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AAEC Early College High School - South Mountain Campus Reviews

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AAEC South Mountain is a very small school but that’s what’s great about it. It’s small size helps teachers focus and teach students better by having their attention. I mostly like this school because they offer you college classes while you also take your regular high school classes. The high school teachers and staff want students to succeed and get ready for college, students can earn their associates degree before they graduate from high school, it’s an amazing opportunity for students who want to get an early start on college.
This school is amazing if you really take advantage of it. This school isn’t about the typical “highschool experience”, it’s about securing your future, building it and prepearing yourself for it. If you take the right steps, opportunities and resources you’ll be doing the absolute best you could possible do for your academic future. You’re guaranteed for success. You can get by if you want to be like every other highschool student but you can go anywhere else for that. If your serious about your goals, this place is perfect for that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time nor there’s.
AAEC is an excellent school! I moved there my second semester of freshmen year and I've seen myself grow into a more focused and educated student. The teachers are all very friendly and pay attention to the students and their education. The class sizes are small so there aren't many distractions. The only suggestion I would make is to have more clubs/groups that get the students more involved with the school and show more school spirit.
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The years I have spent at AAEC-SM have been some of the best and the most challenging parts of my life. AAEC-SM provides the opportunity of being able to take college classes at the neighboring community college, because of this I will be graduating from high school already having an associates degree. My school is located in the heart of south Phoenix and one of the poorest zip codes in Arizona, none the less we have come together as a school and have a positive impact on the community. I love my school for the chances it has given me, without this school college would have never been an option, now I hope to one day get a doctoral degree.
I absolutely love my school. The opportunities I have been offered are nearly endless. Not only am I a full time high school student, I am also a full time college student, and president of two different clubs. AAEC SM makes me excited for school. I went from being a straight C/D student in 8th grade, missing 71 days of school, and rarely leaving my house to having 12 hour school days and not trading it in for the world. My school has changed me more than I would have ever thought. My teachers care for me, help me, and work completely around my needs. I am able to conform my schedule to what I need, for the best results for success.
AAEC SM is an amazing school if you want to get a head start in college. It opens up several opportunities and help all their students grow not only as high school students, but as college students simultaneously.
I enjoyed seeinf how some teacher were really commited to teaching. Such as the math teacher, Ms. Martin, she was pretty helpful. I feel as if they need to reevaluate pay for some teachers, some definately deserve a raise. I like how they offer a chance to graduate high school with an Associates Degree. I would like them to have normal class schedules instead of block classes. A lot of students dislike having 2 hour breaks during some days.
AAEC-SM offers great curriculum and opportunities such as free college classes, destination field trips, and after-school events. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity AAEC gave me for taking free college classes and being able to graduate with an AA degree.
This school is a great place for a high level education learning. Not only do the give free high school education but they also give you free college classes. Which is an amazing experience!
AAEC South Mountain campus is amazing, it has quality staff, diversity, education, and opportunity's that no other school can offer. Yes the school is small, and we do not have many resources in large quantities, but everything we lack, we make up for in opportunities, such as taking college classes, and groups like STUGO and FFA.The students are able to take College classes and graduate South Mountain Community College with an AA degree a week before their senior graduation.
Overall the parent support at this school is astonishing. One time we had a situation where the students had planned a special event for the teachers all on our own, but it didn't take long before a couple of our parent met and decided they would take care of it all, the spending, the catering, everything was covered by our PTA. The outcome was super,our teachers were impressed by our actions and they continued to do a great job! Our parents truly care about our education and they will assist us in any way possible even of it is to have a little fun. Some parents continue to be active with our events and our school nights even though their children have long graduated, they still comeback to support our staff and our awesome students.
All of the teachers always go beyond their capacities when it comes to helping students outside and in the classroom. I particularly admire our mathematics department for the amazing job they have done at our campus and for continuing to bring in awesome scores every year.Their unique way of teaching, remembering the song "The QF", in order to memorize the quadratic formula, or remembering "sohcahtoa" for everything triangles. These little fun> and sometimes exaggerated funny memes, often do the trick for us students when testing comes around, and these methods are proven to work when our scores come back to be the best ones in the district.
Attending AAEC SM is the best decision I have done in my life. This has been the best opportunity that has been presented to me for the reason that it is helping me finish my education. Being able to attend high school and college at the same time is an amazing thing because it gets you one step closer to your future career.
While it is a great school and give high school students the opportunity to get free college they need improvement in student activities and technology.
I personally prominently feel safe in AAEC the whole school is gated and there are always teachers around. The school also has practice fire drills and lock downs in case of emergencies.
The food at our school is average depending on what is being served some choices are good and others aren't as appetizing although they do have a well balanced meal because they include fruit, milk and a salad bar, no junk food or soda.
Our school has a strong policies they only give three chances to every student for all policies we are expected to be treated as adults and act as adults if we don't comply than that high school isn't for us. I believe its a good expectation because it helps the students who do care less distractions.
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The teachers at AAEC are very helpful to students they devote there time and patients into us doing that we live in the South Side of Phoenix they don't view us any different . They let us know they encourage us and push us to be the best within the rest of the charter schools.
i love it !!! and if i could start from freshman year i would. if i ever have children i would like them to have this opportunity.
the person serving us is the best. she is very friendly and allows has the facility clean. if anything needed she is there to help.
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