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The only thing I like about Aberdeen is the teachers. The principal is ignorant and most of the students and parents do not like him.
Magnet program brings better test scores to the school but the students enrolled in it have to meet their bus at a depot stop. Huge issue considering their more advanced course load and overall academic involvement.
I wish the arts programs were as important to our principal as sports are. I also wish some of the teachers were a bit more kind and forgiving, but over all, I enjoy having most of my teachers. AHS should also figure out what students need early on because I'm currently taking two classes I was told I wouldn't need to take every year before my senior year, but once my senior year started, i had to switch out of a few classes I liked because my counselor told me that I wasn't on track for post secondary ed.
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I have a sick child. Staff refused to work with me and made her absences unexcused even with a doctor's note. Algebra was being taught backwards. She learned more from me at home then at this school.
Aberdeen High will be my new school in 4 days. I am a 9th grader this year. I very excited about my new school and teachers. I am also excited about being a 9th grader. I plan on learning as much as I can. I also play sports and I plan on joining as many organizations that I can. I have heard many great things about AHS. They have awesome teachers, a great SMA program and everyone strives to do their very best. My new principal goal is to make sure all of his students graduate and go to college.
The students are not all bad but there was lots of students who showed off in school. The teachers weren't all that great, some seemed to take interest in the students grades but not enough seemed to care.
I made friends really easy at Aberdeen High the teachers are interactive with there students and will help them understand work. ts a very nice community and school not very crowded. Aberdeen also has the highest test scores in the county. i think this school is a great school for any kid.
Aberdeen was making a lot of positive changes during my time as a student. Administration was making changes to policies to promote learning and dissuade students from negative behaviors. The college readiness was good. We had to opportunity to take the PSAT as students and were offered college visits during the school day. But there is still some room for improvement.
Aberdeen High School is an amazing place to grow! It was a very diverse school with so many organizations to choose from. I was in the Orchestra, played tennis, cheerleaded and danced. The teachers are very supportive and kind. You can tell that they love their students and want to prepare them to be successful for the real world. They will give you that extra push to make sure that everyone graduates on time as well.
My experience at Aberdeen High School was great. The school & faculty really push students to join sports & different clubs so we can be more involved.
As far as change goes I would like to have a free period. A free period would be a great time for students to catch up on assignments and incorporate some studying in their school day. Many may say that if we had a free period, students will just talk and laugh with their friends. I agree, some may do that but others will realize that this valuable time can be used to do something academic.
Best school I've ever been too. Everyone cares about each other. There's never any bad vibes or any bad days at this school. The teachers are beyond awesome. When I have my own kids I will make sure they are enrolled at Aberdeen high school.
Aberdeen High school provides an environment with a decent diversity in regards to race and culture. We constantly get new members from other countries and have a rigorous magnet program called the SMA (Science and Mathematics Academy). A majority of the teachers are smart and know how to teach and by doing your work high school can be really fun. The bathrooms aren't the best and lockers are often cluttered, as well as hallways during class change.
Some teachers really care about their students and it's obvious in how they go the extra mile - some teachers it is the exact opposite. Overall, I feel fortunate to have gone to such a diverse school with so many opportunities.
Lots of challenging courses to take. Teachers really push you to do your best. Really strive for some sort of post-secondary education. Lots of opportunities for clubs and sports.
I really liked that the SMA classes are available to everyone if you want to challenge yourself. I like that most teachers are willing to go out of their way to help their students and that teachers treat students more like their kids than their students. I don't it is very strict. We can't use our phones ever even though we are a BYOT school.
My experience with Aberdeen high school has been over all good so far. The teacher that I've had have been really supportive of my choices and decisions, and have been really supportive of college readiness and really helping me prepare for college and all the requirements. The students are also great and some really take the extra step to help others with anything needed. We also have a multitude of clubs and sports and extracurricular activities for anyone.
While attending Aberdeen High School I was able to meet some good teachers one in particular who became my mentor and helped me with the start of my career.
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Most teachers at the school are good. A few are lacking but the effect is not very noticeable on students and academics.
I feel pretty safe, and they do a good job.
There is plenty of things to choose from!
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