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Abington Friends School treats your student as a beloved family member. It's more than a school, it's a community and they really want to see your child succeed.
A really supportive environment. AFS creates a truly caring and diverse environment, and that is really hard to find.
I attended AFS since I was in kindergarten and I graduated in 2013. I love the teachers, and the environment that AFS provided me, as well as introduced me to different perspectives and opinions. The people that I met during my time there have definitely changed my life, and helped me become the person I am today. Yes, the student body was small, and some people give me strange looks about learning about Quaker values, however, the skills I learned at AFS (both academically and emotionally/mentally) are ones that I will have for the rest of my life, and have made a lasting impression in daily life.
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I absolutely loved attending AFS. It was a great school that provided me with both learning and social opportunities that I doubt I would have gotten elsewhere. The faculty and staff truly cared about the students and each other, and I am still connected to many of them today. They fostered many of the beliefs I hold today and helped to guide me down a successful and happy path.
All is good, except the cafeteria is a bit gross
Most of the time they are great, but occasionally they lack funding.
I think sometimes AFS tries to be too diverse and it can hurt the quality of the environment.
A lot of the teachers are great, but sometimes, especially in AP courses they seem confused about the AP curriculum.
The teachers are great but over the past few years the best ones have either left or retired. The acting head and dean of students of the Upper School like teachers who are nice to students and are forgiving to students no matter what the students do. There are still great teachers there but many will be leaving this year too. For some reason, good teachers don't seem to want to stay at this school. I wonder why.
Seems fine. A girl was alergic to everything so you can barely eat anything.
After school opportunities are okay/fine.
The teachers are amazing; I have been challenged and supported my entire career. The Upper School Dean of Students and the Acting Head of the Upper School are not good. They let students get away with not doing work and cheating with no punishment. They also only care about certain kids.
There are no issues at this school. Since it is a Quaker school, there are no violence threats, and there hasn't been a physical fight for as long as I've been there. Violence is not tolerated at all since it is against Quaker values.

The nurse's office is great and the nurse is really friendly. The school is good about deciding whether or not is safe to come to school, and the maintenance men are so wonderful. Although you have your usual school mice and bugs, the maintenance men are always on top of it. The food in the cafeteria is surprisingly really good for cafeteria food.

There is so much trust in this community that we don't have locks on our lockers, and our bags are often laying in the lobby. Although there have been some cases of money being stolen, it's rare, and won't happen if you just be careful about it.
Some clubs are really committed, but some fall through within the first few months. The sports are popular, but the theater program isn't my favorite.
The school is wonderful. There are so many things I love about this school. Almost everyone is friends with everyone, and we really are just a family that loves each other. The overall feel and vibe to the school is just inspiring and positive. Coming to AFS was the best decision I've ever made and has really changed me for the better.

However, I don't like how they give scholarships and financial aid to people who disrespect the school so much. They also favor the basketball team, so they get away with a lot. They also don't give harsh enough punishments in my opinion. They let people get away with a lot before expelling them, and they keep a lot of toxic people in the school, which makes it unenjoyable sometimes. The school focuses on seeing the light in everyone, and while that can be good, it sometimes interferes with other student's learning.

Aside from the icky people, the school is wonderful. We all enjoy lunch together, and never sit in the same place everyday. We feel free to speak our mind and be creative. We have a lot of time to enjoy each other's company, and we often want to just be with each other, playing gaga or four square after lunch.

When the weather gets warm, everyone is outside eating lunch or playing games. It's really beautiful in the spring time. The faculty and staff really support the students, and it's a great environment to learn in. I'm really passionate about this school, and I really love it. I really wish everyone could have the opportunity to enjoy this school as I have. You truly feel like you're special and accomplished. This really is a place where you're not afraid to be yourself.
The teachers at Abington Friends School are amazing. There is really only one teacher who is a little hard to approach, but the rest are really friendly. The teachers are easy to talk to, engaging, and passionate. I have nothing but great things to say about the community. The teachers will always be there for you, whether as a teacher or as a friend. I have strong friendships with my teachers and will always remember the impact they had on me. Especially my math teacher who helped me really understand the subject that I had always previously struggled in until this year. I never understood math, but his jokes, slow pace, student involvement, and engaging voice helped me learn and take notes. I have received a 100.16% on my semester grade, 100% on my midterm, and a 100% on every quiz/test I've taken except for one where I received a 99% and one where I received a 102%. This is by far the best school with the most amazing teachers out there.
If you haven't been to see AFS, you should visit. It is a very special school and seeing the students and faculty in action will convince you of the same.
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Abington Friends School has very talented teachers. The faculty is consistent and experienced. They go out of their way to be available to families and students. In addition to being strong leaders at AFS, many faculty members regularly present at national conferences.
There is a broad range of extracurriculars and clubs offered. The theater program is particularly strong.
There is a full time nurse and athletic trainer that are always on campus. The school actively provides drug and sex education. The school culture is such that bullying and negativity are not tolerated.
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