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AAEC Early College High School - South Mountain Campus Reviews

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What I like was that you were able to take college courses. It is a small high school so the teachers really get to know you. The staff is friendly and the teachers are always pushing you forward.
AAEC is a very good school for agricultural studies, and for college readiness. The school offers numerous agriculture based classes for those interested, and if that's not in line with a students desired field, the ability to get ahead in college classes, and even graduate with your associates degree is extremely advantageous. On the other hand, for any students who aspire towards professions to do with sports, or other areas may find this school lacking, as there are no teams, and very few clubs to join.
I have been at AAEC South Mountain Early College High School since freshman year and I am currently a senior. Overall the experience has been great. All teachers and staff are caring and loving. They all care about your future and want the best for you. AAEC will do anything stay extra hours to and tutor any student who is having trouble. AAEC provide free college classes to all student passing their high school classes starting freshman year. The goal at AAEC is to receive your associate's degree before your high school degree. In which, many students do accomplish this. This actually one of my current goal at the moment.
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Overall, my experience with AAEC Early College High School is wonderful. I feel like I have a head start in college and many students, including myself, will get an associate's degree by the time we graduate. I feel ready to leave high school, as I have experience as a college student and a gained sense of independence. The teachers I have had are all wonderful, and I feel like the academics are at the top. I feel safe, included, and prepared.
What I liked about AAEC South Mountain was that it was an early college school. That means that you can be in high school and college at the same time. When I heard about this I thought that I should take advantage of that opportunity and apply. I have been going there since my Freshmen year of high school and I plan to graduate there in May of 2019. Some of the things I wish would change are the after school activities. There is none there so if you are into sports or like music, there is no after school activities for you. That is the only downside. But other than that I would highly recommend.
My experience was a very good one. I met a lot of cool people. The classes were difficult but you could get the work done if you set your mind to it. The teachers push you to try your best and help you when you need it. One thin that I would like see change would be that they don't have sports like other schools. I would have loved to play some competitive soccer against other schools that at least would give you a challenge.
My experience at AAEC has been amazing. This is an early college high school, and they take academics very seriously. AAEC allowed me to take college classes at the same time as being in high school. For me, it has helped me get the head start I needed for college. It has helped me expect what is to come when I am a full time student at a university. Since this is a small school, it feels like everybody is just one big family. Nobody tries to put anybody down because we are all here for the same reason. We encourage each other to do better and make our goals bigger. The teachers are very understanding when it comes to deadlines and missing work. this is what I feel has made my experince the best it could’ve been. I have never heard of teacher as dedicated to there students then the ones at this school.
I really like the college aspect for the school. Getting to go to the near by community college and get our AA is a really fun and eye-opening experience. On the down side it appear the this AAEC(the South Mountain Campus) has been forgotten by the district. This are either really old or completely broken. One teacher who has been working there for 10+ years mentioned that AAEC has had the same chairs and desk since he started working there. Besides that the school is great. It is amazing if your are agriculturally driven. One slight down side is that the clubs are very limited. The biggest club on campus is FFA, a agricultural club. Which mean that this doesn’t allow for classmates not driven or passionate about agriculture to participate in may events.
I like that AAEC South Mountain allows its students to take college classes for free at South Mountain Community College. By the end of a student's senior year, they can obtain their associate's degree if they do well in all of their classes and make an effort to plan their schedule. Students have a lot of freedom during their day and are able to travel on and off campus as they please. Furthermore, the atmosphere is very open and all students are generally accepted into the school.
Although the schools has its perks, there are certain downsides. We have very few after-school activities and absolutely no sports. The activities we do have tend to be run by the same group of individuals. Formal organization is sloppy, and it can be difficult to know when events are. There is no parent involvement because all information is orally transmitted from student to student. If you are not in a certain group, you are guaranteed not to know what is going on.
AAEC Early College High School - South Mountain is an awesome high school! Students here get the chance to take college classes while still being in high school. We have an advantage to graduate high school with a Associate Degree. Our school is an agricultural school, so for students that love animals or want a career dealing with animals our school have classes to help them achieve their goal.
AAEC South Mountain is an excellent school. The school is perfect for those who wish to work on an Associates degree while doing high school. It is made up of two small campuses and you have access to resources at the South Mountain Community College. The school allows you to take college classes and collect college credits while you complete your high school diploma. This school offers a large variety of classes that focus on agriculture and animal related sciences. This school is smaller than your average high school which means that you get a more personal learning experience and you make closer friendships. Even though the school doesn't have large sports programs, it does offer many activities and programs in which students can indulge.
Here at AAEC we worked together and had much to do. We learned many things and honestly, it was better than me attending Mountain Point High School. Moving to AAEC was the best decision I could have done for myself.
AAEC actually cared about my education, at my old school most teachers were just focused on getting through the year and then passing us to someone else. At AAEC, teachers were actually concerned about my future and offered to help me in every way they could.
AAEC Early College is a great high school if you like small class sizes, community and the opportunity to take college classes for free while in high school (if you’re an AZ resident). The cons are that the school doesn’t have sports or a wide variety of clubs and events.
AAEC South Mountain is a very small school but that’s what’s great about it. It’s small size helps teachers focus and teach students better by having their attention. I mostly like this school because they offer you college classes while you also take your regular high school classes. The high school teachers and staff want students to succeed and get ready for college, students can earn their associates degree before they graduate from high school, it’s an amazing opportunity for students who want to get an early start on college.
This school is amazing if you really take advantage of it. This school isn’t about the typical “highschool experience”, it’s about securing your future, building it and prepearing yourself for it. If you take the right steps, opportunities and resources you’ll be doing the absolute best you could possible do for your academic future. You’re guaranteed for success. You can get by if you want to be like every other highschool student but you can go anywhere else for that. If your serious about your goals, this place is perfect for that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time nor there’s.
AAEC is an excellent school! I moved there my second semester of freshmen year and I've seen myself grow into a more focused and educated student. The teachers are all very friendly and pay attention to the students and their education. The class sizes are small so there aren't many distractions. The only suggestion I would make is to have more clubs/groups that get the students more involved with the school and show more school spirit.
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The years I have spent at AAEC-SM have been some of the best and the most challenging parts of my life. AAEC-SM provides the opportunity of being able to take college classes at the neighboring community college, because of this I will be graduating from high school already having an associates degree. My school is located in the heart of south Phoenix and one of the poorest zip codes in Arizona, none the less we have come together as a school and have a positive impact on the community. I love my school for the chances it has given me, without this school college would have never been an option, now I hope to one day get a doctoral degree.
I absolutely love my school. The opportunities I have been offered are nearly endless. Not only am I a full time high school student, I am also a full time college student, and president of two different clubs. AAEC SM makes me excited for school. I went from being a straight C/D student in 8th grade, missing 71 days of school, and rarely leaving my house to having 12 hour school days and not trading it in for the world. My school has changed me more than I would have ever thought. My teachers care for me, help me, and work completely around my needs. I am able to conform my schedule to what I need, for the best results for success.
AAEC SM is an amazing school if you want to get a head start in college. It opens up several opportunities and help all their students grow not only as high school students, but as college students simultaneously.
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