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its a great school they have kids in the restrooms doing drugs.
its not good for academiocs an for the actual students going there
A+ Academy is great school, very adaptable. Great teachers, very involved with their students, due to the school's small size. The only thing the school lacks is better education. They should offer more classes that will help students with college and other things
A+ Academy is different from most schools. It is a very small school, which allows teachers to focus more on students. A+ has a friendly environment and everyone knows each other. It is not just a school, it is like a second family. They will help students get ready for college and help students gain new learning and working skills for the future.
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I like how in this school, everybody knows everybody. It's a small school so it's easy to get by. I hope they add more activities in the future.
My experience at this school has been at time great as well as bad. Most of the best times that I personally have had here at A+ Academy is being able to interact with my friends through the sports. The friends that I have made at A+ motivate me to do my best inside the class room and out on the field.
My experience at this school was a very good one, it was a small school where everybody knew one another and everyone got along, everyone saw each other as family and even the teachers were seen as a part of the family of the students and we all enjoyed seeing one another.
I have been at A+ Academy since my 8th grade year, I am currently a senior and am experiencing the "slow" transition for life after high school. Here at A+ Academy the teachers really try and push you towards excellence, push you to want to have a great life. The teachers and staff are really friendly and since the school is fairly small, almost everyone knows who anyone else is. My class is the smallest class being at 70 or so. My teachers have always been concerned about me when my grades would drop and helped me bring them back up. Overall the staff at A+ Academy and the school its self is fantastic.
I like how there is not an over whelming amount of students. The teachers are constantly available for tutoring, and the genuinely care. They do not want to see you fail. There is also a variety amount of sports, for both boys and girls. The environment is very inclusive.
A+ Academy has totally changed my way of seeing school.Its a great school where teachers actually care about you.
good school , but very small,. cvan be seen s good or as bad. I like the school , ive been ther scince sixth grade. Its a good thing that its small and close together. If you dont mind seeing the same people then its a good school. The money they have is small, and they dont give enough atentionn to other sports.
This is my second year at A+ Academy, and so far its an amazing experience. I have way better grades here at this school than at my old school. I get more attention by my teachers here, so therefore I can ask them anything if I ever need help.
My experience in school has been pretty good. Overall lunches and other things are what keeps the school from going up.
They are outgoing and care for the students. There are of course some teachers that tend to be difficult and make the student have a hard time.
It is an okay school but there are a few things i would like to change like dress code and some policies that are not neccesary.
the teachers at my school are very helpful and involving. They step out to help the students.
The extra curriculum activities are great. We have been state champions for volleyball and football for two consecutive years straight. The students are very committed to what they do and also they keep their grades up with the sports encouragement.
Everybody here at school worries about the health problems of everybody else and we care for them all equal.Bullying at this school is not accepted here and has never been done. The special security measures here at A+ academy are very well done, the office has very strict rules who do not permit anybody in without a pass or without being parents of the students. The security guards take very good care of the students and keep them safe all the time everyday. The nurse is also a great source here at school. She cares for every single one of the students and provides very good health care.
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So far my overall experience at A+ academy has been the best. Honestly i wouldn't of had it better at any other school. The teachers here have helped me achieve so many things through my high school experience and i wouldn't know how to thank them for all they have done for my successful future. If i could do it over again, i would choose to do it here at this school because i know they would help me out with anything and also prepare me for the future.
The quality of the teachers here at A+ academy is awesome. They are always ready to help any student who needs help, and they also always have a backup plan to go along with just in case the student still does not get the material that they are working in. Here at A+ academy it is rare to see a teacher deny help to a student, that is one of the things you probably won't ever see here. Their communication skills are the best, They have great contact with the student and the parent as well. They are very informative and have lots of patience.
At A+ Academy their are many extracurricular activities that can be done on the campus before and after school. We have football, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, cheerleading, dance and clubs. Most students enjoy being in the games playing the sport or being the ones supporting it.
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