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Abilene high school was a great educational school that gave me great opportunities and made me into the man I am today. The different variety of sports and extracurricular activities they offer keep many kids out of trouble. I know this because I was one of those kids. The sports I did did not only help me but the leadership and mental toughness my coaches and mentors taught me along the way. This did not only pertain to sports but also the classroom. The teachers there mentor you to strive and do better for yourself. Without them I would probably not be in college right now pursuing my dream job and trying to better myself. The only bad thing I have to say about the school is the gang related groups starting to form there.
My experience at Abilene High school in Texas was amazing. They have a pep rally almost every Friday morning. They have three cafeterias that are called East, West, and South cafeterias. For me, I just went to whatever cafeteria I felt comfortable in, and I could sit with friends. Overall, the best thing is always the orchestra and the band. Orchestra is the best because I was in it and I had the best teacher. The Band is also great because they do a wonderful job in parades, pep rallys, and football games. Overall, Abilene High is best school to go to in Texas.
I would want them to not treat us as little kids since we are getting prepared to be in college and the way that they treat students there is not the best.
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I like the accessibility to many different classes and how easily one can change a class of it's too difficult or conflicts with a schedule.
Every AP teacher I've encountered has had a serious passion for their subject and that energy really means the world.
I liked the library and the teachers there as also the pep rally!!. They can improve on the attendance of students
Abilene High School become my home after moving numerous times. I never knew what a real home felt like. A-High as we some students call it, is where I learn to come out of my shell and become outgoing. I am a great student of Abilene High School. The teachers and students make a great team in accomplishing academic goals.
I am a senior who graduated June 2nd. My best experiences from Abilene high was being on the soccer team and playing all those games around Texas. I feel that Abilene high soccer coaches helped me prepare for college ball but I would like to see soccer be more know make it a much bigger program to compete with top teams around the state
I personally love Abilene high school. The people, both the staff and students, are very understanding and they treat everyone with the same equal amount of respect. I am glad I am part of the Eagles. As student body president, I wouldn’t ask for anything to be changed at my school because everything is just perfect.
Just like any other school, there are teachers that actually want to teach you and then ones that are there for a paycheck. A majority of them actually want to see you succeed in class and outside of school. I was in track and powerlifting which really helped me keep my grades up. If we had any failing grades we would have "consequences" at practice or not be able to go to the meet coming up. Overall my 4 years were pretty good and I graduate June 2 :).
I like high school just as much as the next person, but I have loved being a student at Abilene High. I love all my teachers and I loved making so many friends with awesome students.
I am proud to call myself an Abilene High Eagle. My pride in my school runs deep.
I’ve always struggled in school. My freshman year, I was undecided if I would ever be fit to go to a 4 year university. Thanks to teachers who have believed, and invested in me, I’ve maintained good grades throughout high school and developed great skills to continue my education.
Abilene High has a variety of opportunities, ranging from arts, AP/college courses, music, and athletics. Thanks to extra curricular activities, I have devolved life long skills.
There's not much that I would change about Abilene High, but if I had to complain about anything at Abilene High, it would be the food. We have 3 lines at school, which means we only have 3 options. I'm not considered to be picky, but, the food looks unhealthy and I wish we had better access to knowing the calories.
Abilene High has been great experience for me and I hope that other kids can have the same opportunities I had in high school.
I transferred to Abilene HIgh as a Sophomore and was welcomed with open arms by admin., teachers, and students. I feel safe in this school and love the curriculum. I also have the BEST history teacher ever!! Mrs. Jordan
I enjoyed my teachers and the relationships they worked to build with their students. I would like to see the discipline changed and become more effective.
I have had a great time at Abilene High School during my four years of education here. The best part about this school is its caring and helpful teaching staff and the school spirit expressed by every student that goes here.
This school has its ups and downs. A lot of drugs and alcohol use amongst the students as well as students being involved in fights as well as other illegal activities. With this, it lowers the overall rating of the school itself; however, the school is trying to end these things amongst students and tries to reward students for positive things.
Abilene is a great high school; from school spirit to the clubs and activities, to finding help with school work and being confident in that there is staff willing to help you succeed, and to memories that will last you a lifetime! I participate in lots of extracurricular activities because it is so fun being with great people-- I ran in their cross country team, track team and now powerlifting; the coaches for these sports don't just strive to see great athletes but to encourage their athletes to become better people. I also am in many fine arts, such as AP Art Drawing, AP Photo and Advanced Orchestra. What I wished to see change perhaps is more students to get involved and become more aware of the benefits in AP courses and have the college counselors reach out more to the masses who are unaware about the opportunities of further education after high school and how they can ensure that with their grades and such for scholarships and merit awards.
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Great teachers! They truly want you to succeed, and are genuine in their hope for your education to be as well-rounded as possible.
The teachers are typically nice and understanding, the fine arts directors can be tough but that is to be expected. They have so far taken away every foreign language course except for Spanish and also did away with the Journalism classes plus the school newspaper, which is saddening.
The educational aspect of the school is great; however, administration is rarely available to help and there were multiple security threats in the one year I ttended.
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