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AAEC is a good school for students that take their education seriously. Students are given the opportunity to attend college for free while in high school. The school has a small and friendly environment where everyone knows everyone. A couple of complaints I have are the frequent changes in office staff and lack of a school counselor.
i have a great experience until now with this school first because the teachers are amazing and it gives free college and personally it is one of the greatest schools in america and it has an amazing staff
Great school with amazing curriculum. Great college and learning experience.
Really helps to get ready for college and the vet and agriculture programs opens up a lot of opportunities.
Review AAEC - Paradise Valley
It is a great experience and the dual enrollment in college is great. The teachers, faculty and administrators are also really nice and cooperative.
The main draw to AAEC - PV is the ability to take classes at PVCC as well as normal high school classes. The college classes count for both credit towards the high school and towards an associate's degree. As long as the student does well at PVCC, AAEC will cover tuition at PVCC. Besides this opportunity not much else is there. Small school, no sports team, small campus, and a dedication to all-things equine. Yes, this is still a horse school.
Our school had just been open for a year when I started as a freshmen. Although we had growing pains those first few months our school came together to provide a great high school experience.
AAEC-PV was an all around OK experience. The academics are not very good, it is not the normal "high school experience" meaning there is no sports, the school dances suck, and the people there are different. The only thing good I have found about this school in the last four years is that it is very tightly knit so teachers are very helpful and concerned about you. Not very good socially and definitely very small and not much to do. Also taking classes at the college was very helpful but it should be earned not given to all students.
I love the opportunity that AAEC PV provides with taking so many college classes and the ability to graduate with an Associate's Degree. However, throughout my 4 years there were more than 5 Vice Principals and none of the administration stayed the same. They are not organized and the turn over of teachers is poor, there are only 4 teachers who have stayed there over my time there. If you are going to get there to get your Associate's Degree or get ahead on college, this is a great school for that; however, I would not recommend it unless you are there for the college program.
With AAEC being such a small school there is a very good, teacher to student ratio. Students are able to bond with teachers and go to them for help in anything not only school work. The only reason I do not give AAEC five stars is because of all the changes the school went through the four years i was here. With the new administration i do believe that the school is now on the right track and is a very good school for all students.
The "service dog training" class teacher has no idea what she's doing. She doesn't listen to her student's concerns whatsoever and lets a volunteer who doesn't even work for AAEC run the class. She promotes drama by talking about the kids behind their backs with the two volunteers and talks poorly of anyone kid who drops out of the program. It's also very obvious she picks favorites. She kept aggresive dogs in the program and places them with inexperienced high school students, causing many liabilities. None of these so called service dogs are suited for any service work. It's such an unhealthy environment and I hope AAEC does something about her.
If you want to go into environmental or veteranary sciences, or just want to get ahead in college this is a great school to go to. Most of the teachers are phenomenal, and are always willing to work with you whenever you need help. The school has been going through a lot of administration changes though, which can be problematic. Getting your schedule correct is almost always problematic as well, but eventually it works out. My friends and I are going to be graduating with our high school diploma as well as an associates degree because of this school.
My experiences in AAEC- Paradise Valley may be few, but they have given me insight into the social structure of the school. The students are very accepting of people, some topics such as religion are some sensitive since many students have strong beliefs in their religions. Despite that, an atheist such as myself fits in just fine. I love the teachers at this school. They are all very understanding and willing to listen to your circumstances and adjust as needed. The administration is lack luster. They make many mistakes with scheduling and communicating with Paradise Valley Community College. The school allows students such as myself to test out of classes and get the credits for said classes. If you come into the school ahead of the curve, you have the ability to match up with your intellectual rivals and take the same classes as them. Overall, the school is very good.
The school was presented as a place for the "nerds", but it turned out to be more of a place for the outcasts. Being so small and with the student population make-up it was difficult to form a decent sized friend group. However even though the social aspect was lacking, the school academically was pretty great. One definitely needs to be dedicated and not afraid to push themselves, and will need to be stubborn when working with faculty to create your schedule (sometimes if was difficult to convince them that I wanted more than 2 college classes a semester) to get the most out of the school for your education. So if one is willing to sacrifice the social life (and sports because the only sport there is Quidditch) for free college classes, equine and pre-vet programs, and great teachers then this school is a good fit. I loved it because I graduated with two Associate Degrees.
The teachers are amazing. They definitely love their job, and we love them.
Students are very involved. Most students are very passionate about being here.
When I attended AAEC it was in the prime of its time. Over the last few years there has been several changes to the district office, and subsequently our campus as well. There was a change of principles, which led to a total turnover of the school staff as well. I experienced the change as it was happening, and since these changes the school has become a disaster. The teachers that set the foundation for that campus were the most outstanding mentors I've ever seen in a school setting. "Revamping" the school has led to a disarray of teachers that don't provide the accelerated learning AAEC is supposed to be known for. You'd be just as well to attend a large public school with the level of experience this school will provide you.
FFA is a huge club here at AAEC. Almost all freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are involved in FFA. We frequently attend SAE's CDE's and fairs. FFA is the biggest and best club at this school, we are constantly involved in activities, working, and working on out championships.
Review AAEC - Paradise Valley
My experience at this school has been a complete blast. I have enjoyed and loved being at this school. There is so much to be involved in. Plus ALL the students are so nice and inviting and friendly. This school is unique because we have horses in the back of the property and have agriculture classes. I would choose this school over again because of the positive changes, teachers, students, and classes here. In my plant science class last year, I learned so much about Ag and FFA.
The teachers at AAEC PV are amazing teachers. They are always up to date with grading, staying on schedule with lesson plans, and don't overload you with homework. You can be involved in FFA, Anime Club, Ecology Club, Horseman-Ship, Yearbook, and Poetry Out Loud club. The school is small so you get to know the teachers and students very well. There is 0 bullying at this school, and if there is, it is at the bare minimum. The principal is super sweet and takes excellent care of the campus by putting her own time and money into making it look beautiful. There is alwasy up-to-date annoucements about what is going on at the school. The front office staff are always super helpful with whatever you need. There is Agriculture classes, vet classes, animal science, equine science, and Agribusiness classes. Plus the normal needed high school courses.
Dr. Braly (principal) expels anyone who violates the bullying policy, and drug policy - the problem is catching the perpetrators.
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