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AAEC at Prescott Valley Public Charter School Reviews

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All of the teachers are very helpful! They all help accommodate for all students. They actually care about the students and are always happy to be there helping us.
AAEC is a school that focuses on the education and happiness of the students. Everybody,even the students, do their part in keeping the campus clean, minimizing drama, and respecting others. The teachers are always putting forth their best effort and if they see that a student isn’t understanding a topic, they change their teaching method so that one student can understand. At AAEC both teachers and students respect one another and we create such a bond that links us together as a family. I believe that bond is what makes my school the school it is today.
AAEC offers college classes through Yavapai Community College. It is very common for students to graduate with their associates degree. College classs that are three credits or more are paid for by the school, which encourages students to take the classes they need and are interested in. The principle knows everyone and has created a comfortable environment for all the students here.
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Going to AAEC was one of the best decisions I have made. The staff is supportive and very helpful. I like that I can take college classes for free. Overall, my high school experience was very positive.
AAEC is a great school. The staff is very supportive and the classes are challenging! I love the campus too. It is new, and clean!
This school has just been amazing for me! It is small and close knit, and everyone knows your name. I love the teachers, the principal, the horses, and the free college!
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