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I am a student at AAEC - Mesa, but unfortunately out school hasn’t been on the map long enough to get on the school lists, so i’m setting this up under a close branch school to us; AAEC Red Mountain. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect when i first arrived here. For the most part, it has exceeded expectations. Though there is a clear focus on stem programs, the english and history classes are nothing to scoff at. Generally, the students here are motivated by the promise of early college classes. This motivation is certainly well founded, as the majority of my peers are a mere few credits off of obtaining their associates degrees. The main complaints I have are that the school could handle to be a bit more inclusive, and I believe this inclusiveness could be obtained by including a few, more diverse, clubs.
This is an amazing school! I was able to graduate with 47 college credits and an associates of arts degree.
I love this school. This school is a great way to begin if you want to enter the medical field or agriculture. Everyone is very close and everyone knows everyone. The teachers are easy to work with and they are always looking for ways to better your education. We also have a great FFA chapter. Also a National Honor Society in the making. This is an amazing school and i would recommend it to anyone.
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Average school, the only good thing is the college credits, and readiness for college. I attended for 1.5 years and most teachers left within working there for 1 year. Was no real organization within the school admin, so things got lost alot. Unfortunate.
I attend the Mesa campus of AAEC. This is my first and last year here since I am a senior. The classes are small and the teachers are very friendly and welcoming. I definitely recommend this school to someone who enjoys a small community and free college opportunities.
This school is meant to prepare students for college. It focused a lot of veterinary programs, which made it unique. I graduated in 2017, and had nearly two completed years of college credits. I thank this school for furthering my education and preparing me for life after high school.
I love how AAEC pays for the adjacent community college (tuition and classes). I like how helpful they are with helping you succeed. Since it is a small campus, you know almost everyone. Teachers will know your name and take the time to get to know you throughout your high school career. Though, some teachers do not seem as invested in their career and helping the students. This campus is one of the smallest and older ones, so there is not a cafeteria.
It is a wonderful early college high school. I enjoy going here and having the opportunity to take college classes!
I thought that AAEC Red Mountain was a fantastic school with very few issues. It payed for college classes and had a support center for those who struggled. There were a couple of issues like all schools, for example if you did not look for the support system you would not know it existed. Another issue was that there was not a lot of diversity, the girl to boy ratio was somewhere around 70/30. Overall the school was a 9/10.
I've been going to AAEC Red Mountain for all of my high schools years and I have seen the school have it's ups & downs. But for the most part, the school itself is a great environment for future students who have the determination to go onto a university later on. The teachers are very involved with helping students in any way they can and are always there to answer questions.
Great college opportunities. No resources on the high school campus, but many at the college. Not a typical high school experience, and poor social environment. High school teachers are usually poor but college professors are exceptional.
AAEC Red Mountain is a wonderful high school with a tight-knit, family community of just 150 students. It is perfect for kids with an interest in agriculture, animals, or veterinary science. Their vet courses are great, and are taught by the ex-head vet at the Phoenix Zoo and one of his past assistants. They are also an early college school, so as long as you have passing grades, they pay for your college classes. Everyone is enrolled at the college in freshman year. You have the chance to graduate with two Associate's degrees free of charge. The academics are very good and there are high expectations for students there. The teachers are all very nice and supportive, and most offer free tutoring after school. Something to keep in mind for some students, though, is that there is no PE or sports of any kind. There is also no lunch offered. If you're looking for a smaller school with a high emphasis on academics, this is the school for you.
I'm a senior at AAEC RM and my past 3 years have been interesting to say the least. The school is very unorganized and lacks student pride, participation, and motivation. I enjoy the concurrent enrollment at MCC more than I do the high school classes. There is a small amount of teachers that are good at this school and teachers never last. Neither do students. I find AAEC to be particularly lacking in the math department. Overall, AAEC is a great school just to suck it up and bring the work load down on yourself. Schedules are flexible for the most part but prepared to be put in classes you don't want or need due to the administrations lack of scheduling skills.
AAEC Red Mountain is a very small school that is excellent for students who want to get a head start with college. I liked having a close relationship with my teachers and I also enjoyed attending college and expanding my boundaries.
This school pushes me constanty I always get to strive to be my best self both academically and socially. This school gives me the benifit of small class sizes and many opportunities such as going to MCC (Mesa community college) I love AAEC Red Mountain
I have not had a major problem with school workload, and the teachers are easy to work one on one with especially with planning ahead.
There are many different opinions and views at this school but one of the best parts is how open people are and how safe they feel inside the campus.
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Having the opportunity to take free college classes and have the chance of graduating with an Associates Degree is fantastic.
There are very few parents that show up at this school, so the support is very low and there are few activities to get involved with.
Some of the teachers at this school do not take control of their classes and allow disruptions. Overall the teachers do the best with what they are given.
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