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I am currently attending Aberdeen High School and have so far enjoyed my experience. The teachers are almost like friends and I really enjoy that about Aberdeen, but they make sure that you are getting the best education possible. Its such a small school so it is easy to get one on one time with the teachers which is beneficial especially if you struggle more than others. The only negative comment I have is there is a lack of electives. They should add a variety of different electives especially ones that prep you for college. Overall I am happy with the education I am receiving.
This is a small school, all the community knows each other. It is easy to find friends. It is also mostly white and mexicans at this school but there is no racism.
There is some great teachers but there is also teacher who do not care about the students. When it comes to scheduling process the office is good about taking care of it. The workload for me is very hard there is days that we have way to much homework at the same time. It stress me out because i would like to do good in all my homework but it is hard when you have so much.
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I personally have never been bullied. I feel safe in the school. However i do know some people who have been bullied before, I try to help out these people as much as I can.
There are varying levels of security throughout the school, but it is relatively safe.
Extracurricular opportunities are offered and students take advantage of them.
I would personally attend this school again due to the wonderful community.
The teachers at Aberdeen High School are above average compared to the Idaho standards.
All the teachers are willing to spend extra time with students when needed, especially if their struggling or falling behind. They are all approachable and easy to communicate with.
Me as a Mexican I really don't get any help.
I like going to this school and would do it all over again because I know everyone and everyone is friendly!
They teach me allt of new things every day. And they are currently trying to help me prepare for the future.
We all know each other and are united with each.
I was able to participate in basketball, volleyball, track, band, seminary, National Honor Society, and ACADECA. I felt like there was a good commitment by everybody in the school to these activities.
After graduating from Aberdeen High School I went to college at TVCC for two years and played college basketball. I loved being there and thought that I was adequately prepared for everything I experienced at TVCC from my experiences at Aberdeen High School.
There are some sports that could be added to the school, but that is mostly part of the interest of students. The thing about about playing sports in a small school is that you are either good at one sport and not so great on the other.
For the most part, the teachers are great. The only problem is that there isn't enough teacher to do certain things like clubs and other activities.
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The football program is good. The coaches knows what they are doing and is up the players if they want to have fun.
this school is very well maintained and sanitized it is hardly ever that anyone is sick at this school
The administration does their best with what they are given to work with.
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