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My younger child has been top of the class academically since she started there. The teachers have worked very hard to make sure she is learning and not getting bored. My oldest needs special accommodations for ADD and a few other issues. The teacher communicates with us often and we have come up with a plan for dealing with the issues. This year is off to a great start and we love our school. There is so much diversity. We came from a place that was 98% white where there weren't any non-white children in my kids' classes or grades. I'm very happy they now have a mix of children in their classes.
My child talks about being teased and saying the teacher wont listen to her, or hears it and doesn't do anything. The school finally installed locks and a camera on the front door. I don't know if there actually *is* a school nurse, or if the kids just go to the front office staff.
I don't know of any after school activities that are put on by the school itself or the district. My child did Girl Scouts and the leaders were two parents of children at the school.. they met once a week at the school. I looked into the possibility of my child staying after school for day care because I couldn't get out of work on time, but it was too expensive.
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My child has had 4 teachers so far. Every one has been extremely nice and polite, and they all seem to care about the students. My child has some problems with focus and staying on track/paying attention. Each teacher brings it to my attention, we come up with a plan together, and then they don't stick to the plan. They consistently are not consistent! Which is exactly the opposite of what my child needs. I think the teachers want all the children to fit into their ideal of how children should learn, and they don't get creative with finding out how to inspire or motivate. I have a strong feeling this will be a problem all the way through elementary school.
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