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Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School Reviews

96 reviews
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I have found AKFCPS to be the best alternative for my son. They have many programs for students and there are faculty members that encourage the students to achieve at a high level. I find the administration to be lacking in their connection to the students, but all in all, it's been a very good experience for me son.
I was there from 4th grade till senior year in my eyes the school was great. the people there are amazing. the school was always clean.
I honestly loved going to Abby Kelley the teachers were great they were all super nice and helped every student possible. I went to Abby Kelley since 4th grade till graduation. I made a ton of friends and you're with the same students through out your time there unless they leave. The education is tough and great.
The best part about High school is being open up to all fronts. For me, junior year and senior year was this moment of diversity. I played varsity soccer and therefore knew a lot of people from the athletics side. In classes, I took two college course classes, which helped me connect with the honors kids around me. Overall, those two years, I made a lot of friends.
Abby Kelley is a great school. I love how involved I am able to be with all the clubs and activities and having a voice. There are many informative assemblies throughout the year as well as fun assemblies. I feel that Abby Kelley gears students up for college and the real world. The staff is very involved with the students and are there for them whenever they are needed. Overall, I have had a fantastic experience at this school and I believe everyone else has too.
Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School was a wonderful experience. This school has helped me in my English and Writing, helping in expanding my vocabulary and annotating short stories. Abby Kelley was also a regional district and also walking distance from each other.
I feel safe at this school, just wish the nurse could give more than just water whenI don't feel well.
The extra-curriculars at school are just fine because we aren't really that big of a school. So it makes sense to not have that many options but it would be nice to have just a couple more like student journalism, dance team or something. Just need the right people to step up and make that happen.
Some of my favorite experiences at school would be the events like Pep rallies or Senior night in athletics. This school is unique because it is so diverse. For example, there was a Student Council trip I was taken on and everyone said our school had some many different backgrounds and ethnicities. I would choose this school again because the rules, in my opinon, are probably more strict than most schols in Worcester which makes it easier to focus on your education rather than getting in trouble every other day.
Most teachers I have had keep an engaged class and allow students to express themselves. They seem to know a lot about the subject they teach and are able to incorporate real life examples. They are also very approachable and eager to make sure you know the topic the class is studying.
The thing is, is we have all grown up together so everybody knows everyone which makes us feel safe. When I'm sitting in my classroom I'm not worried that a student is going to do anything, and I'm not worried that someone is going to shoot down the school. I'm not worried at all. I feel so safe at my school that if the fire alarm goes off, I'll feel relieved that I get a break from class, or it will stall me from turning in an assignment I didn't do. Although, I do take fire drills seriously. "Don't talk, just walk!"
The school has a lot of different extracurricular activities ranging from YAH (Youth Against Homelessness) to Theater/Drama.
I just love my school so much. I'm glad that I got the opportunity to go there and I will hopefully make the best from my last year this year.

The experience has been great minus the fact that I'm not the best at being a student but I do have great character which is something the school taught me. There are things I wish I could change (like detentions) but every school has them.
The relationships I have with my teachers versus the relationships other students have at different schools makes me feel like I have an advantage.
The academics are top notch and just incredible.
There are a few clubs but they are very small. The only clubs that are big are the orchestra and the student council. Student Council only gets big at the end of the year because everybody gets to go to Cape Cod at the end of the year.
It is a very small community so teachers develop a strong bond with their students. My interest was music and I was lucky enough to have some of the finest music teachers in the state teach me. I have created bonds that will last for a lifetime.
For the most part, a few exceptions, teachers work incredibly hard for their students.
My favorite experiences at this school are the fun activites that we do together as a school such as culture day and such. This school is unique because of the structure and foundation that it was built with in terms of the well being for the students. If I could do it all over again, I would not chose this school for the simple fact of networking and wanting the oppurtunity to meet new people.
For the most part the teachers at my school perofmance and humane wise are pretty good. Their quality is acceptional for they prove to be knowlegdbale for whatsoever they happen to be teaching. Although their teaching styles vary, some due to personal prefernce being better than others it is still nothing that can not be adjusted to or benefitical from. Their communication skills are great and they are devoted to the productiveness and success of the children.
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