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Abraham Joshua Heschel High School Reviews

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The teachers are always there when you need them and the people are so nice and lovely. The classes are discussion based which is great and it is a Jewish pluralistic school which means all denominations are welcome, and they really are.
Heschel was an extraordinary learning experience for me. When I first attended heschel as a freshman I was a bit timid because of the intense schedule. As I adjusted to the school's academic system, I realized I began to develop skills that I was unaware that I had. We had classes from 8-5 everyday, and I was on the basketball team so I had basketball practice 3 times a week from 7-9. My schedule was hectic, but it made me a more disciplined person. My time management skills and work ethic were honed by heschel and I am very thankful that I attended their high school. Heschel was the first step to my future successes.
only bad thing is that if you want to party, you have to be in the right friend group
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There are a couple who are not as good, but in general lots of great, hard working teachers here
very nice building, especially the labs in the newer lower school
lots of talk, not a lot of action
The teams are good for a Jewish school. The facilities are great.
Policies are pretty standard, aside from the attendance policy senior year.
Most teachers are great, and all are willing to meet with students who need help.
Great facilities. Perks of being a wealthy jewish school.
Great options! many clubs, easy to start your own, plus engaging sports teams.
This is the best high school, so glad I went here. My college classes aren't as challenging as my high school ones.
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