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My Experience with Abraham Lincoln high school was more like a love-hate relationship I had many wonderful memories and made many great friends and connections I could later use growing up to gain experience for college. Something I would love to see change is the administration and the schools' knowledge of mental health.
I liked some of the people at Abraham Lincoln. Some of the students were loud and disrespectful but if you just hang out with the other people, you will enjoy your time there. But if you just don't like school like I do, this school would be ok for you.
Abraham Lincoln is a large school that offers a variety of subjects including excellent foreign language, arts, and athletic programs. Lincoln is division 1 in almost every single sport and has one of the best gyms and tracks in the city. It is pretty diverse and embraces all cultures with clubs like Japanese club, Black Student Union, and Eritrean club to name a few.
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I like Abraham Lincoln High School because the school color is red that represent lucky, teachers are nice, there are a lot Chinese immigration students, and this school is near my home. If you are a Chinese immigration student in Abraham Lincoln High School, I suggest you join some club to make friends, know how to graduate high school, and catch some opportunities, such as: work and study. Although you have good English skills, you can join student union to better know the high school and American culture. Also. if you have any questions, don not be shy, you can just go to classrooms to ask teachers help you.
I would say Lincoln is a pretty average school. It's not elite like Lowell, probably around the same level as Washington or Galileo. The sports teams here are really good, especially Dragon Boat. They're pretty competitive. We also have different pathways for people who already know what they specifically want to do that'll help prepare them for the real world.
Abraham Lincoln is an overall good school. Although they have poor teachers, poor communication, and there resources arent that good. Their staff is very nice and the school is very big.
When I transferred to Lincoln High in my sophomore year, my teachers were nice and inclusive. Although the class size is large but the teachers are able to manage to help the students that were struggling.
I like Abraham Lincoln high school its a good school. The teachers are also pretty good. It's nice and big and they have quit a lot of clubs that seem interesting and quit fun to join.I have mad many friend and it's also a divers school.
Abraham Lincoln High School is such an amazing school. Full of teachers who care about your future, counselors who help you step by step on your trip to college, and of course the environment and the kids are amazing. Full of energy and school spirit.
The drama club is my home away from home and the many friends I made because of it has given me a reason to smile.
Its a safe, clean, and good school to spend your 4 years! Teachers here are mostly nice and good enough to teach. But sometimes, you have to take initiative to act for yourself since its a pretty big school so no one would ever come to you and asking what you think. However, this is a pretty good school to stay for four year without stressing yourself too much as well as not slagging and not learning anything. Therefore, as a mustang, I will recommend this school! And they also offer ELD classes for new comers which is really helpful!
Abraham Lincoln High is a school full of diversity and teachers who are passionate about helping students to succeed at the next level. They are super friendly and helpful at preparing students to attend a prestige four year university.
Lincoln High School is not like any other high school in the city because we have a variety of courses here at Lincoln besides the General Education courses like Algebra and Physics. Lincoln is a very diverse school where we also have a variety of clubs from Anime Club to the Jesus Club to the Polynesian Club. Lincoln is a very fun place to be because you get to make new friends and all the people here treat you with respect.
Throughout my 3 years at ALHS, I am glad to say that I have not much to complain about. My time here was definitely pleasant and gave me an opportunity to grow as a better person. My favorite aspect of ALHS is the diverse community that you will be surrounded by. Everyone here is unique and generally very nice. The school offers various kinds of courses that you might be interested in. The teachers are very easy to talk to and is glad to be teaching you. They can be very attentive to all of their students and will spend extra time helping students who need help. I deducted one points because the school building needs to be renovated. The bathrooms are old and covered in grafatti. The school also has a problem with moss and water damage. In the sophomore year English class, water leaked through the walls and onto the floor.
The bathroom conditions are just completely awful. However, most of the teachers are competent with few exceptions and you'll be able to learn from them. Some classes may require you to self study. The school's community is alright, it isn't too crazy and also isn't terrible.
Abraham Lincoln is not the best high school in the U.S but it’s where you can improve yourself and make your memory worth. The environment fits with everyone and as a English learner, I’ve received a lot of support from my teachers and the staffs are extremely friendly, also I made many new friends. I think Lincoln will be a perfect choice for anyone who wants to have fun and study at the same time, no stress. I would take one star off because they have to improve on the bathrooms but after all, everything is just great!
The things that I like about Abraham Lincoln High School is that you can be who you want to be without being judged about your appearance, how you act, and who you decide to love. We also do not discriminate against anything about anyone and we are all a community. I would like to see that in the classroom that teachers don't give so much homework during the week because it is a lot to deal with when you either work or do extracurricular activities.
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Abraham Lincoln has a lot of fun clubs, and the teachers are nice and helpful. I love the off campus lunch too.
Abraham Lincoln High was where I discovered myself. Entering high school, I was expecting it to go by quickly. I was not looking to make a lot of friends or be involved in the school at all; I just wanted to get through it. However, that mentality gradually changed to the opposite. In the beginning I quickly met a few friends that helped me find my purpose. I reevaluated myself and before I knew it, I began enjoying my high school experience. I realized that while I was there, I might as well make the most of it. I discovered my interests while balancing my social life and my academics. Overall, high school may have only been four years, but it has been the most impactful four years of my life.
Location was nice, on top of a hill so you get a view. Since it is on top of a hill, walking can be a hassle but good work out. School is big but it isn’t over crowded. There are some very good teachers who are the type to be friends with after graduation
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