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My experience here at Abington Senior High was astounding. I would go back to my first day of high school in a heart beat because it wasnt just a school it felt like a family. Me being involved definitely enhanced my high school experience to the fullest and I have no regrets attending this school what so ever. If i could do it all over again, I would with no changes.
Abington overall is a great school, it has lots of diversity and top of the line education. The Senior high offers students a huge chance to express themselves with different clubs/ activities. We have students that come from different cultural backgrounds. But I have to say sometime Abington senior has its days where high can be too much but, we are given chances to say ' hey I need a break' and you are given ways to balance school life. Sometimes I wish food could be way better but it is not bad. The teachers are super supportive towards the students.
Abington is a decent school, but could use some infrastructural and administrative improvement. I've enjoyed my time, and I feel prepared for college. Fix the food tho!
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Abington offered a range of opportunities for students of all interests; as a language person, I found my niche in the language departments, but I could still dip my toe into everything from music to chemistry and receive a phenomenal education. Students receive strong support and preparation whether they're heading for a four-year university or the workplace, and they have a say in the opportunities offered, often forming new clubs or organizing events. The district is fairly diverse, both ethnically and socioeconomically, and the high school is getting better at ensuring equity for students of all backgrounds.
Great school with great teachers and resources. I have learned so much and have been pushed to do better. Its an awesome learning community and can be so much fun when you get involved. This schools resources such as the guidance councilors and more have also helped me so much with tough things going on in my life. Teachers are also very resourceful and will often take further time outside of the scheduled period to help you learn stuff that wasn't comprehended well. The only down fall to the school is no air conditioning making it hard to focus especially during finals and our schools pluming isn't that great either.
It was a typical high school environment. Decent size and decent people who build relationships with the students and tons of extracurricular opportunities
The best part of Abington is the teachers. My experience with the teachers has been great, they’re all extremely caring and genuinely want the best for you. The school is clean and extracurriculars are encouraged and easy to enjoy.
Our two older kids graduated from Abington in 2015 and 2017. They were able to take a variety of AP classes and both benefited from a really solid music program. It was so impressive to see the love that so many graduating seniors show for the band, orchestra, and choral music teachers--they clearly deeply value the time they are able to spend with these men and women and the investment the teachers make in them.
Personally I feel like I've excelled at abington, of course every school has its flaws. Abington doesn't have air conditioning which is a hard environment to take finals in when the room is 90 degrees. But other than the AC problem and their large focus on athletics over their arts programs, abginton tries to provide their students with as many resources as they can to be successful.
The teachers make this school; they are interactive with the students and work with you when you need them. In every class, you end up making a niche group of friends that carry on through the school year alongside you.
Those groups are what keeps you sane and collected in a teaching environment.
Smaller clubs and activities often go unnoticed, such as the FBLA program run by the business chairman; they deserve the recognition they deserve, seeing as how I truly only understood what FBLA was in my senior year when I participated.
Abington Senior was useful in preparing me for college and I do believe it set me up to succeed in life. There are some amazing, inspirational teachers that I was fortunate to have, but there are also some teachers and staff members who don't belong there. The school spirit is on the decline and the athletics are sub par.
I had a wonderful experience at Abington Senior High School. I made memorable friends, learned from some of the best teachers, and involved myself in many after school activities. The teachers at Abington created a welcoming and safe environment for all students and I enjoyed learning from them.
It's a good education with great teachers who try to guide you along and help as much as they can. . A pretty average experience outside of the classroom.
Abington was a fantastic school under the quality of some private schools I've attended in the past and miles above public school's I'd attended in my earlier years. It has most of my most memorable teachers, most memorable memories, and in general is the most memorable school I've had in my grade school career.
The teachers, staff, and students are helpful and encouraging. It's easy to make friends at this high school, and the opportunities it offers should really be taken advantage of. The level of education that can be obtained here is more than satisfactory.
I love the teachers at Abington, it is a very diverse school. Also they help you get ready for college.
Overall, Abington has been good to me. I switched into the Abington school system in 9th grade and it was a relatively smooth transition.
I met some truly amazing teachers in the senior high who have made high school enjoyable. But with the good teachers comes several bad teachers who don't care about their students.
The clubs are very polarizing and it seems like the same 4 kids are in charge of every club. There's a huge selection of activities to join but there's no sense of community. The academics are great but the environment is terrible. I enjoyed some of my time at Abington but I'm ready to move on.
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I really enjoyed my time at Abington! The staff really care about the students and there is so much to do both within and outside of the building.
High school was not for me just because I was never involved. I made great friends that I am still friends with now.
The school is very diverse you will always meet someone different. A different story about everyone.
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