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Abington High School Reviews

18 reviews
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There is nothing special except sports. Some students do not put in their over all best effort and just settle for what they get.
The sports teams are an incredible thing to be apart of.
Not many options. Quality isn't great
I feel like I was adequately prepared for college
Teams are fantastic and the fans love to watch
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would do almost anything to help students.
I think some kids get in trouble for really stupid things ..
The nurse is so helpful !
The teachers are great and motivate students!
The most disgusting food ever !
I wish there were more options !
No diversity at all !
There are a good amount of sports and clubsto join i just wish we had volleyball or a few more sports as an option !
All could be more involved
guidance could be more involved with students
For a small school it is pretty good!
counselors could be more involved and helpful
Not much trouble goes on at AHS
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