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I have really enjoyed this school's atmosphere for the most part. All of the teachers are very approachable and good at what they do.
Like any school, Abilene High has its problems. The disciplinary systems are not very effective and the policies for some things change a lot, but the staff does care. Administration, though not always the most effective, are truly concerned with student well-being, although they are a bit stubborn when it comes to listening to student suggestions at times. Most of my teachers were helpful, fun, and people I respected and learned well from.
Most of the staff is very friendly! Teachers always have tutorial times and will help you with anything you need. The students are usually nice and the extra curriculars allow for the chance to make new friends!
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The diversity the school has and how the teachers interact with the students. One thing I would like to see change is how teachers are treated by the students.
Abilene High was and continues to be an amazing school, from the faculty and staff to the students themselves. A very welcoming environment and amazing institution. My only problem with the school is the builds are very out dated and it is in need for major upgrades, although a lot of resources are allocated to learning and students the school needs to upgrade its facilities that seem like they have been around for millions of years. Overall Abilene High School gave me the best High school experience I could have asked for.
Abilene High School makes a genuine effort to make the school your second home. There is an amazing community in this school if you know where to find it and and incredible opportunities to improve yourself and your experience as a student throughout your high school career.
AHS has a wide range of options for AP classes, electives, CTE classes, and clubs and organizations to be involved in. Also has some great teachers, some mediocre teachers. However, the counselors and administrators need to be more involved with the students, especially the seniors. They hold senior meetings and talk your ear off about graduation and the checklist for graduation. But I think they need to start focusing on really helping kids figure out what they want to do after graduation. Not everyone wants to go to a 4 year university and I feel like that’s all that was really encouraged.
Abilene High is your typical high school, however they focus a lot of time on athletics. If your an athlete you will have a blast if not you will find your overshadowed by them and lost in the crowd
I transferred to Abilene High my sophomore from a private school called Abilene Christian High Schools. After my transfer, I began to understand what opportunities I had been missing like art classes, AP classes, Duel Credit, and constant counselor advice. It opened my eyes to the fact that my future was my own and I could create it. The only issues that I have with the school are ones that do not directly affect me, but rather my friends of color. I saw a lot of stereotyping and generalizing by students and teachers alike. Another issue is that of LGBTQ+ inclusion. There are very few faculty members and very few students that embraced that part of me and many other students. I was very fortunate to find a group that embraced me for me. Additionally, their campus safety policies have proven useless multiple times.
Their AP academic, duel credit, and art programs helped shape who I am today, but their blindness to the true needs of a majority of their students is harmful.
There are some fantastic teachers who truly care about their students and push them to be college ready. However, there are many inequities in how money is distributed among organizations. Football gets most of the money yet drill team is given none.
Abilene High is a great school that has Christian values integrated into a driven, enthusiastic and positive group of staff and student body. Generally speaking, high school is what you make it and Abilene High offers a great foundation for students to explore their interests and hobbies, challenging them academically and allowing them to gain confidence in their personal skills to perhaps be used in the future. It offers a lot of sports, organizations, clubs, CTE classes and programs, AP and dual credit classes, a diverse student body (including immigrants and exchange students) though there are occasions of minority disadvantage, community service opportunites, and resources for graduating seniors.
Abilene high school was a great educational school that gave me great opportunities and made me into the man I am today. The different variety of sports and extracurricular activities they offer keep many kids out of trouble. I know this because I was one of those kids. The sports I did did not only help me but the leadership and mental toughness my coaches and mentors taught me along the way. This did not only pertain to sports but also the classroom. The teachers there mentor you to strive and do better for yourself. Without them I would probably not be in college right now pursuing my dream job and trying to better myself. The only bad thing I have to say about the school is the gang related groups starting to form there.
My experience at Abilene High school in Texas was amazing. They have a pep rally almost every Friday morning. They have three cafeterias that are called East, West, and South cafeterias. For me, I just went to whatever cafeteria I felt comfortable in, and I could sit with friends. Overall, the best thing is always the orchestra and the band. Orchestra is the best because I was in it and I had the best teacher. The Band is also great because they do a wonderful job in parades, pep rallys, and football games. Overall, Abilene High is best school to go to in Texas.
I would want them to not treat us as little kids since we are getting prepared to be in college and the way that they treat students there is not the best.
I like the accessibility to many different classes and how easily one can change a class of it's too difficult or conflicts with a schedule.
Every AP teacher I've encountered has had a serious passion for their subject and that energy really means the world.
I liked the library and the teachers there as also the pep rally!!. They can improve on the attendance of students
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Abilene High School become my home after moving numerous times. I never knew what a real home felt like. A-High as we some students call it, is where I learn to come out of my shell and become outgoing. I am a great student of Abilene High School. The teachers and students make a great team in accomplishing academic goals.
I am a senior who graduated June 2nd. My best experiences from Abilene high was being on the soccer team and playing all those games around Texas. I feel that Abilene high soccer coaches helped me prepare for college ball but I would like to see soccer be more know make it a much bigger program to compete with top teams around the state
I personally love Abilene high school. The people, both the staff and students, are very understanding and they treat everyone with the same equal amount of respect. I am glad I am part of the Eagles. As student body president, I wouldn’t ask for anything to be changed at my school because everything is just perfect.
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