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Abbeville High School Reviews

21 reviews
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The teachers and staff are wonderful. I am so thankful to be apart of Abbeville High School. The only change I would like is for there to be a better selection of food.
This school is very big on sports especially football and basketball . As far as clubs and other organizations besides operation beautiful which was a group for girls that empowered them and boosted their confidence and self esteem , and beta club it was little interaction when it came to those things.
Like I recently stated It wasn't hard to pass any class, course or curriculum . Basically you you have to do is be present , participate , do good on tests and or quizzes. A lot of hands on core materials were taught and benefited the students a lot.
This school was very accepting from the teachers to the students . It wasn't hard to be accepted because the environment was so welcoming . Not really many challenged to encounter but peer pressure was a big one. A lot of students found comfort in talking to the teachers about personal problems and issues . Teachers were very so much a listening ear for the students .
My very best experience at this school was when we had play and in this play I had the opportunity to sing . That experience really allowed me to let my guard down and allowed me to be comfortable around people. This school was unique and still is unique because of the way they allow students to express themselves. A student voice never went unheard when it came down to decisions or ideas . If I had the choice to I would do another four years at this school .
The teachers at my past school were very concerned and involved in a lot of student matters. Their main priority was the basic needs of the student. Every teacher I had seemed to not only help as much as they could but they made sure that what we learned stuck with us. The teachers really put in time to accompany everyone's learning style and those styles varied from visual , hearing , and hands on learning. Grades differed because of the many activities we were to do but in the end the grades would add up and truth be told it was very hard to fail or to be failed because basically all you have to do is keep your notes , pay attention , participate , do good on tests and or quizzes. Communication skills was very intact they used varies ways and methods to communicate with parents and students so their was no excuse ! .
Since our school is very old, we have major mold problems that have put many people's health in danger. Other than that, our school seems to be pretty safe.
Our football team is very recognized & has an enormous support system.
If 85% of the students weren't so ignorant, it wouldn't be a bad school. The education for the most part is pretty good with the exception of the people there.
Most teachers put in their personal time to help students when needed.
The staff cares a lot for the students
There isn't really cliques or anything. Everyone pretty much can get along very good. Peer pressure isn't really that big, everyone just does whatever.
We don't really have that much help with college resources.
We really don't have a lot of classes other than basic maths, sciences, englishs, and social studies.. We only are offered two spanish credits, and the teacher for that switched between other schools in out district.
Most teachers are awesome! I have had a few that I just couldn't learn anything from. But I suppose you have that from time to time. All teachers are very helpful and considerate.
We have pretty good sports teams. Our football and softball team has made it to state several times during my high school career. I just don't think our facilities measure up to what they should be.
Nothing really goes on at our school. Typical girl drama, but that's about all.
Required to wear ideas, when everyone knows who you are.
Our school honestly does not have much to offer. I think because we are not as well funded as other schools, we don't have the resources to have many extracurricular opportunities. We have the FFA which is the only club that I happen to be in. It's easy to join, as long as you have had an AG class. But that's the problem, a lot of people who want to be apart of this organization, are not able to get into a AG class due to not having enough room in it. There are also Student Council and Beta Club. In Student Council, you have to put in an application and you are selected. You have to attend all of the meeting to stay in the club, which is hard for most people because some meetings are at 7:15 in the morning and some people have are hard time getting to those. And Beta Club has always been really fun, but during high school I have not been able to be apart of it because you have to have a 4.0 GPA.
Honestly, the food at my high school is terrible. The only good day at lunch is Chicken Strip day.. If they are actually real chicken strips. We only have chicken strips like four times during the school year which sucks, because that is every ones favorite. EVERY Friday is pizza day. Pizza day is terrible and very unhealthy. The pizza is loaded with grease and most people get napkins to dab it up with. It is disgusting! Another thing about our food, they never give us enough. I am a very skinny person, probably weighing 100 pounds and the food they serve us never fills me up. So imagine someone who is a lot bigger than me, and can eat more food than I can. They will be starving. Don't get me wrong, the lunch staff is all very nice and friendly, I just wish they could do something about the food.
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