Some of the students were loud and disrespectful but if you just hang out with the other people, you will enjoy your time there. But if you just don't like school like I do, this school would be ok for you.
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