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I would consider Abingdon High an average American high school. There aren't any giant leaps taken to promote college readiness or prepare students for life after college. However, there are courses that enable you to recieve possible college credit, which is a plus. It also doesn't help that the school as a whole is very dirty, grimey, and outdated.
Everyone is very friendly and benevolent! The teachers and staff truly want to help each any every one of their students: the classes are engaging; the teachers will create fun activities to learn concepts; and, they are very convenient to reach if a student has questions.
My experience at Abingdon High has not been the easiest, but I have wonderful friends to help me through it all. The chorus program is fantastic, and there are many, many amazing teachers that help students find their way.
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The faculty and staff aren’t accommodating. I often feel as if I’m an inconvenience in their day. The teachers are okay, most are very helpful. Some, however, are not. It’s really a hit or miss type of school, and there’s not a lot of consistency. There is definitely favoritism among certain sports such as Football. To me, I believe the entire county’s activities (sports, clubs, chorus, band, etc.) are unfairly funded. The funds aren’t evenly or even fairly distributed. Overall, I would say Abingdon High is an okay school, but like most schools, it has its flaws and needs work in some areas.
I enjoyed Abingdon High School overall, but it had a lot of problems. Several of the teachers don't even care about their job or can't teach. In addition, the arts, particularly band, are underfunded and hardly supported. However, the football program is funded well and there are several great teachers and it is a safe place to attend school.
The opportunity it has given me to be ready for college. I have had such a great experience with the teachers and students attending my school.
Abingdon High School, built in 1959, is a school that has been around for quite some time. Additionally, this school shows pride for its academics and sports; concurrently, this school focuses too much on sports. A.H.S. would be beneficial if it had the aptitude to focus on academics. Sports are a great extracurricular opportunity; yet, academics and an education should be first on a student's agenda.
High school was the best four years of my life and going to Abingdon was a part of that. Most of the students get engaged in sports and clubs. We love to show our Falcon spirit at any event possible. There is also a wide range of classes and different types of AP, dual enrollment, and honors classes.
Relaxed atmosphere with very easy going teachers. Excellent band department and the administration pushes student involvement in all activities.
Abingdon High School is the largest in Washington County, which makes people think that it is and should be the best school academically. Those people would be correct. Abingdon High School is a welcoming place where students can find refuge in their classes and work and really learn and flourish into educated, contributing members of society. Students are given the chance to demonstrate and use their strengths. Also be made aware of and potentially better their weaknesses. The school staff is helpful and willing to assist any way possible to better the education of the students enrolled. Will our wide hallways, friendly teachers, and open doors, one would never guess there are about 950 students ranging from ninth grade to twelfth. I will truly miss Abingdon High School and all of the teachers that helped me grow into the person I am now.
Abingdon High School has provided me with an education, but not one where I feel prepared to take college classes when I graduate. I met some of my best friends here, and honestly that is the only upside.
My four years spent in high school were kinda like every other students'. There were lots of cliques, fights, terrible food, and the typical high school experience we all grow to tolerate.
I never had any problems there. I liked the close-knit feel to the school. I would like to see more advanced classes offered.
Overall, Abingdon High School is a good school; however, I do think that it would benefit from adding more extracurricular activities.
This school has AP classes, as well as Dual Enrollment. There is not much diversity, but there are many different extracurricular activities to get involved in.
This was an amazing school to attend for my high school experience! The principal and most of the teachers are amazing and I am glad I went to high school here.
For me it was between homeschooling or high school. My parents decided to send me to public school since I could continue my career in band. Fortunately, the band director there was excellent, and taught me more about life than I have from any other teacher. The online classes are relatively easy to take as well (as long as you can get through the morons running guidance). The english teachers are most likely the best part about this school, however. Not a single one comes to mind when I try to find a faulty one. This can't be said about the math department or the science department, but if you have a child who writes stories / poems / anything literary oriented, this is the school for you.
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One of the things I believe would help AHS is to prepare the students more regarding the ACT/SAT. Many college opportunities are based on a high score of these tests. Classes should be offered during second semester of the Sophomore year to prepare students to take the test the summer before their Junior year.
One of the best things about AHS is their safety record.
As a high school senior, I have experienced a lot at Abingdon High School. My favorite part about this school is how engaging the teachers are with the students. In most of my classes, I have a personal relationship with my teachers. In my opinion, Abingdon High could be improved by raising the difficulty level of classes. I feel as though I could be more challenged in most of my classes!
Abingdon High School has only received three stars from me because some of the teachers are underappreciated and the school has more classes to offer than some local SWVA schools. As for my overall experience as a student, Abingdon High School was terrible. The administration only cares about the football team and does nothing about the bullying that occurs on a daily basis.
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