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While attending Abilene High School, I was involved in many activities and classes. I felt as though the sports programs were one of the strongest attributes of the school, whereas the range of classes offered were not. I wish that I could’ve been given the chance to take an economics or statistics class before college while attending high school. After the additions to the school, the facilities were highly improved and made our school more appealing to those on the outside. Sporting events ran more smoothly, and I felt that we were taken more serious.
This school isn't top notch on academics. It really isn't top notch in any area. I didn't feel ready for college and I'm one of the smart kids.
The staff of Abilene High School is very dedicated and willing to help students. Both the staff and the students are striving to improve themselves, the school, and the community.
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Good school for those who know what they wanna do! They have pathways so you can learn about it easier!
All of the the janitors and faculty are some of the nicest people you will ever meet! The teachers here are willing to help you with anything and love to be involved.
Abilene High school is a good school for being in such a small town. The new remodel is beautiful, and the sports teams do well. Theater is doing great things and the students are hella talented. The high school offers a ton of dual credit which students should take advantage of. Students are overall pretty good and care about the students academically. But, they do have some important faults. The school needs to change the way that they address mental illness. When I was at school there were two suicides and one attempted and the school did a very poor job addressing it.
I've only been in the Abilene Public Schools system since 6th grade (I was in private schooling until end of 5th grade) but I heard horror stories from people I was friends with about how when you get to AHS all the upperclassmen ignore you but that's entirely false. I'm a Junior now myself but I have all kinds of friends among the current Sophomores and Freshmen and I had a whole bunch of friends who were Juniors and Seniors when I was a Freshmen. I mean you have your typical school dynamics but generally most people are really accepting and chill.
Abilene High School has been great so far. The music program is awesome, but I wish that there were more AP class options.
The teachers are caring and work hard to provide the best education for kids. Good athletic and academic programs.
This high school is a very good place to learn. It has a brand new gym, band room, and auditorium. AHS is a nice high school in a small town and a good place to send your children.
I have attended the Abilene school district for all of my schooling. Even though I do not regret being here at all, I do wish there were more diversity and more options for advanced classes.
Abilene High School is a school that values extra curricular activities above all others. It's academics is average but is barely a focus in the eyes of the administration. I feel that it is necessary to increase the importance of academics if this school wishes to be seen as anything other than a "football" high school.
This High School is amazing! So many opppurtunities. Good staff. Great teachers. Amazing things have happened while I attended. Graduation from this school is amazing.
Good teachers, good staff, all around good people and town. Great athletic program and lots of extracurricular activities offered year around.
I love how the teachers are always willing to stay after school and help someone on anything. I also like how everyone has so much school spirit. It truly is an exceptional school not only in academics/teachers and athletics/coaches.
As a senior, I am beyond proud to say I attend Abilene High School. Respect is shown in every individual. Student's are able to express themselves freely, which is incredible.
I have attended Abilene since pre-school, so I don't know any different, but I would not transfer schools for anything. Teachers work for the students and show that they care and that they truly do want to help students. Abilene's Agricultural program and the rest of the acedemics/ programs the school offers are highly capable of sending students off to college being fully prepared. The school spirit is nothing that I have seen before. Everyone joins in on the spirit and is admired. The school has taken many preventions towards bullying and is still continuing in many ways to make it less common. There are not many things I would change about Abilene High School. I love the school spirit, the traditions that are still carried out, the staff that is nice and easy to approach, and the support the school provides for the students. In my opinion, Abilene High School has been a blast and I'm so glad I was able to spend all my years being apart of it.
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Having experienced almost four years of this school, I would like to say that I have a pretty decent idea of how it is. It is good, but has a few flaws (just like most other things). Most of the teachers are amazing, but there are a few that consistently, year after year, have a majority of their students' contempt. There is a lot of focus on sports in the school, but they do support their fine arts. Maybe not as much, though.
The school offers a variety of after school and during school activities. Some of which include, choir, band, forensics, scholar's bowl, and student council. The faculty get deeply involved with the activities and make sure to do their best to include the student body.
Personally this school has changed my view on the world. It allowed me to see situations through other people's eyes and helped me to figure out how to help the people. After I arrived to my school last August, I noticed that the students pulled together to get something done. The students and faculty went out of their way to help me and other new students to fit in and find where we belong. I discovered my own group of friends that helped me to realize how precious high school is, no matter how much the rest of the teenage population hates it. I would honestly go back for another year to experience the innocence that leaves us after we graduate.
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