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The time at aberdeen high school felt very short and it honestly was a blast. I partake at the special program there called the science and math academy which propelled my college readiness.
I recently graduated from Aberdeen High School and the 4 years I spent there have been interesting. There has been the ups and downs that everyone experiences but there were definitely a lot more goods than bad. The teachers I had pushed me to become a better person and go to college. The students at the school would always find a way to surprise me, whenever you think one would stop paying attention but they would turn around and ace a quiz. That is a great tribute to the teachers of the school and how they can keep the students attention and help them succeed
It was a great experience at the school. I met a lot of good teachers that provided me with good advice to live life as an adult. Plus i loved participating in the marching band and drama. Performing is one of my favorite things to do, and i liked the engineering classes that i took. Overall it was a good experience
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Aberdeen High School has a strong commitment to excellence inside and outside of the Community. Home of the Aberdeen Eagles, a place you go if you want to be pushed both academically and as a student. Whether you're born and raised in Aberdeen or just visiting, the presence of spirit and bleeding Blue and Gold is evident. The school is known for excelling in STEM, yet, it is important to note that outside of its excellent academics, is a student body full of diverse, passionate, driven individuals who come together to advance not only Aberdeen but the community it makes its commitment evident to. Whether that be through our strong military presence or through post-secondary education. I can say the moment you step into the Eagles' Nest to the moment you set flight outside of those walls, nothing but greatness awaits. Aberdeen our Alma Mater, praise to the we sing.
The teachers at Aberdeen are great especially the Avid teachers. Every school has a few bad apples but at this school it’s very rare that you will not find one. Students are nice, lots of different activities and after school opportunities. I learned a lot going to Aberdeen and if I could go back and choose a high school to go to I would still choose Aberdeen. Principal there is good but sometimes says the wrong things. Overall good school.
A good school with good resources, however can be very mainstream. Nothing in particular stands out or has enhanced my experience at the school. Most teachers are amazing and willing to work with with students with the exception of a handful.
Aberdeen has good academic and athletic programs. However the student body is decent but you can feel left out sometimes due to the seperation of students. But their SMA program is high advanced . And those who are not in SMA still get a good education to prepare them for the future
Aberdeen has changed drastically within my 4 years of being here. I feel like we need more college readiness activities. I don't feel prepared for college. The administration needs to work harder to implement college activities into our everyday lives here at school. I would be more excited for college rather than nervous if I felt more prepared for college. Aberdeen does do a good job of pushing us towards post-secondary education but they do not do a good job of preparing us for it.
Science and Math Academy offers challenging courses and exposure to different fields so making a career decision will be more exciting. The marching, concert and jazz bands are top rated and a lot of fun. I wish that more people would go out for the sports teams.
Aberdeen High sees students from all across the county due to the Science and Mathematics Academy located on the third floor. This creates a large and diverse environment where jocks are friends with the nerds, and where musicians are also scientists.
The teachers and administraion is fair. Very few of them are passionate and the school overall is one the best rated in the county. I would like to see teachers connect their subject matter with life so students in the class can relate and apply it to their future rather than giving up from the start. More passion but definitely a great experience.
I was accepted into the science and mathematics academy at aberdeen high school and I love it. I wish that the program was more rigorous and offered harder classes but it was still better than normal high school. Many of the teachers push democrat policies and attempt to brainwash students with those and political correctness. Some liberal teachers even discuss negative opinions about their students to other students and in front of classes.
I was in an accelerated magnet program called the Science and Mathematics Academy which provided me with high level courses to prepare me for college. This program also increased my experience with advanced math, science, and technology topics such as creating robots and dabbling in cyber security. I would highly recommend this institution for future STEM major students.
I went to the Science and Math Academy Magnet program at Aberdeen High School. The magnet program experience was good, but most of the general school population was annoying and disrespectful. Lots of fights.
I think Aberdeen is a very good school with unique diversity and decent academics. The magnet program based at the school has very good academics. However, sometimes I wish the academics of the non-magnet program classes were as good as the magnet classes.
In Aberdeen, the academics is good, we have different types of Ap classes that you can take to get your credit for college, the school is very diverse and somewhat big in number, most of the teachers are good and understanding, in the school your safety is protected, there is also lots of clubs you can join for your community service hours, but even though all those clubs in most of them we don’t even do anything, the last thing I have to say that is really important is that we don’t do almost anything to get ready for college.
I met people at this school that changed me life. My teachers were extremely kind, invested and compassionate about their jobs. I felt like they cared about me, my well-being and my education.
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Overall my experience was positive. The course work was very challenging in the SMA program. I think it prepared me well for college.
The only thing I like about Aberdeen is the teachers. The principal is ignorant and most of the students and parents do not like him.
Magnet program brings better test scores to the school but the students enrolled in it have to meet their bus at a depot stop. Huge issue considering their more advanced course load and overall academic involvement.
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