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Abingdon-Avon High School Reviews

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I got a good academic education at my high school. However, I was bullied through most of high school and struggled through many mental health issues, and most of the faculty chose to ignore it or not do anything about it.
I like how the teachers are open to helping you with anything, and the coaches are also very kind to their players. A-Town has great teachers, but I feel like they don't push us enough. There are multiple nights when we won't have homework or anything to study for because the information isn't too tricky. I believe the students are great, everyone has at least one friend. The office secretaries are always open to run copies or get you any information you might need. When new kids arrive at AAHS the students surround them with kindness trying to figure out what they are like or what their interests are. I believe A-Town is a nice and pleasant school to be in, but the acedemics aren't where they need to be.
This school is a small school but that does not put a limit on us. Unlike most small schools we have a green room studio, 3D printer and dual credit classes. All of the teachers are great because you are able to make a connection with them. All of them know your name, even if you have never been in their class! It is a community I am thankful to grow up in.
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This school district was consolidated approximately five years ago. The sports programs have thrived over the past several years with the district winning regionals for football, basketball and baseball in this short period of time. Academically, the district has been committed to technology development and staff in-servicing for learning this technology. I feel the English department is strong, but I am not sold on how math is being taught (basically self taught via video). Nothing can replace good quality instruction delivered by a qualified teacher. They do offer dual credit opportunities which is a plus for those who are able to take advantage.
Abingdon-Avon High School is a pretty good school considering we are the definition of "Small Town USA". The majority of the staff and teachers are very helpful and all around good people. Being such a small town you wouldn't expect us to be as technically advanced as other schools, but our technology program here is one of the best around. All around Abingdon- Avon is a good school to attend.
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