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Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School Reviews

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Going to Abby Kelley will change your perspectives and educate you that helps you in the world. The place is filled with diversity and teachers who care about the students education. Many students strive for success and a better future.
would not recommend going there, the school food is not good and teachers are very rude to the kids.
Abby Kelley is a very diverse school so you would think they would be very willing to be open to helping their students. In reality most faculty do not care about the students unless you are in the IB program and they're very rude to the "trouble-makers".
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Great school. diverse student body and staff. My Asperger's child received all the extra services he needed to prosper in school and plan for life after. Great academics. Great music and sports programs. Inclusive.
If Abby Kelley had more diverse teacher I think it will make a great addition towards this school. Especially since this school very diverse it hard to relate with the administration and teachers when most of the are white. Most of them don't know how we have through to life daily. I feel that can affect the school a lot.
abby Kelley foster charter school was great experience, their administration could use some work in communication and adversity along with their advancing the culture that goes on within the school.
Only students needing extra help or assistance get any attention. Average/above average students work independently. Clubs and sports availability is minimal. There is no feeling of community or opportunities to be closer to the other families at the school. Many students have disruptive/violent behaviors that unfortunately make it very hard to learn and feel safe in the classroom.
Abby Kelly is a very good school. It is a charter school so we barely receive funding but our education is great. We are ahead of all other public schools in the city so we end up learning more than we should, which is an awesome thing.
Abby Kelley has honestly been a really good school. It has trained me to be a really hard worker and strive for the better. The only problem with the school is that it was a racial equality issue. It is a predominantly black school with an all-white administration. The administration should try and understand the students a little better.
I like how diverse the school is. I feel as though I have benefited a lot from the diversity. However, I believe the school should try to understand the needs of the student body more.
Abby Kelley Foster is where all parents want to send to their kids for school. AKF is a good school overall academically, but there's other stuff that goes down with it. In elementary school, that school is really was ok. The teachers over there really cared about the student's well-being. I felt welcomed there. The middle is a whole different story. The middle school teachers are rude and are always complaining about how they "don't want to be there at school" in the middle of class somethings. The teachers there are also racist among people of color. My eighth-grade Latin teacher told my class "All the bad kids are going to Spanish and all the good kids are going to Latin next year for high school." She was saying that all the black kids are bad and the white kids are good. Like who says that? Worcester Public Schools have more sports than AKF and they're not even a charter school.
Abby Kelley has K-12 which is extremely beneficial. The school has so many different clubs and opportunities for students to participate in. The school presents a diverse and nurturing environment. The teachers and administration take time to build the students and work to encourage the students to achieve their highest potential.
Abby Kelley is a very diverse small high school. The students are very hard working and are very determined to succeed. The school continues to improve year after year.
Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School is a very diverse school with lots of different cultures from around the world. AKF needs to create more clubs and activities to have students become more engaged with the school.
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Elementary and Middle School were amazing experiences, however the High School is not what many expected it to be. Many teachers are not fit to be teaching the students at the High School.
I like how diverse it is and ho it brings so many students of different colors of skin together to possibly become best friends. When you’re a black student that goes to Abby kelley you forget that when you leave Worcester, the population becomes adamantly white. So, Abby kelley is a really great place to start
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Every one is very nice. The school is small so everyone knows each other. The music department is very good. I was in chorus and loved it.
AKFCS has great teachers and unmatched diversity. However, it lacks good athletic programs or support from the school. In addition, it is lacking in school spirit.
I’ve attended AKF since kindergarten, and have always felt encouraged to learn and excel by teachers. In the high school especially, teachers make an effort to understand who we are as individuals and how they can help us to succeed. As in any high school, there are a few people who really shouldn’t be teachers, but the majority of staff are truest wonderful.
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