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There are very many extracurricular opportunities for students at ACA. Such clubs include Key Club, SGA, FCS, Spanish club, prom club, Senior and Junior Beta, yearbook, and scholars bowl. Other extracurricular activities such as sports include football, cheer, basketball, baseball, and softball.
If I could do it all over a again, I would not pick another school to go to. I have attende ACA since kindergarten. Over the years, ACA has become my home and there is no place I would have rather attended. My classmates and I are like a huge family and we have always been there for each other.
The teachers at Abbeville Christian Academy are extremely interested in their students. Each teacher strives to get to know their students on a more personal level. Not only do they care about their students' academic success, they care about the students on a more personal level. The faculty and student body are like one huge family.
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My school offers a lot of activities for such a small school. I am a part of lots and they are all great.
I love my school so much. I have been to two other schools, and this one is my favorite. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Students and athletes encourage each other.
The teachers at my school are great. They help everyone. At such a small school everyone plays many sports and it get hard to keep up. They work with us and encourage us to do our best in everything.
This is one of the best schools I have ever known. Everyone is very friendly, the teachers work hard to help the students achieve their current and long time goals, the community is involved in seeing the school thrive and succeed. I love being a general from the Friday night lights to representing the school and community at state AISA contests.
The hallways could be bigger, and the lockers could actually be lockers and not cabinets. Overall, however, the school is very clean and up to date. Most of the teachers go out of their way to help the students.
We are a pretty safe school the only drills that we have ever had to use is a tornado drill. So over all ACA is very safe. All doors except the main building door are locked from the outside.
I do love my school. Out of all the schools in my area this is the place I want to be! Even though ACA is NOWHERE near perfect I've enjoyed my time here , I've made some good friends and I enjoy going and learning at Abbeville Christian Academy!
I feel the teachers here are great, they teach us a lot and most of the time we have fun doing it. Most of the time the teachers know exactly how to help any student and know how to teach to a diverse group pf students with different learning abilities.
The athletic facilities are great, i cheered last year and in my opinion out of every gym we went to ACA's was the best! very spacious and clean! The only disappointment is we only have the three main sports which is football baseball and basketball it would be cool to see some different sports come into ACA, for example, volleyball or track.
The extracurricular activities that we have are really good and well organized. we have the basic Key Club, Student Government Association, Beta Club. There are sports for students to get involved in, consisting of football, basketball, cheer leading, soft ball and baseball. All activities are pretty well rounded and help not only our school but our community as well.
The academics we have are very good and taught well, we learn a lot in every class. The only negative is we do not have that many electives to chose from compared to other schools.
The food at ACA is very good, and our lunch room always gets an A on their health inspection, which is a plus! so very sanitary environment and very good food to indulge and enjoy!
Bullying is not to big of an issue here. The faculty really care about the students and care about our learning and education. The dress code is pretty normal for a high school, some things i do not agree with but that is to bu expected.
There's some peer pressure but not much. Every one basically thinks and acts the same way so there's not really much diversity.
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