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Great school with an amazing staff and faculty. Prepares you for college and is very hands on. Small school with everyone being very friendly.
I have attended AAEC-PV from Freshman to Senior year. I was a part of the vet science, equine science, and service dog training classes. I am now graduating with my Associates in Science and am working as a veterinary assistant. It has been a wonderful experience in my life.
I liked the school because it provided a small school experience, but did not like the extremely high turnover rate for teachers and administration. Teachers would sometimes be fired in the middle of the year, leading to long term substitutes trying to pick up the pieces. Because it is such a small school, you do get to know everyone in your graduating class, which is nice. The free college credits at Paradise Valley Community are very helpful, and graduating with an associates is possible if you plan out your classes early.
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This school was a great school to go to due to the early college program and the comfortable atmosphere that the school provided.
Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center - Paradise Valley has been one amazing journey. I started my AAEC-PV journey when I was a sophomore in high school and I am now an excited senior, ready to explore the world and get started on my career. AAEC is not like any other high school because I am both a high school student, along with a college student. AAEC pays for me to go to the community college next door, Paradise Valley Community College. I will graduate from high school with my Associates Degree, all thanks to my school, AAEC-PV. This school has prepared me for college, the real world, and has provided amazing resources for us to grow. This school gave myself along with all its students the opportunity to thrive in high school.
AAEC-PV is a well diverse school. It has an amazing sense of community because the small size allows for student to get to know a lot of people.
I love the community at AAEC. The teachers are amazing and go out of their way to help you if you ask for it. I do wish our administration had been more stable. The Veterinary Science program is very helpful to those who want to go into a medical field.
I like the overall environment and experience that I have had with AAEC. This school takes their education seriously and you have to be cut out for all of the work you will be doing.
AAEC campuses provide a great educational environment with their veterinary and agricultural related programs. They also encourage students to do concurrent enrollment as each campus is located near a community college. This makes it possible for many students to graduate with an Associate's degree for free. Overall, I love the opportunities I have received from my school and would recommend it to any person that is ambitious and hardworking.
AAEC is a good school for students that take their education seriously. Students are given the opportunity to attend college for free while in high school. The school has a small and friendly environment where everyone knows everyone. A couple of complaints I have are the frequent changes in office staff and lack of a school counselor.
i have a great experience until now with this school first because the teachers are amazing and it gives free college and personally it is one of the greatest schools in america and it has an amazing staff
Great school with amazing curriculum. Great college and learning experience.
Really helps to get ready for college and the vet and agriculture programs opens up a lot of opportunities.
It is a great experience and the dual enrollment in college is great. The teachers, faculty and administrators are also really nice and cooperative.
The main draw to AAEC - PV is the ability to take classes at PVCC as well as normal high school classes. The college classes count for both credit towards the high school and towards an associate's degree. As long as the student does well at PVCC, AAEC will cover tuition at PVCC. Besides this opportunity not much else is there. Small school, no sports team, small campus, and a dedication to all-things equine. Yes, this is still a horse school.
Our school had just been open for a year when I started as a freshmen. Although we had growing pains those first few months our school came together to provide a great high school experience.
AAEC-PV was an all around OK experience. The academics are not very good, it is not the normal "high school experience" meaning there is no sports, the school dances suck, and the people there are different. The only thing good I have found about this school in the last four years is that it is very tightly knit so teachers are very helpful and concerned about you. Not very good socially and definitely very small and not much to do. Also taking classes at the college was very helpful but it should be earned not given to all students.
I love the opportunity that AAEC PV provides with taking so many college classes and the ability to graduate with an Associate's Degree. However, throughout my 4 years there were more than 5 Vice Principals and none of the administration stayed the same. They are not organized and the turn over of teachers is poor, there are only 4 teachers who have stayed there over my time there. If you are going to get there to get your Associate's Degree or get ahead on college, this is a great school for that; however, I would not recommend it unless you are there for the college program.
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With AAEC being such a small school there is a very good, teacher to student ratio. Students are able to bond with teachers and go to them for help in anything not only school work. The only reason I do not give AAEC five stars is because of all the changes the school went through the four years i was here. With the new administration i do believe that the school is now on the right track and is a very good school for all students.
The "service dog training" class teacher has no idea what she's doing. She doesn't listen to her student's concerns whatsoever and lets a volunteer who doesn't even work for AAEC run the class. She promotes drama by talking about the kids behind their backs with the two volunteers and talks poorly of anyone kid who drops out of the program. It's also very obvious she picks favorites. She kept aggresive dogs in the program and places them with inexperienced high school students, causing many liabilities. None of these so called service dogs are suited for any service work. It's such an unhealthy environment and I hope AAEC does something about her.
If you want to go into environmental or veteranary sciences, or just want to get ahead in college this is a great school to go to. Most of the teachers are phenomenal, and are always willing to work with you whenever you need help. The school has been going through a lot of administration changes though, which can be problematic. Getting your schedule correct is almost always problematic as well, but eventually it works out. My friends and I are going to be graduating with our high school diploma as well as an associates degree because of this school.
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