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Abington was a fantastic school under the quality of some private schools I've attended in the past and miles above public school's I'd attended in my earlier years. It has most of my most memorable teachers, most memorable memories, and in general is the most memorable school I've had in my grade school career.
The teachers, staff, and students are helpful and encouraging. It's easy to make friends at this high school, and the opportunities it offers should really be taken advantage of. The level of education that can be obtained here is more than satisfactory.
I love the teachers at Abington, it is a very diverse school. Also they help you get ready for college.
Review Abington Senior High School
Overall, Abington has been good to me. I switched into the Abington school system in 9th grade and it was a relatively smooth transition.
I met some truly amazing teachers in the senior high who have made high school enjoyable. But with the good teachers comes several bad teachers who don't care about their students.
The clubs are very polarizing and it seems like the same 4 kids are in charge of every club. There's a huge selection of activities to join but there's no sense of community. The academics are great but the environment is terrible. I enjoyed some of my time at Abington but I'm ready to move on.
I really enjoyed my time at Abington! The staff really care about the students and there is so much to do both within and outside of the building.
High school was not for me just because I was never involved. I made great friends that I am still friends with now.
The school is very diverse you will always meet someone different. A different story about everyone.
The teachers are very helpful and offer a lot of helpful work so you can keep up in class. They will also stay after school to help you with anything.
I was never apart of after school activities but many students including my sister was very involved with after school activities. She would always come home with a huge smile explaining what she did.
Health sweet is basic, saftely is important but has lapses.
Plenty to do and always something for everyone. Great for nerds to jocks
Was good and fun. The T is a nightmare.
The building is a little confusing but just go to the early tours in august to understand.
The health and safety policies at this school are good for the most part.
The extracurricular activites at our school are good. There is a wide variety for students to get involved in clubs.
My experience at this school has been fun. I especially like the environment of the school because i feel safe.
Teachers at my school are all different/ Some teachers help you the entire way through the years. Some teachers treat us like college students.
Review Abington Senior High School
Go for the teachers who do honors, they seem to care more
Considering it is a medium sized highscool, there is a right mix that should not make anyone uncomfortable, it is that diverse of a student body
I recommend the honors teachers
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