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Abbotsford Middle/Senior High School Reviews

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My experience with Abbotsford Middle/High School was great. I had a very nice class and well educated teachers. The safety of the students at my school is taken in to account: we have security cameras and drill that remind us how to get to safety. The diversity of my school is very good. Almost 50% of our school population is Hispanic and the school provides resources for the students that don’t not speak English. Our food program is one of the best in the region. We have fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a variety of main courses. My only complaint is that when we eat lunch at 12:30pm, each grade is released to lunch, and most of the time, one grade will have only 10-5 minutes to eat as our lunch is done at 1:00pm. Our school has been gaining population and our faculty should expand expand more. Academics are very important to my school. Overall, my school is a very good school to come to!
I have really loved my experience at Abby Senior since grade 9. The School offers a wide range of sports, clubs, and programs. An excellent program that the school offers is the International Baccalaureate Program or the IB program, which is an internationally recognized program that prepares students for university.
It is a good school to attend! The staff is really nice and helpful. They are always willing to help you with anything.
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We have many different extracurricular activities. I would say ninety percent of student are in some kind of extracurricular.
We are a very highly educated school and we get very high ratings against other school in our state.
We have many different facilities and almost all run to full capacity.
We are a very safe school and most people who do drugs and drink kind of just go off on there own.
They food for the most part is good but some of it is just greasy nasty.
We have very good policies in our school and we don't really need much for bullying because it doesn't happen much at all.
I feel that the athletics programs that my school offers are great but I wish they had a few more sports to offer like soccer.
They are great people that teach us so much. They are kind and caring.
It is great to be at a small school.
My school is smaller, so we don't have many issues
My school has a good variety of technology. We always have something available to us. Laptops, computer labs and ipads.
My school has many different clubs. They all have fun activities you can get involved in.
All of the schools administration is great. They all do the best they can to help each and every student, and they will take the time out of their day to do so.
My school has a great staff, and a great group of students. It is a small school, so everyone knows everyone, and for the most part everyone gets along. We have many clubs and opportunities to get involved in. Some of my favorite school experiences have been from club activities. Going to regional competition for FBLA and meeting many new people was a great experience. Also one of my favorites was getting to go to the National FFA Convention in Kentucky. My school isn't like many others because we also offer different academy classes.
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