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Being a small school you receive individual attention without it affecting other students progress. Abbott offered opportunities for athletics and academics but also prepared me for college.
I graduated 2018, therefore, in the options below I chose Alum. I am proud to have attended Abbott as did my parents and grandparents. I feel this opportunity helped prepare me for college and how to be a better student.
It gets fun sometimes, sports are great except for practice, the teachers helps you when you don't understand things, and the pepper rallies are usually fun to be at.
Just nasty and undercooked always.
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The teachers do not understand technology at all.
There are no measures to help bullying at all.
There are hardly any clubs in this school.
The football program is alive and well at this school. Students, families and faculty alike get involved. There is a Booster Club for the football team. There is a nice gym and football field and a weight room but no fitness programs.
There is one new school building. There is no technology except in some instances in the physics class. Guidance counselors only want to talk about getting you into the college of their preference, some college classes can be taken at school but you have to pay for the courses so if you can't afford them you can't take them. There is no tutoring except for meeting with a teacher after school if you have questions about an assignment. Parent involvement is limited to the Booster Club. Since it is a rural school there are school buses.
Its ok unless the teacher doesn't like you. On average there really isn't much interest in the students and consistency in grading depends on whether or not the teacher likes you.
Pretty average except for the Theatre program with One Act Play.
There are no black students in this school and they don't like students showing that they are gay.
One Act Play is the best.
Its okay except the food served is not comparable to the value of the meal. Not many food options.
Counselors are not much help unless you want to attend the college of their choice. There is a very strict dress code and random bullying. There is an attendance policy but rules can be bent for athletes. The superintendent and principle quit last year and the new superintendent and principle have no follow through on policies.
We have no nurse at this school. We had a designated school resource officer (SRO) but she only came one time this year.
Except for the Theatre/One Act Play program, and football this school shows little to no interest in the education of its students except those shown favoritism.
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