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Abingdon High School Reviews

90 reviews
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Abingdon High School has only received three stars from me because some of the teachers are underappreciated and the school has more classes to offer than some local SWVA schools. As for my overall experience as a student, Abingdon High School was terrible. The administration only cares about the football team and does nothing about the bullying that occurs on a daily basis.
Great school in the Appalachian Mountains. Low school violence. Nice smaller town to live in as well.
My past four years at Abingdon High School have been nothing short of amazing. I fell in love with the teachers and students. This is my home. I honestly cannot thank these people enough for all they have done for me. The teachers are very helpful and resourceful. This school is truly one big family. I am blessed to have been able to receive my high school diploma at Abingdon High School.
I have been enrolled in Abingdon High School for the past four years. It has been a great school and has given me an amazing high school education. I have played varsity baseball every season since freshman year. I am the president of the Future Business Leaders of America club at my school, and I am also involved in the Civenette's club. I was a member of Blue Crew my freshman and sophomore year. I am currently the Vice President of the National Art Honor Society of Abingdon High School, my junior year I was the Treasurer. I am also a very involved member of the National Honor Society.
Resource officer on campus daily. not in a rough area but safety is still very good.
There are lots of clubs and ECs available, but the quality of them are not that great.
The teachers are devoted to what they do, but looking back there was not much of a challenge for me in class. I got to college and felt that I was behind the rest of my peers some.
My son is always in something after school
Teacher are good and seem to care about students
it seems like a pretty safe school
My overall experience at thing school is great because people are usually there to help and support you
Most teachers are always there to help and work with you in and out of the classroom, however some are not willing to help.
I have had great experiences at Abingdon High School. I have had some great teachers and coaches throughout high school that have made it great. I have learned a lot in my classes and have thoroughly enjoyed athletics here. I would definitely choose this school again if I could do it over. My favorite experiences have definitely been volleyball and softball.
They try to have something for everyone, but there is a school wide bias in favor of athletics.
My daughter isn't very involved in sports, but this is all she could gather up being at school everyday
The staff chooses which rules are applied to dress code. You could walk around with a rich girl's butt hanging out but not being forced to change/being sent home, but my daughter had an experience where her shorts were maybe a little bit under finger length but was sent to the office and forced to change. I was literally told by her middle school, "We can't allow the rich and achieved people to get in trouble as that would give us a bad look."
The people there are just awful, the faculty did absolutely nothing when someone stole my daughter's stuff. There are way too many bullies, lots of drug abuse and alcohol. I would love to take her out of there but we don't have the money to move.
It's mainly focused around sports which my daughter has 0 interest in. There are clubs once a month during the school day, she did get involved with choir but only took it the first half of the semester due to her full schedule
The school nurse will more than likely tell you that you're dehydrated even if you have a broken bone. There have been so many times where my daughter has come off the bus crying because everyone on there hates her because she may not be the most attractive girl that goes there.
There were your regular sports teams that students could get involved with and clubs that took place once a month during the school day, so outside of that, there were not many options for students.
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