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This school has its ups and downs. A lot of drugs and alcohol use amongst the students as well as students being involved in fights as well as other illegal activities. With this, it lowers the overall rating of the school itself; however, the school is trying to end these things amongst students and tries to reward students for positive things.
Abilene is a great high school; from school spirit to the clubs and activities, to finding help with school work and being confident in that there is staff willing to help you succeed, and to memories that will last you a lifetime! I participate in lots of extracurricular activities because it is so fun being with great people-- I ran in their cross country team, track team and now powerlifting; the coaches for these sports don't just strive to see great athletes but to encourage their athletes to become better people. I also am in many fine arts, such as AP Art Drawing, AP Photo and Advanced Orchestra. What I wished to see change perhaps is more students to get involved and become more aware of the benefits in AP courses and have the college counselors reach out more to the masses who are unaware about the opportunities of further education after high school and how they can ensure that with their grades and such for scholarships and merit awards.
Great teachers! They truly want you to succeed, and are genuine in their hope for your education to be as well-rounded as possible.
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The teachers are typically nice and understanding, the fine arts directors can be tough but that is to be expected. They have so far taken away every foreign language course except for Spanish and also did away with the Journalism classes plus the school newspaper, which is saddening.
The educational aspect of the school is great; however, administration is rarely available to help and there were multiple security threats in the one year I ttended.
Great school to attend with variety of activities you may partake in and teachers who will help you in your needs even if you are not taking their class for a particular course! Outstanding performance in the athletic department and in their academics.
The School Spirit is unlike any other school I know, and the fact that it's more the students who put the effort into the grand heart of the eagle.
I like life at abilene high mostly because of band and that I'm in mostly higher academic classes. But in my regular classes there are obvious discrepancies that no one deals with. Half the time teachers allow their students to be rude and disruptive during class. Also, the school is too cheap to buy anything. The printer in the work room goes out every few months but they won't buy a new one. Most of the science teachers are horrible but they've been there forever so they get to keep their jobs even though they don't teach anything. However, the AP teachers obviously care much more and put in way more effort to educate their students.
Going to Abilene High is a big deal especially if you have lived in Abilene your whole life. Forbid that you go across town to Cooper. Going to school at Abilene High made me the person I am today. Bleeding Black and Gold, but never Blue and Red. Abilene High is known for West Texas Football, the Friday Night Lights, the huge pep rallies, but the infamous blackout pep rally. Abilene high is a huge family, but honestly our admin is not so strong. I have had 2 principals in the past 4 years, and now graduating there is going to be a new principals. All my junior friends will now be on their 3rd principal! That's a little insane, and a really big change. But like I said, Abilene High is a family.
I love Abilene High School. I was a member of the drill team for three years, including being an officer. I have also been a member of FFA also serving as an officer. The school has wonderful academics, which as challenged me to do my best. I love our AP classes and teachers. Opportunities for involvement in on campus organizations is tremendous. There are so many wonderful people here from students to staff.
I loved going to Abilene High. While being in percussion & varsity orchestra while taking college prep classes & AP courses was challenging, teachers, directors, & tutors helped me get my work done. As a community, AHS really loved by E-POWER until my Senior year. It was a heart to heart, you could say, that teachers and students & the entire class, for that matter, where required to have that really brought up interesting discussions & different perspectives on certain topics. I'll miss AHS, but once an eagle, always an eagle.
As a student for four years of Abilene High, I have had my fair shares of ups and downs. Abilene High is a great high school, but it does have its flaws just as any other school does. From a closed campus lunch, to a strict but rarely enforced dress code, my school does have flaws. But the school spirit here is unparalleled, and from Friday nights supporting our football boys, to every single spring sport, nothing makes me more proud to be an Abilene High Eagle.
At Abilene High it's definitely got a lot of school spirit. There are some really great teachers there who are really passionate about what they're teaching and they do a really good job of teaching it. There are some administration people there who care about there students and want to be in their lives and I think that's what makes me happy when I go to the campus, because I'm not just some face that keeps their pay check rolling in. People who work there do try to make high school a safe and fun learning environment, and they do a really good job at it too. There are some things they could work on and that would definitely be planning; I know for sure my family does not appreciate the last minute events they send home in a letter, because we can't go or we have to drop everything we wanted or needed to do.
The one thing I liked most about my high school is that their is a variety of different people who attend Abilene High. We can all come together and celebrate at football games and pep rallies together. It's truly been a blessing to be surrounded by such spirited people.
There are many things to love about this school such as it's diversity and acceptance of people, but I can count on my fingers the number of teachers who seem like they value education, and care for students. Which is shameful considering the amount of teachers that actually work in the school. I would like to see this school improve in every area possible, it has such amazing potential though a big part of the problem is the budget of the school and administration, therefore, it's not completely teachers fault but it would be nice to see some improvement. However, despite the adversity that students face due to reasons stated above most of them graduate as well rounded human beings, ripe with experience, ready to go out and better the world.
I am a current student at Abilene High, and throughout the past four years, I have had my fair share of the ups and downs that life throws. There were times when I wanted to give up and thought that would be the best solution to all my problems. I started slipping in school work when times got hard, and I honestly did not believe I would make it through high school. I was blessed with amazing teachers that truly love their students and will do anything to ensure they succeed. It is because of certain teachers that I am now part of the class of 2017, and I will be graduating with honors. When I was not able to push myself, my educators gave me that extra "ummph" to help me reach my goals. No education system is perfect, but in the time I have attended Abilene High, my teachers have significantly excelled in their work, helping students the way they should, and that has made my experience worth while.
There are some great classes available if you actively seek them out, especially in the history department. The science department, however, has somewhat fallen apart, and administration tends to treat students as potential problems. Non-mainstream sports (examples of mainstream include football, volleyball, basketball) tend to struggle with funding, as does the fine arts department.
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i love how you all do this no problems thanks. you are an awesome website for good colleges for people with a low income and a lot of people want to go to college but cant because of financial issues.
Mostly the students would choose what course they need and then request for a specific teacher or chance their luck and hope they get it will a good teacher or at least have some of their friends in that class.
This school is very diverse within its students. Students are very accepting of whatever sexual orientation another student chooses. Racial problems isn't a big issue either, here at this school every student is looked at for what they are, a student.
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