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Amazing, helped shaping me into the great student/person that I am today. I personally joined the track and field & cross country my sophomore & junior year and swimming my senior year and I've got to say I grew alot as a person and got better at the sport during the seasons. There's a lot of support from your teammates & coaches and a lot of team & school spirit. I'm simply very glad I got to be a part of the Abington School District for these past three years.
Throughout my four years, I really enjoyed the opportunities I was given to get involved around my school. I loved the fact that we had a sense of freedom and self expression in our art classes and clubs. My favorite part of Abington is the student council and administration that I got the pleasure to work with as president of the club. I would change the dress code so that it does not target girls in the way it does, however, I did enjoy my time at Abington Heights.
Abington Heights is a pretty good school in general, teachers are nice, the food is good and the edcucation you receive here is great as well.
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While most don't appreciate the level of education at Abington, it really is a great school to be at. There are a wide variety of classes offered, amazing teachers who truly care about their students, and plenty of opportunities for all, whether they plan on attending college, going into the workforce or serving in the military after high school. Not everything is perfect, but it can't get much better.
Abington Heights High school has excellent teachers and rigorous academics. However, diversity is very low, which ill prepares students for the real world.
The school gives me lots of opportunities to better myself in every way. They have lot of resources that a student can go to if you are struggling academically and the extra help is always nice. They have a lot of clubs that any student can join and I, myself, love participating in all of the various clubs. The teachers and principals are very caring and love what they do. They are so helpful!
As an upper level student, I have learned that, though AH appears to be a normal public school, if you invest in your education at this school the support and resources will be available. There are very high level classes with well qualified teachers, and college readiness is at a very high level.
The school has always tried it's best with everything. From choosing which teachers to sports and other activties having to be outstanding. They work hard so that students know what and where their going to go after high school. They clearly want to try and help every student succeed. From their college readiness classes and FCS where we learned how to be an adult. I have loved every teacher during my high school career thus far and im happy to be within the district. The only critique I have for the district is that this current year they made a lot of cuts from programs within the building. I understand that money is the issue and that it was needed but all in all programs might be hurt in the long wrong. Overall I love the school
As my time as a comet at Abington Heights is coming to an end, I can gladly say that my experience has been a great one. The teachers are always willing to help you whenever you need it, the multiple sport programs has something for everyone and the most important thing is that you feel very safe from the moment you step into the building. My experience was definitely one I will always cherish.
Our school offers over 50 clubs that everyone can find something for them.
I enjoy the athletics and the extra-curricular activities at this school because I am personally involved in over 8 clubs. These clubs that the school offers makes it really unique and special to make lasting memories
Teachers are all personally driven to give the best education possible to all students, not only the few brightest. We have plenty of opportunities to ask for help and the teachers engage the students in their lesson as much as they can.
It's good, except for the fact that courses are being cut because the school doesn't want to cut into the ONE MILLION DOLLARS that they have saved up to get another teacher.
There are a variety of different clubs at this school. There are not a ton of fun options , but it is ok. The level of commitment for this school is high. A different variety of activities are offered.
My favorite experiences at this school were the field trips, they were fun and educational. What is unique about this school is that there are many elective classes a student can pick from depending on their interests. I would not choose this school again because it is a school that is mostly for educational purposes. I felt like i would have wanted a more well rounded school activities.
The teachers are good with helping students to the best of their ability. Most of the teachers are approachable. The teachers teach topics efficiently for students to reach their full potential.
The variety of clubs offered and the support from the district in supporting these clubs
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This district offers a lot of extra curricular activities as well as an excellent educational experience. These two things together make for a well rounded curriculum available for every student that attends this school.
As a student has struggled with academics I can say that 90% of the teachers were always there to guide me, help me and encourage me. As long as I did my part, the teachers are always more than willing to help me get done what needs to be done.
There are many sports teams, which are supported by the administration more than most other extracurricular activities. The music and drama programs are extremely inclusive.
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