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Aberdeen High School Reviews

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During my years in the Aberdeen School District, I have seen the Aberdeen does not have or never will have the potential do do great. The whole town is kin, and very destructive of ones reputation. The high school principal is an Uncle Tom who suggest that every wrong doings are to be met with harsh punishment. Please if you reading this go to tupelo school, or anywhere except here. Because there are no student organizations except ROTC and band this happens to be hurtful towards ones college applications
I go to Aberdeen High School I like see them to give more scholarship out the the basketball girl and boy team they deserve to get some award
Aberdeen High School is a good School but the administrators are horrible. Aberdeen School District is a Black School, other races should begin coming to the school. The School came from a F School to a B school so they are doing good.
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they listen to all the students and get the students opinion.
The teachers are great and they try to help all the students in the classroom if they need it.
The school is an okay school. It is definitely not a school that I would want my child to attend, but i wouldn't say that it's not the worst school in the world.
School spirit was a decrease during football season
The teachers I have in countered are great
Very caring and involved principle
The school has a wonderful music/band dept
Wish it could be a broader variety of extracurricular activities
Our school has a well controlled environment overall.
The cafeteria is getting better everyday. By next year they will be great.
Our administration sucks to say the least. But they are getting better in some areas.
We pay close attention to sports and the impression on the other team
Our teachers are mainly new and still learning how this school works.
The extra activities have great teachers that become a great influence in your life.
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Education at Aberdeen is not the greatest but it is not the worse. There was more drama and simplifying things than learning.
The teaching staff has improved over the few years, and hopefully it will continue to advance.
Me personally, my school spirit is outrageous. I participate in almost every sport at school, and I do extremely well in all of them. I am a two time state champion in track, leading blocker in volleyball and basketball, and I'm first chair in our symphonic band, drum major in our marching band, two time all state band member, three time all district band member, and I have maintained a 3.5+ GPA since my freshman year in highschool.
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