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The one thing I liked most about my high school is that their is a variety of different people who attend Abilene High. We can all come together and celebrate at football games and pep rallies together. It's truly been a blessing to be surrounded by such spirited people.
There are many things to love about this school such as it's diversity and acceptance of people, but I can count on my fingers the number of teachers who seem like they value education, and care for students. Which is shameful considering the amount of teachers that actually work in the school. I would like to see this school improve in every area possible, it has such amazing potential though a big part of the problem is the budget of the school and administration, therefore, it's not completely teachers fault but it would be nice to see some improvement. However, despite the adversity that students face due to reasons stated above most of them graduate as well rounded human beings, ripe with experience, ready to go out and better the world.
I am a current student at Abilene High, and throughout the past four years, I have had my fair share of the ups and downs that life throws. There were times when I wanted to give up and thought that would be the best solution to all my problems. I started slipping in school work when times got hard, and I honestly did not believe I would make it through high school. I was blessed with amazing teachers that truly love their students and will do anything to ensure they succeed. It is because of certain teachers that I am now part of the class of 2017, and I will be graduating with honors. When I was not able to push myself, my educators gave me that extra "ummph" to help me reach my goals. No education system is perfect, but in the time I have attended Abilene High, my teachers have significantly excelled in their work, helping students the way they should, and that has made my experience worth while.
There are some great classes available if you actively seek them out, especially in the history department. The science department, however, has somewhat fallen apart, and administration tends to treat students as potential problems. Non-mainstream sports (examples of mainstream include football, volleyball, basketball) tend to struggle with funding, as does the fine arts department.
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Mostly the students would choose what course they need and then request for a specific teacher or chance their luck and hope they get it will a good teacher or at least have some of their friends in that class.
This school is very diverse within its students. Students are very accepting of whatever sexual orientation another student chooses. Racial problems isn't a big issue either, here at this school every student is looked at for what they are, a student.
The school is just now getting a lot of new extracurricular activities so they are not the most organized at the most however if given some time then the clubs would do and be great. With all the new extracurricular activities added the school has been very supporting and the number of students that were not in extracurricular activities verses now have increased.
My best experience at this school was marching band. To meet all these new people at once that were so friendly to one another like a family was a great feeling to have especially as a freshmen. Coming into highschool on the first day of school and already knowing almost 300 people makes meeting more people seem so easy than coming to high-school on the first day and only knowing a few. My favorite part of being part of the marching band was the football games. Waking up early on a Friday just to get to school early for a prep rally to pump up our school spirit. Then around 7 o'clock when the sunsets, the game begins and our school goes wild with spirit for our boys on the field.
Most of the teachers that I have had over the years in high school listen to the students ideas and incorporate it into the next lesson. Even if it wasn't the exact topic we were discussing in the classroom, they would still try to pull in the similarities between the two so that the students could understand better. If there was ever a time needed were a student just needed to talk, whether it be personally or academically the teachers had their doors open.
A wide variety of extracurricular activities are available from sports, and fine arts to language and cooking organizations.
The level of parental involvement at Abilene High is a mix of high and low. Parents either are incredibly involved or have no involvement whatsoever. While parental participation is highly encouraged by the school, there is little follow through by parents.
For the most part, all teachers that I came in contact with went out of their way to ensure all students' success in school and life. Students' opinions were always asked for, listened to, and mostly acted upon.
Abilene High's health and safety is great because the nurses are very nice and helpful, and there are plenty of fire alarms and extinguishers. Also, some of the class rooms are used as tornado shelters.
The opportunities at Abilene High are wonderful.
My favorite experience at Abilene High was being in the orchestra and making friends.The thing that makes this school unique is it's band is the oldest band in Abilene, TX. And last but not least, If I could do it all over again I would love to go back to Abilene High again because it's the best school ever.
The teachers are very nice and helpful.
The people are friendly and some of the people that I've met will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Some of them put very little effort into their teaching however, there are a few that change the way I think and makes going trough the bad teachers worth getting to the good ones.
During the hour long lunch, there are many different clubs and tutorials for students to take part in. There aren't many after school activities, most of them are during the lunch.
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