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I'm a senior at AAEC RM and my past 3 years have been interesting to say the least. The school is very unorganized and lacks student pride, participation, and motivation. I enjoy the concurrent enrollment at MCC more than I do the high school classes. There is a small amount of teachers that are good at this school and teachers never last. Neither do students. I find AAEC to be particularly lacking in the math department. Overall, AAEC is a great school just to suck it up and bring the work load down on yourself. Schedules are flexible for the most part but prepared to be put in classes you don't want or need due to the administrations lack of scheduling skills.
AAEC Red Mountain is a very small school that is excellent for students who want to get a head start with college. I liked having a close relationship with my teachers and I also enjoyed attending college and expanding my boundaries.
This school pushes me constanty I always get to strive to be my best self both academically and socially. This school gives me the benifit of small class sizes and many opportunities such as going to MCC (Mesa community college) I love AAEC Red Mountain
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I have not had a major problem with school workload, and the teachers are easy to work one on one with especially with planning ahead.
There are many different opinions and views at this school but one of the best parts is how open people are and how safe they feel inside the campus.
Having the opportunity to take free college classes and have the chance of graduating with an Associates Degree is fantastic.
There are very few parents that show up at this school, so the support is very low and there are few activities to get involved with.
Some of the teachers at this school do not take control of their classes and allow disruptions. Overall the teachers do the best with what they are given.
The school has a very safe environment, making sure everything is under control.
There are many different clubs and organizations to be apart of in the high school and college.
Parents are very involved in their children's lives at this school.
Teachers want students to be successful in their class and will work with them to make sure every student has the ability to exceed.
there is never bullying at the school. Nor has there been any situation in which I do not feel safe
Anyone can make a club at any time, so long as they have a teacher to sponsor it.
This school has the best atmosphere. It is small, and everyone knows each other. There is no bullying or words of hate. This is one of the most unique high schools out there that attracts great individuals. It gives a great opportunity to get an associates degree that not many other high schools give. But what makes this school truly special are the amazing teachers.
The teachers at AAEC - Red Mountain are all wonderful. They are approachable, and will do anything they can to help a student. They will help if you need them, and have times available for tutoring every week. The teachers are knowledgable in their areas of study but will also try to help in any other subject if needed. The teachers set out a guideline and stick to it for grading and class room expectations.
Not very many clubs and they tend to disband
Review AAEC - Red Mountain
I would do it again for the free college
Most of the teachers dont take their roles seriously, and are more interested in being liked by a certain few students than the majorities education.
My school is small. No one feels unsafe. There never has been a threat in my four years of attending.
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