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Abington is changing within time I just hope it's for the better. I liked the connection and activities that are taken place here. The staff is friendly and try to connect with their students.
the over all experience of this school is that it a great school there is little to no cases of bullying and they student are very respectful to everyone
The teacher at this school are very wonderful, they help the students in the school in so many ways. For example , the students at this school learn differently so they implicate visual,reading and listening ways for learning this way for the student who learn one way or another they cover all the bases The way the communicate with the students are with respect and answering any question the students have
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They provide you with wheelchair if needed, the nurse and the teachers are very cooperative too.
Love the way they are organized in the sports and clubs!
Love the staff! I like being here! Too stressful though...
Good staff! Love to be here. Very stressful sometimes though...
This school did some much for me and I am happy that I was able to go this school. It gave me a idea of what I want to do in my life, so this can help you by coming to this school. I had a great time there I was able to make new friends and we were able to work as a team for a project. So if you come to this school you will learn new things and make new friends. There is a lot of things in this school that can help you with your dream.
It all depends on the teacher. Every teacher is different.
They can be unfair but for the most part they do what is right.
There are no elevators for any with physical disabilities in the legs or that cannot walk to begin with. They are put in seperate classes that are excluded from the school in almost it's entirity.
There were plenty of clubs however they were only available to that of the older kids which included 6th to 7th grade. This is with the exception of the art club which was available to all students.
Everytime we get a fruit it is either too old or underdeveloped. Either way not to eat. The food always appears to be thrown together and never actually cared for. It looks disgusting and tastes no different.
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