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Through high school I played several sports which kept me involved. Abbeville high school is a small school so just about everyone plays a sport or is in a club. I wish I could say everyone at the school cares about the students grades but they don’t. It is many that cares but then you have a selective few who doesn’t care much. The support that Abbeville High School gets is what I enjoy the most.
Overall I consider Abbeville High (AHS) a great school. The teachers are very helpful and patient, however my school is limited in some things do to lack of funds. Abbeville is a great home environment.
I went to Abbeville High School a few years ago. Even though it's a rarely small school it's a good school and they have their students ready for college once they graduate. There academics haven not always been great but once they made some changes it's been very rewarding to students,and the great involvement of the parents is just amazing.
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It's was fun at first but once they change teachers the whole staff begin to change! The student body wasn't even the same. All of the fun activities were taking from us. Some student got special treatment especially if they was a star player.
I enjoy the years I went to Abbeville High School. The teachers were good on the progress of their students. The althetic department was good but not enough recruiting to different colleges. The most important thing was senior year. The overall experience is the school is great for a hard principal stays on your back about grades.
I appreciate the patience of the faculty, staff and administration, however, our academic knowledge and writing abilities are poor. Last year, my class took the ACT and according to the scores, no one's writing was college or career ready.
By the end of this school year I will have had three to graduate from Abbeville High. The teachers all work together with the students and care about their future. They even keep up with them after graduation.
Abbeville High School helps students academically, mentally, and socially prepare for secondary education. Abbeville High School's teachers and staff have a genuine concern for the betterment of each student.
The fact that we do not have our own baseball / softball field or track field makes it hard to get support from anyone. We have the ground to provide this but have not done so.
A lot of the teachers care about the students success, especially if they know that the parent is involved with their child. Some teachers go beyond that to mentor students that have no parental guidance.
They put a stop to bullying as soon as they know about it. But mostly to students take care of that themselves, they stick up for their classmates in a positive motion.
The school was on the failing list, with dedicated teachers and students it was removed this year from that list. It may not be a fancy group of students, but they are family. They are not afraid to step in and help a classmate when needed.
The health and safety policies at our school are followed upon strictly. Bullying is strictly prohibited and prosecuted upon within the standards of the school board. The personal safety of the students is primary before all other ruling is accomplished. Security measures, police safety, school nursing, and other propagandas are also enforced upon high standards.
Extracurricular activities at this school are outstanding. The club organizations are educational and helpful. Also, the sports are very competitive, hard working, and educational too. All the coaches and administrators show much support in helping us with our education and our performance. the level of difficulty in every club organization and sport suits the ability of our standards. We aim high and strive to go beyond our level of achievement.
My attendance at Abbeville High School has been the best experience. I have been blessed to be granted teachers, administrators, and friends that, all, care about the well being of an individual. My favorite experiences at this school vary from the many class projects we have encountered, to the competitive athletic events I have been in. The uniqueness of this school is originated by the character of everyone's heart. The ability we have to come together and work hard to accomplish better is a quality most schools do not have. This factor, upon many, is the reason i would not trade reliving any of my high school years without Abbeville high school.
My teachers are fantastic! They have all given me the best education and advice that they know how. Everyone has tried to prepare us for not only college but also the preparations of life.
The school is good on protection for the students
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The school needs more funds.
The school needs some real improvement. The teachers need to care for the students and make sure they understand the lessons. Sports department need to improve and be more funds available.
I think the teachers can do a lot more than what they doing in making sure the students understand the lessons.
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