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It's a very nice school. Lots of diversity is prevalent. The teachers are excellent at their jobs. I enjoy my time here. I'll be sad to leave next year. The administration does their job extremely well and helps the teachers with whatever they need.
Abbeville high prepares you for college more than anything.They give you work for you to do so that when it’s time to go to college you know what to do.
There is a fight here almost every week . The food is terrible . The only good thing at Abbeville high school is the teachers.
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I graduated from this school in 2017 and I do miss it this school was a great school yeah it had its ups and down days but we made it though the day yeah the teachers were pushing us but that was only to do our best my best class was choir because Mr.Franics was a great fun teacher I do miss Abbeville High sometimes I dream that I was still going to school when I was a Senior we was an A school but for all of y’all seniors that is graduating this May I have some advice enjoy your senior year because it will go by fast
Abbeville High was an okay school. By that, I mean that most teachers had their favorites. They picked and chose who they wanted to succeed. Because of common core being introduced, almost all students and teachers were put in a very difficult situation. They did nothing to help better our chances of getting into a good school.
Like any other high school, its not perfect. There were bad days and there were good ones. Sometimes we hated one another. However, at the end of the day we were and are family. We usually got a bad reputation around the community, but i wouldnt choose any other high school to attend . I truly believe we have the smartest , most kind and talented students. The administration was excellent and always willing to lend a helping hand. It saddens me to know in less than two months ill be graduating, but the memories will always be in my heart .
As a senior of Abbeville High School, I have experienced various things over the past four years. I thoroughly enjoy the "family" mentality that Abbeville High students and faculty share. One thing I would change about my high school is the voting system. Because we are so diverse, I believe voting based on race/ethnicity should be abolished (i.e. our homecoming and powderpuff court voting systems).
I love my school, I love everything about. From our dance team to our teachers! The only thing I'd change is more activists for the students to be a part of.
I have personally enjoyed my experience at Abbeville High School. The teachers and staff are very supportive of all the students and are very hard-working. I have met numerous amazing people during my years at this school.
Going to this school was not a bad experience at all. The teachers sincerely care for the students and I liked the diversity.
Actually this year we became an A school! As a sophomore, I'm still learning the atmosphere. Yet, for sure our school spirit can outshine any school! Most teachers always offer tutoring and eager to help student for success. We may not be the most famous schools in the country but, we are continuing to be the best school as we can be.
The scheduling process takes forever. For seniors, we have to wait about 2 weeks before we get the right classes on our schedule so we can pass at the end of the year. The workload is pretty bad. For a student that is dedicated to their grades, the teachers almost always give tests on the same days, which makes me and my smart friends stress out a lot.
We have transfer students that come to my school, but they end up leaving before the end of the year because my school is so bad and bullying is a major problem at my school. The students are very unaccepting of other religions and cultural differences.
The clubs, especially academic clubs, are very unorganized. Students give very little commitment to school functions.
This school does not control bullying at all. The principal, assistant principals, and most of the teachers do not care enough to stop the violence and bullying around. That is why most kids at my school feel depressed (and I see it on their faces everyday) because the adults at my school can't handle situations with justice for the victim. The adults mainly take the side of the bully saying that it's not a big deal; that the victim should get over it. This is not something that should happen, but sadly it does and I see it happen almost everyday.
Because of Common Core, teachers have limited resources in the classroom. The technology 80% of the time does not work and teachers struggle to teach lessons because of students never understanding the lectures. Common Core has really murdered the teaching process, and my teachers always say that they wish they could go back to teaching their own way to where we would actually learn about the subject we are taking, instead of taking 50 billion tests every semester like we do now and that we learn nothing from. Common Core tests us more on memory instead of our intellectual aspects; which is really sad.
It's pretty easy to make friends, but the social circles tend to keep people apart.
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The variety of subjects is okay but not the best. A lot of the teachers aren't very interested in the students.
The staff makes sure everyone is safe.
There is a wide variety of things to do.
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