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Abilene Baptist Academy is a small, private school where everyone knows everyone. You can be involved in almost everything they have to offer- at the same time, sometimes. The school is consistent for the most part.
We have fun in a clean, Christian environment and the school is academically supportive.
What I wish would happen in the school is that I wish it would grow and gain some more diversity. I want the school to be able to have more activities going on and more, younger teaches to come through- but in order to have that, there has to be more students.
This school is a safe place. The kids here hardly get injured, and when they do, if minor, we have a first aid kit, if major there is a hospital not far from the school. I have not hear of anyone dying at this school and hardly anyone ever gets seriously injured. I would safely say that there is a 25% possibility ,at the most, of someone seriously getting injured. I wouldn't say our school is top notch in the fact that they don't have a school nurse, but we don't really need one anyway.

This school does not have an issue with bullying; people occasionally say a mean thing here and there but it is normally resolved. (But you can't always avoid things like that).

This school does not need police and safety services specifically for the school. If the school has need of the police, which in my time attending there has been no reason to, we call them. The students here are responsible and moral so there is no need to be concerned about your safety.
In band, the director is very good in instructing patiently and gently in a way you can understand. The pieces of music, especially the ones we have right now, are amazing and fun to play. Even though we are a small school, literally we have around 24 people total, almost everyone participates.

Choir is also a fun activity. The music we sing is lovely. Our choir has a way of finding classical songs with humor, and classical music that is beautiful.

In both of these activities the students are pushed to do their best while having fun. And it helps us prepare for future things such as professional competitions.

Because a majority of the school are in these activities the schedule is put so people can participate without too much, if any, complication. Band happens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and choir happens Mondays, Wednesday (after band), and Fridays.
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I would say this school is unique because of the students who go here and the beliefs that are taught. The best experience I have had is when we would go on field trips, but we no longer do those for the schools reasons (the only one I know of is because we are focusing on school work more). We still travel to games or MAACs (fine arts competition) and that one occasion where we have our school picnic near the end of school and those can be very fun. I would not go to this school again unless all my memory of it were erased and we went back in time so I could go on field trips again, since that is impossible and I am unsure of the terms of "doing it all over again" I would say no because I am an introvert and like avoiding the drama of people. The drama at the school is not on a high scale, but I still like to avoid any drama that "peeks it's head around the corner".
In this school the grading is always consistent in the classes but some of the books are out of date such as: science, Spanish, and business math (although the last book is new, it is only because that book was lost). The teachers portray good character but their teaching can lack energy. It is not the most boring thing, but I believe, if they put in a little more effort, it would make the class more energetic and exciting. They do not display a lack of knowledge and deliver their teachings adequately, and if it is not understood from the way they are trying to teach, if asked, they provide another point of observation for the students to understand.
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