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I like the small class sizes and that the teachers actually care about your success and help you with anything. The bad thing is that there is no sports and clubs and school spirit are pretty low. The other good thing is that no real cliques and everyone is pretty nice.
My AAEC- PV experience was better than most teens my age. I was able to get ahead in my college path with the chance to earn my Associates Degree from Paradise Valley Community College! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for clubs and there was no sports to join in on.
I love AAEC-Paradise Valley. The small class sizes and campus, the free college, the dedication of the staff to help us, all of it is amazing!
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AAEC was the perfect school for me! I love horses and it provided me the opportunity to attend school with students with similar interests and be a part of FFA. I also took classes related to horses and even rode horses during school hours. All of this while attending college classes for free! It is a small school where you can feel comfortable and the teachers and staff are there for whatever you need.
The equine teacher, Fallon Cooper, is super personal and really cares about her students. The geometry and algebra 3/4 teacher, Jake Sullivan, is super understanding and let’s us do what we are going to do but interjecting when necessary. Overall the students are super polite and fun to hang around, very few cliques and little bullying. New admin every year or so, and at least one to four new teachers every year (especially in the vet program, only consistent teacher has been Dr. Rice who teaches clinical).
I love the staff and the courses they offer. All the teachers really care about students learning. Early college is a great thing for many of the students here because it gives them direction in what they want to do.
I think that AAEC is a decent school, and the best part is how I can attend college classes at a local community college and work towards my degree.
I came to AAEC Sophomore year and have been enjoying it ever since. Coming from a public school, AAEC feels like its a dream compared to where I came from. The teachers are kind and good at teaching, the campus is really nice, the college program is outstanding, and the Vet programs are very beneficial for me and my future.
I really enjoy the environment of the school and the learning opportunities offered. It prepares you for college in a way that no other school seems to be able to. You can start attending college classes completely paid for by the school as early as second semester of Freshman year. My only complaint throughout the years would be the constant staff turnover. This school can't seem to keep teachers for very long. Since I started, there are only two staff members that have stayed there.
AAEC is a small community that allows students to have a personalized relationship with staff and teachers. However, there are often administration issues and many teachers do not stay for more than one semester.
this school is terrible legit the admin is crap not even messing around it’s so bad we’ve had a new principal almost every year and they hire teachers with ZERO experience with high school 10/10 would NOT recommend:)
The school is great because they pay for all of your college classes making it an option to graduate high school with an Associates Degree. The staffing and administration could be improved but it is a good school.
Great school, so thankful I decided to go here. I have learned so much with it being duel enrollment with PVCC from life purpose and finical tips. It is an experience for sure yes there are no sports but however the people are fantastic they have an amazing history and English departments.
Great school with an amazing staff and faculty. Prepares you for college and is very hands on. Small school with everyone being very friendly.
I have attended AAEC-PV from Freshman to Senior year. I was a part of the vet science, equine science, and service dog training classes. I am now graduating with my Associates in Science and am working as a veterinary assistant. It has been a wonderful experience in my life.
I liked the school because it provided a small school experience, but did not like the extremely high turnover rate for teachers and administration. Teachers would sometimes be fired in the middle of the year, leading to long term substitutes trying to pick up the pieces. Because it is such a small school, you do get to know everyone in your graduating class, which is nice. The free college credits at Paradise Valley Community are very helpful, and graduating with an associates is possible if you plan out your classes early.
This school was a great school to go to due to the early college program and the comfortable atmosphere that the school provided.
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Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center - Paradise Valley has been one amazing journey. I started my AAEC-PV journey when I was a sophomore in high school and I am now an excited senior, ready to explore the world and get started on my career. AAEC is not like any other high school because I am both a high school student, along with a college student. AAEC pays for me to go to the community college next door, Paradise Valley Community College. I will graduate from high school with my Associates Degree, all thanks to my school, AAEC-PV. This school has prepared me for college, the real world, and has provided amazing resources for us to grow. This school gave myself along with all its students the opportunity to thrive in high school.
AAEC-PV is a well diverse school. It has an amazing sense of community because the small size allows for student to get to know a lot of people.
I love the community at AAEC. The teachers are amazing and go out of their way to help you if you ask for it. I do wish our administration had been more stable. The Veterinary Science program is very helpful to those who want to go into a medical field.
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