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I learnt a lot but teachers were not very motivating
I wasn't challenged until 8th grade but I saw a lot of things around me that made me realize that we had it a lot better then other schools. The only true rigorous class I had was Honors Algebra 1, my math skills improved drastically in 7th grade and I was offered the chance to go into advanced math. I've also developed strong interests in the sciences as a result of coming here. Scheduling is simple, workload is light, most the teachers are wonderful.
The school REALLY needs control of the AC and the heat. ACS is where the heat/AC control is. They have to call someone to have an adjustment made. It can be the middle of the winter and the AC comes on or the summer and the heat comes on. The hallways can be 50 degrees and the classroom can be 80 and the next classroom could be 65. Most are the ladder. Technology is better now then when I was there, every student has their own laptop, but the internet messes up often. I never rode a bus in middle school and I never witnessed parents being involved, but there are free tutors for Abbott students from WBHS.
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I was never really challenged academically here until 8th grade. My math skills improved amazingly by mid 7th grade and a few of the teachers and my counselor came up with the idea of moving me into advanced math. We went though with this and it was wonderful. I had to work, I had to study, etc. The teachers at Roosevelt made me feel horrible about myself and especially in math and language arts. So that is why this didn't happen sooner. The teachers at Abbott are amazing, they truly care about you and your well-being. Fun events were organized, more so in 8th grade. I made lifelong friends here and great memories.
The teachers were wonderful! In my time here I only ran into a couple bad ones, I know of maybe only 4. They always make time for their students, they make the lessons engaging, and are very friendly and approachable.
They only had sports in my time at Abbott, in my last year they started a robotics club that failed. I think they have an art club now, but I'm not one who can rate the clubs since I'm no longer there.
There wasn't a school nurse, but the office people we're usually pretty helpful.
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