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A. Vito Martinez Middle School Reviews

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It was really strict. Lots of kids got in trouble for nothing, but it's understandable from the deans' point of view considering the amount of gang activity nearby. We had lots of gang influence in our school, but they took the dress code a bit far, banning any clothing that had stars on it or wearing two different earrings. It was hard to not violate it in some way. It was also easy to get detention. Pink slips were handed out like candy. Missing homework? Detention. Late three times? Detention. Disagree politely with a misogynistic teacher? Detention. Bring your homework to lunch? Detention.
Good things: involvement and diversity were high

Bad things: education was poor, despite some excellent teachers. Decent honors program, but outside of it there was general apathy for education.
My first year at AVM was the first year to attend since the $6 million renovation the previous summer
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Everyone did track. Some played on teams. No one attended games or cheered for the team.
There was a lot of diversity among the teachers. Many were great teachers that students loved and visit frequently after graduation. There were also quite a few teachers that made students cry in class and doled out more failing grades than passing.
There was so much to be involved in, and the staff members were always engaged. Many of our clubs gained local recognition, some regional, and some national. The school provided many ways to keep the kids off the streets.
When I was in middle school, safety wasn't really a concern, even with frequent fights (multiple times a week). I never felt that I was in danger. Our one security guard was a jerk, and our deans were more concerned with what type of earrings could be considered gang signs on a twelve year old girl. As for health, our school nurse was quite possibly the meanest woman I've ever met. She could watch a child vomit and then tell them to go back to class. She would only send you home if you had a fever or broke a bone. Sprained your ankle? Here's some ice chips in a paper towel. Ripped open your knee? Put some ice on it. Puked all over the bathroom floor? Have some ice. I don't know how it'll help, but here you go.
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