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Aberdeen Christian School - Elementary Campus Reviews

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Aberdeen Christian School has one of the most relaxing atmospheres of any school I know out there. It unfortunately does not possess many opportunities for growth and knowledge, but it makes up for that by posting important information around the hallways. Our school does not contain much bullying. It's an amazing school for an easy kindergarten through senior year education. It's pricey education cost put a lot of people off of attending this school, but it truly is worth it.
I attended Aberdeen Christian High School 9-12th grade. My experience was marked poor because it was far from perfect. Teachers and faculty do not have a heart for the students like they promote. The student to teacher ratio is excellent but very few offer extra help. My grades suffered because they did not correct fairly unless you were on their good side. The rich population of the school demanded they get good grades and they did. Several people got expelled for small offenses and others did not get in trouble or even detention for large offenses. For example one young man got expelled for toilet papering a teacher's house on a first offense. He was the only non-white man in the group. One white women who brought alcohol to school on a regular basis was never in trouble but only warned. Things like this are small examples of how they need to shed light to what is fair. Do not brag you are Christians but not be fair a rash to make decisions.
It is a nice, small school with friendly teachers and staff. However, if doesn't have much in terms of clubs or advanced classes, which is unfortunate.
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This school treats you like family. It really works you hard though. The teachers are so willing to help you succeed. It is wonderful to be believed in, and to be pushed to do your absolute best.
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