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I have attended this school my entire high school career and I can say that it has faults and advantages. One of the advantages of this school is that it is very small and the teachers are always willing to aide and listen to the students. This school has very nice facilities and a calm environment. A disadvantage of the school is that not all of the classes sufficiently prepare students for their counterparts in college.
Over all it is a great school with amazing teachers and great students. They are focused on success not I just academics but also in all aspects of extracurriculars weather that be band, athletics, or UIL that take pride in what there students have to offer.
Abernathy High School is an amazing school to attend. Throughout my four years here, I have always felt welcomed and at home. There are tons of organizations, activities, and extracurriculars that anyone can participate in, not to mention the up-to-date security and impeccable teaching skills Abernathy High School has to offer. There are no specific changes that I wish to occur in this school; I believe that Abernathy High School is great overall!
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My school is a very safe school. There are many policies in place to make student safety a priority.
My school has many different areas to be involved. Athletics is important to our students as well as student government and FFA.
I have lived in this town my entire life. While I started at Abernathy schools, we homeschooled for 6 years beginning in 5th grade. Going back to school was a great experience. Everyone welcomed me back with open arms. I couldn't have had a better junior and senior year.
The teachers at my school treat the students like their own kids. We are a small school, so it really feels like a family.
This school is great because it is family oriented. Due to the small size of the school, I was enabled to participate in many extra curricular events. Unlike a big school where you have to pick one extra curricular activity, at Abernathy, I was able to partake in anything I wanted. I loved the tradition the school had from pep rallies to the parent's attendance in any activity. My school felt like a safe environment, which I think makes it unique from others. However, I wish my school had more classes to offer like art. Since it is a small school they can only offer so many classes. I would choose this school again because I loved how our teacher's pushed us to be better student's and encouraged us to attend college.
Overall our administration does the best they can to keep the school running smoothly daily;however, our office staff and principal are not on the same page about dress code. While the office staff says there are certain dress code policies to follow, they tend to be biased. Not all students are called to the office for inappropriate clothes. Our principal will usually send anyone he sees not following dress code home, but the office usually decides who they will send home. Our guidance counselor is new and she does her best; however, she is not as knowledgeable as our last one.
Our after school programs mainly focus on tutoring and academic preparedness. When there are specific activities to do, there is a lot of administration support. Student council works a lot with the teachers after school to hang signs and plan events. National Honors Society also has meetings for fundraisers; however, both of these organizations rarely have something planned for every month.
Our school makes sure that every student becomes involved with sports one way or another. For example, our entire school attends pep rallies and dresses up in certain themes to show spirit. My school just recently got new athletic facilities that are by far the best in the district. If a student is not in athletics, they are required to take PE, so everyone partakes in physical education. For any sport event, the community comes together to cheer on the players. Most players are very competitive and driven by coaches constant encouragement.
Overall the cafeteria is clean and well managed; however, there could be more variety on the menu. Most days there is only 2 food options. I feel like our cafeteria would be better if they gave more healthy food options to keep everyone satisfied. Furthermore, our school does a great job at selling healthy snacks throughout the day. They also keep us informed on how to maintain a healthy diet.
There is no help with scholarships to college. I, unfortunately am like everyone else and am not made of money, so I have to get money to pay for school. It is the second month of my high school year and all the scholarships I have applied for have been on my own.
A lot of the teachers are great, except for a few. There is one teacher who let everyone copy each others homework, practically gave you a hundred for being in class, and taught us nothing.
People aren't really tolerant when it comes to sexual orientation. We have a few lesbian girls, and they are always the talk of the town. People here grab onto any piece of juicy gossip and talk about it to everyone. This is the reason gossip spreads fast. Everyone is pressured to fit in with everyone else, and if you don't exactly fit the cookie cutter mold, you don't fit in at all. Students are very involved in extra-curricular. We don't have many race problems, because there isn't any diversity. I believe we only have about three African Americans in our school, no Asians , and the rest is 50/50 White/Hispanic.
The staff here is excellent in helping out but I've had some bad experiences here with the principle. We had a family crisis at the moment and instead of trying to help us he exacerbated the situation and made everything ten times worse. After this incident, he decided to make a speech that was directed at me: it was about my parents not running 'interference for me.' This was essentially his way of getting back at me and ever since he has held a grudge. We have a new guidance counselor this year, so we'll have to see how that works out. Policies on bullying and the like aren't really relevant because I haven't heard any complaining. Although a couple years ago, they did try to do a "bully hotline" where you could call in anonymously and report bullying. The problem with this is the bullies would call in on their victims, defeating the purpose and giving them a new channel for bullying.
Football is the main sport here, but we have baseball, softball, power lifting, track and field events and many others.
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We have a great security system here and have a ton of cameras that are placed all over campus.
Overall Abernathy has been an amazing place to grow up and go to school, i've been taken great care of and wouldn't want to have been anywhere else.
We have a pretty good cafeteria that normally works with us on what we want to eat.
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